The Sandlot

Kevin Costner in TIN CUP

Here’s the thing. I don’t care about your sports team. It’s nothing personal, but I just don’t care about sports teams or sports in general. That lack of interest on my part extends far too frequently to sports movies as well though, and while I’ve found myself unexpectedly captivated on more than one occasion the ones that truly stick with me over time are the ones that actually aren’t about sports at all. Of course that assessment could be applied to just about every sports movie to some degree. Hoosiers for example is about underdogs, teamwork and faith in yourself and others, but basketball still courses through its veins. Rudy is another underdog story, something I’m a sucker for in general (as you’ll see below), but while it contains commentary on honor and racism it’s unavoidably a college football film through and through. It’s the seriousness and reverential attitude towards the institutions that put me off I think, and while I enjoy the human stories in films like these I feel they’re too often overshadowed by the iconic worlds of baseball, basketball, football, etc. and the blind devotion that follows. Or maybe I’m just bitter because while I do love watching and playing tennis the only movie I get is the Paul Bettany/Kirsten Dunst rom-com Wimbledon. Anyway, here are the ten best sports movies that choose people over the sport. The ones that entertain and emotionally affect without needing to honor the institution. The ones that those of us who […]



What’s more amazing/disturbing, that The Sandlot is turning 20 years old or that it didn’t open in the summertime? One generation’s beloved celebration of baseball and coming of age opened on April 9, 1993. That’s a couple weeks from now, but we figured we’d highlight the occasion early because a special anniversary Blu-ray hits stores this Tuesday. Let’s look back. Unforgiven had just won Best Picture. We were more than a month into the Waco siege. Snow’s “Informer” was pushing through its first month as the #1 single in America. While the adults were off watching Indecent Proposal the same weekend, their children were seeing The Sandlot, yet it really built its audience on video and through constant TV play over the two decades that followed. How has it struck a chord with so many people when it’s really just a rehash of Stand By Me with a more family friendly plot and James Earl Jones playing a character a little too reminiscent of his role in Field of Dreams? Below are some of the scenes that have stood out for us all these years, and we invite you to share your own favorite moment from the movie down below.



Sometimes you just have to punch a wall, or perhaps a car door, or a ceramic cat – really, it’s whatever is closest. Whether it is rage, retribution, or legitimate hatred, sometimes an inanimate object just has to go down. In the moving pictures this is especially fun to watch. Much like a movie death is often more dramatic than reality, a little inanimate destruction goes a long way.


The Natural

Roy Halladay, the starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies just became the second person in history to pitch a no-hitter in a post-season game. Even those apathetic about baseball can appreciate the incredible rarity of this cleat-footed feat, and to celebrate, I’ve put together a list of the best baseball movies out there. What goes into a great baseball film? Is it a sense of Americana? Is it a well-paced presentation of the game itself? Is it the players being brought to life and rounded out so that they become something more than just Gods of the Mound? Would Gods of the Mound make a great title for a porn version of Clash of the Titans? I think it’s a combination of all of these things. So, without further ado, and since “5 No-Hitter Baseball Movies” doesn’t make sense, here are 5 Perfect Baseball Movies in honor of Roy Halladay.



Goonies might never say die, but the kids on the sandlot will call you a butt sniffer and then make out with a hot lifeguard. Celebrate their bad ass status with us, won’t you?

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