The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid and Magdalen

Hey parents, can you believe it hasn’t even been a year since Frozen came out? I know, it feels like you’ve been hearing you kids belt “Let It Go” for eons, but the Disney animated feature officially opened on a single screen in Hollywood on November 22, 2013, before going wide five days later. Technically, though, it did play as early as November 10th, at the New York Children’s Film Festival, so I guess we can start celebrating its first birthday. Stuff some cake in its face, because it’s barely a baby anymore. My son is pretty young, so he didn’t see Frozen until a couple months ago (it’s also when I had my viewing), and ever since he’s wanted to watch it all the time. Whether he calls the movie “Let It Go” or claims Elsa’s name is “Let It Go” or mostly wants to watch Olaf the snowman, not a day goes by that he doesn’t mention the possibility. Not that I give in every time; more often we’ll just sing or play one of the songs. I know he’ll eventually move on to something else (his last, and first, obsession was Dumbo). I also know I can’t force the change on him yet. I don’t even mind Frozen yet, strangely, but I bet parents who’ve been there for the past year are ready to forget it ever existed. Whatever the case, I’m devoting this week’s dozen movie recommendations to moms and dads who’d like some alternatives to try out. Most may […]


Sofia Coppola Directing

Whosits and whatsits galore can only provide fulfillment and amusement for so long, at least that’s what Ariel the mermaid princess learned in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, an appropriately sanitized spin on the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. If you’re familiar with any of Andersen’s works, you’re most likely aware that plenty of his works have been retooled for a wider audience – basically, kids we’re trying to keep from having horrible nightmares – though that doesn’t exactly reflect the spirit of the original works. Honestly, they’re pretty terrifying. Andersen’s take on the lovelorn mermaid princess will next hit the big screen care of an auteur who has made her bread and butter by portraying the particular ennui and pain of privilege, making it a pretty canny match. Deadline reports that Sofia Coppola will next direct a live action version of the story for Universal Pictures and Working Title, which comes complete with a script that’s been through a number of screenwriters, including Kelly Marcel (50 Shades of Grey), Abi Morgan (Shame), and Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands).


Man of Steel biz

Too busy trying to get over the season finale of Game of Thrones and rearranging your Mad Men conspiracy theories and, damn, you just missed all the hot news jams fresh out of Hollywood? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up everything you may have missed and packed it up into a fun little gift box we call our afternoon Biz Break.


Pinocchio Production Art

There was a moment of concern when one of the writers behind Guillermo del Toro‘s stop-motion Pinocchio said that the project wasn’t moving forward, but now Gris Grimly has updated Bleeding Cool on the situation, and things don’t seem near as dire anymore. “I’m writing to clear up the rumor that has gotten started,” said Grimly. “It all started with misconstrued information that I passed along through my networks. But it has come to my knowledge that Pinocchio is indeed still kicking with interest from the studios. Although I thought it was going to lay quiet for a little while, I never thought it would be canceled. It’s too good.” The animated project is still in pre-production through The Jim Henson Company. For now. Del Toro always has a lot on his plate, so even as this particular fantasy becomes a reality, it might be a while. They still need a distributor to ensure success, and that might be tricky. Of course, Disney has the honor of owning the most popular telling of the story (complete with a singing cricket with a bold sense of ethics), and while children born in 2010 will always see Disney as “the company that makes Star Wars,” their classic properties still command massive respect. And since one of those icons is getting the Blu-ray treatment, they’ve released a new trailer for it. See if it can convince you to fall in love with The Little Mermaid all over again:



At a party over the weekend a deliciously nerdy debate broke out about two things. One, what cartoon is the sexiest of all? And two, whether it is acceptable or creepy to find animated characters sexually attractive? Fueled by strong margaritas, a battle against the rising sun, and too many active imaginations on one patio, the group came to the unanimous decision that sexy animated characters are just an added bonus from the directors to our awaiting eyes. These characters are generated to appeal to both children and adults, and just like in tradition film the actors need to be attractive enough to keep us locked in. But what does our animated crush say about us?


The new Little Mermaid

Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White; they’re all fairy tale characters that have recently been mined for darker, more adult re-tellings on the big screen. If Hollywood is good at anything, it’s taking a trend and running with it, so it’s no big surprise that Sony is now looking to do a bleak retelling of The Little Mermaid, especially since Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides recently opened and had a big scene full of angry, killer mermaids. I give it two weeks before we’re reporting on a remake of Splash. “The Little Mermaid” started off as a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, got a very high profile Disney animated adaptation, and eventually inspired Carolyn Turgeon’s book “Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale.” It’s this book that Sony has optioned to turn into a feature. Unlike Disney’s take on the character, this time the story is told not from the perspective of the mermaid, but of a desperate young princess. She needs to marry a prince in order to create a political bond with a rival Kingdom, or her home is pretty much going to be in shambles. So, she makes a long journey to his kingdom in order to try and get the marriage together. Unfortunately, when she gets there she finds out that the prince has already fallen in love with a beautiful young mermaid who has sacrificed her fishy ways in order to spend her life with them. That bitch. The book will be […]



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s the movie blogosphere’s diversity action plan. Because too many movie blogs just regurgitate press releases, post POV videos of street luge or bring you the same 25 stories that everyone else already has. We take those 25 stories, smash them together, wipe away the blood and mix ‘em with the best links we can find in a nightly tradition known to its friends as Movie News After Dark… For those Hobbit fans who aren’t completely sold on Peter Jackson doing the thing in 3D, see the above picture. If Gandalf approves, how can the world disagree?



You’d think my walk home from Rango, a movie that consistently kept me laughing like a madman for two hours, would be one of elation and knee-slapping fun memories. Not so. As my laughter subsided, I realized — man, I just saw an animated movie that centered on a sociopathic lizard who takes a contemplative, hallucinatory look inward to discover his true calling in the world. Whoa – suddenly that fart joke had a lot more resonance. There are universal questions everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives. Ideas, complications, internal debates that spring out of existence and challenge us as individuals. Some turn to spirituality. Others take back packing trips through difficult-to-pronounce regions of the world. But after watching Rango and looking back through a lengthy history of Hollywood’s animated films, I wondered: why not turn to cartoons?



‘The Princess and the Frog’ doesn’t have the greatest of stories or the most interesting characters, but it’s a welcome return to a classical style of animation and a form of animated storytelling that Disney appeared to have written off.



I’ll get excited every time Hayao Miyazaki makes a new film. But apparently Disney has some difficulty figuring out how to make a trailer that accurately portrays anything about a film’s plot.



Mister Hand is excited to see what happens with a live-action adaptation of Disney’s Mulan — provided they ditch all those not-so-sweet tunes.



Everyone knows that the Ken doll is Barbie’s secret love slave (ok, maybe not so secret) and this fact will be committed to celluloid in Pixar’s 2010 release of Toy Story 3, where the pair – brace yourselves – “embrace”.



It is safe to say that many of you are fans of Sin City, or at least warm-blooded enough to be interested in the scintillating ladies that graced it’s posters. As well, we have all grown up with such Disney classics as The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. So when I tell you that someone, namely artist Curt Rapala, decided to combine the two into a set of six posters, you should all be just a little interested. I know that I was. Below you will find his entire gallery, six posters taken from the exact posters for Sin City, but this time with popular Disney femmes in place of the real life actors. My personal favorite is the one pictured above as well, in which Ariel from The Little Mermaid stands in for Jessica Alba as Nancy. As Rapala explains on his website, this is one of those projects that really has a unique appeal: I loved the idea from the moment I thought it up, so I had to pursue it. There’s just something so incredibly awesome about the idea of juxtaposing something brutal, harsh, sexy & violent, like Sin City, with something wholesome, fun, and child-friendly, like Disney. Have a look for yourself at some of the brilliant posters below, and be sure to visit Rapala’s website for the high resolution versions and other cool art.

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