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As superhero fever sweeps across the world and The Amazing Spider-Man’s release date approaches, the film’s Viral Videos Division (I assume this is a thing movies have) is ramping up their efforts and doing everything possible to get the public excited about Spidey’s new screen villain, The Lizard. To that end, two new videos have been released: one that’s structured as a fake recruitment video and feels all virally, and another that looks like the traditional sort of featurette you’d find in a DVD’s special features menu or whatnot.


It’s funny how desperate the anticipation for a movie can make some people. Months ago, when blurry images of plastic toy prototypes leaked onto the internet, some went nutty trying to find them and then trash them for looking ridiculous. Those toys were from any comic book movie ever, but the latest were from The Amazing Spider-Man and featured a very naked Lizard in all his glory. Now, Apple has some better pictures to look at. They feature the Lizard having to choke a bitch and holding a very family camera. Not at the same time, though. It’s two different pictures. Check them out for yourself:


With Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to the hugely successful The Dark Knight and Marvel’s unprecedented live action team-up of their biggest names, The Avengers, both hitting theaters this summer, The Amazing Spider-Man has started to feel like the odd man out. Clearly Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, but enough time just hasn’t passed between his last big screen trilogy and this franchise relaunch to build a level of anticipation and excitement for the film comparable to these other big, comic book-based events. That hasn’t stopped the marketing team from doing their damnedest to sell this movie to a superhero-saturated audience, however. This might not be the summer of Spider-Man when all is said and done, but it’s undeniable how cool all of the recent advertising for the film has been. The recent additions to the marketing blitz are a new, Japanese trailer that takes, mostly, the same  footage from the second trailer, but remixes it to produce a much darker tone and sense of dread, and a couple of new posters that look standard at first glance, but might tell us a bit about where this story is going with closer consideration.


Merch Hunter - Large

The merch world has been ablaze recently with talk of the annual Toy Fair, which as ever has teased some fantastic products set for release within the next year or so, with big news coming for the Amazing Spider-man and Avengers lines, and a lot of frankly mind-boggling non-movie related toys that seem to come from a totally different planet than the simple blocks and cars I used to play with in the Time Before Beard. As usual, here are the finest merchandise discoveries of the week, two of which come directly from the Toy Fair, as well as the usual T-shirt of the week, inspired by the increasingly exciting upcoming release of Prometheus, which I will hopefully be seeing at Cannes for FSR if all goes to plan (and it’s actually there). Booby traps negotiated, angry native tribes dodged, I emerged blinking into the light, victorious and mucky with the treasures that you should all go and buy. Keep the industry alive. Bally-ho! Assemble! And other such rallying calls.


Now, normally I don’t post stuff like this because staring at plastic toy designs in order to determine what a character might look like in an upcoming movie is less fun than, say, flying a kite or punching myself in the face. However, these speculative product tie-in pictures for The Amazing Spider-Man were too good/terrible to pass up. Why? Because I fear for the movie. I fear for it. I fear that a character I love is getting an unnecessary recharge because Sony wants more money. Beyond that, I’m excited to see more work from Marc Webb, but I fear that a director with incredible creative potential is being wasted on a project no one really asked for – a character introduction to someone we already know really well. Plus, these images from Idle Hands are ridiculous. If this truly does echo the look of The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) in the movie, then we are all in for the laugh riot of the year. The design here is, I believe genuinely, channeled from the abomination that was the 1993 Super Mario Bros.  Judge for yourself:

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