The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Mist Movie

We’ve talked previously about movies that are better than their source material on the whole. Now let’s talk about movies that improve upon their source in a very specific way — the ending. A bad ending can ruin a perfectly good film (The Ninth Gate) and a good one can make an otherwise mediocre film shine (The Usual Suspects — Yeah, I said it, come at me). Even if the rest of the film was a complete dog turd, at least the creators got the ending right in movies like…



Being on a movie set can be a blast – especially when you don’t have to do anything. It’s not hard to imagine that with every great actor or director there’s probably a nagging cousin or sibling who wants to be part of that sweet sitting around action. And how the hell are they going to say no? Giving mom a line is a small price to pay for 18 years of guaranteed food and shelter, right? How can an actor resist sticking their kid in a shot or two? It happens a lot – so much so that the following 15 are only the tip of the iceberg.


Lord of the Rings Mondo Poster

“Does anyone have any questions about Flipper?” Front and center, Mondo chief Justin Ishmael isn’t fooling anyone. Next to him is Elijah Wood, the star of the 1996 Alan Shapiro-directed Paul Hogan vehicle Flipper. But we know this can’t be Flipper. Not for the highly anticipated tenth Mondo Mystery Movie, a series that has spanned across shows in Austin and Los Angeles, each better than the last and each packaged with an amazing work of art that attendees have the exclusive opportunity to purchase. Even though Justin and Elijah insist that we’re all about to watch Flipper, this crowd of true believers — a crowd that, when asked who was in attendance for the last Mystery Movie, saw about 80% of hands raised — was having absolutely none of it. “So you guys are just going to shit on this event?” said Ishmael in a faux tiff. “Okay then, lets roll the movie.” And so began our screening of Flipper.


Alec Baldwin: Coffee is for Closers

Monologues are to actors what analogies are to bullshit writers who have no idea how to start their list article about monologues. What I mean is that every actor should have a really good understanding on how to perform a monologue – at least I assume so considering that they are the most common tools for auditioning for a part. To someone like myself, who couldn’t act even if Hitler’s death depended on it, I really have no idea what goes into a monologue – however I do know what comes out of a good one. So when I judge the talent of these I’m really just judging how effective they seemed to be, not necessarily the amount of artistic effort that was put into it. Simply put, these are some terrific monologues.



I’m going to toss out a bunch of numbers, you’re going to pretend to know what math is, and we’re all going to agree that Avatar is going to make more than you do at your job.



Just over 3,000 films were released in the past ten years. Instead of sleeping, Neil and Cole (with the help of a supercomputer) whittle that list down to the best 1%.



Watch the Academy Award-nominated short film that launched the film of the same name hitting theaters today.



The Dark Knight continues to creep toward a $1 billion dollar box office take. Also, WB kick-starts their online Oscar campaign, making the script available for download.


Return of the Jedi - Good Third Movie

Due to Daylight Saving Time, I actually got the Sunday Cinematic Listology loaded on Sunday. Thanks arbitrary temporal shift! In this edition, we respond to Christopher Nolan’s assertion that there are no good third movies.

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