The Legend of Hercules

Shout! Factory

Welcome back to This Week In Discs! If you see something you like, click on the title to buy it from Amazon. Hill Street Blues: The Complete Collection Capt. Frank Furillo (Daniel J. Travanti) heads up an inner city police precinct with smarts, heart and determination, but even with the best officers at his command the job can be a constant struggle. Of course not all of his cops are quite at that level, and the various dramas they endure and sometimes cause keep the station constantly in flux. One of the most acclaimed TV series of the ’80s, this Steven Bochco-created cop show is the clear precursor to ones like NYPD Blue in its mix of police dramas and personal story lines. Its epic ensemble allows for season-long arcs across multiple characters, and the show does a fantastic job of ensuring that each of the characters get their own moments and episodes to shine. Shout! Factory’s box set includes all 144 episodes (seven seasons, each in their own snapcase) as well as multiple special features offering insight into the show’s creation and talents. [DVD extras: Featurettes, interviews, gag reel, commentaries]



Oh, January. It’s like we don’t even need any other months when the first one can supply us with such strong contenders for the best of the year and the worst of the year. Guess which category The Legend of Hercules falls under. Hint: it’s not playing at Sundance. I know, it’s too early to be sure that this will fall on our list of the most awful movies of 2014, and we’ve got another Hercules movie out this summer from Brett Ratner, so you know it could actually get much worse. At least that competing blockbuster has The Rock as its lead, promising a charisma that Legend star Kellan Lutz just completely lacks. Not that more personality would have made this movie a lot better, but it could have used someone with more appeal than if they’d just cast an actual rock in the role of the demigod. This is supposed to be a legendary figure, after all. Until this movie, Lutz was best known for being a regular in the Twilight movies. Those are movies I’ve seen and, I have no shame in saying, sometimes enjoyed. And yet I have absolutely no memory of his presence or character in that series. That’s how unimpressive he is as an actor. He kind of reminds me of Sam Worthington, only without the talent. In The Legend of Hercules, he’s occasionally part of a large battle scene, and whether he’s wearing a helmet or not doesn’t matter; he never stands out. Nor does […]



You’ve seen our preview of our most anticipated movies of 2014. Now put away those expectations for a bit and be patient, because it’s homework time. As you may know, each weekend I offer some recommendations for movies, both well-known and obscure, to see after you’ve watched that latest hot new release. I’ll be continuing this feature into the new year, so you can look forward to adding more to your backlog queue with titles tied to everything from The Legend of Hercules to Night at the Museum 3. First, though, I want to get a jump on some of the most obvious movies of the past related to the upcoming movies of the near future. These are primarily the original works receiving remakes in the first half of 2014 — or older works based on the same stories. And as usual, some are more popular and familiar than others. Couldn’t you just skip the old versions and go blindly into the new as if it’s a fresh property? Of course, and you can keep on listening to cover songs, too. And always see the movie instead of reading a book. However, if you’re interested in knowing your history and also being able to judge something with proper awareness of what came before, whether you want to make comparisons or not, read ahead and prepare yourself for the next six months of moviegoing.

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