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Fantastic Four reboot trailer

For a while there, it seemed like maybe the Fantastic Four reboot was as imaginary as Stan Lee wished the Roger Corman version was. But here, at last, with barely more than six months left until its release, is our first teaser. Sorry if you want a lot of footage of the superhero quartet in action and using their powers or even showing off their powers, because this is still only a slight look at what we have to look forward to. Still, what’s here is pretty, um, fantastic. There’s voiceover narration from The Wire and House of Cards actor Reg E. Cathey, who plays Dr. Franklin Storm — father of Johnny and Sue. There are a mere hints at The Thing and Human Torch in transformed mode. Mostly, though, this is interestingly Interstellar-like in the story it’s teasing. If we didn’t know it was a superhero movie, I doubt we’d get that impression at all from this. Also, is it just titled Fantastic Four now, without a “the”? Or, should we be spelling it Fant4stic? 


20th Century Fox

Kate Mara doesn’t read comic books, doesn’t want to read comic books and won’t need to read comic books in order to play The Invisible Woman in Fox’s upcoming The Fantastic Four. That’s because director Josh Trank told the cast they should avoid reading the comic books since the new movie won’t be based on anything that’s already down on ink and paper. This might be the best news possible for the genre. It’s unsurprising, though, because comic book movies have largely outgrown their paged counterparts over the last decade even as productions remain near-slavish to stories we’ve read before, villains we already know and imagery that’s taken directly from the source. Why is this great news? Because we’re having our culture happily fed back to us as we ask for seconds and thirds, and that’s a problem. It amazes me that some people rail against the unoriginality of remakes while cheering when the latest superhero movie announces that it’ll be using That Storyline People Liked From The 80s as the basis for its script.


Josh Trank filming Chronicle

The obvious initial reaction to hearing that Josh Trank will direct a standalone Star Wars movie: could it be shot as a found footage film? That’s because we so far only really know him for the found footage superhero film Chronicle. But the guy is now working on the Fantastic Four reboot for Fox, and there’s no way that’ll be in the same style. Neither will his Star Wars spin-off or one-shot or whatever you want to call these side installments. The only way a found footage Star Wars movie would make any sense is if it was released as a feature-length hologram. That said, Trank has actually already made a found footage Star Wars fan film (watch it down below), so maybe Disney and Lucasfilm want him to expand on that. Trank joins Gareth Edwards as the second filmmaker to be assigned one of these movies, and unlike Edwards he’s not been able to prove himself worthy with a major blockbuster-size budget yet. We still have a little over a year before The Fantastic Four comes out, though, and Trank’s entry isn’t due until 2018. Another thing that’s interesting about this announcement is that it looks like Disney is stealing Trank away from helming the Fantastic Four sequel. Claims that Disney and its Marvel subsidiary are plotting against Fox and its reboot of the Marvel comic franchise have been rebuked, but I bet this news will be taken the wrong way as part of that rumored battling between the studios. […]


Dr. Doom

We already know that the new Fantastic Four movie is going to be really young and hip, and not just more young and hip than the first film, because no matter how nice his hair is, Ioan Gruffudd is not hip, and Michael Chiklis is hip like a hip dad, so the bar is a little low on this one. But, really, just how hip is this thing going to be? The Josh Trank movie already has Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell lined up to play three of the four, with Miles Teller probably on board to lead the cast as the stretchy good time known as Mr. Fantastic, but what about villains? Will there be hip villains? Will there be hip villains? Oh, you. Yes, of course there will be. Well, at least if a news bit from The Wrap is to be believed, as the outlet is now reporting that four actors (all with accents! Hip!) are currently on the shortlist of possible candidates for Dr. Doom. Will one of them take to the silver screen to battle the pure fantastic-tivity that is our four good guys? Maybe, but it’s hard to get too excited about the possibilities, because said list includes some pretty fresh talents that plenty of comic book fans might not recognize.


The Thing from The Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfer

We’ve known for a while that Michael B. Jordan was going to bring his charm to The Fantastic Four reboot due next year from director Josh Trank, and now Variety has confirmed that The Human Torch will have some friends. Kate Mara will play The Invisible Girl, Miles Teller has been offered the role of Mr. Fantastic and Jamie Bell is expected to get the offer to play The Thing. The obvious takeaway is that this is more like The Abercrombie & Fitchtastic Four, but it’s at least a little encouraging to see an interesting shift away from the decade-old franchise incarnation. Will any casting matter while the film is under Fox’s roof? Maybe not. They haven’t exactly had a strong track record when it comes to superheroes. But in a world full of middle-aged people wearing spandex, it’ll be refreshing to see things tack a little younger. And just for fun, here are the new Fantastic Four members in their most recent projects. It should provide some — confusing — context. Squint and see if you can spot the powers:


Fantastic Four and Daredevil

Ever since Marvel Comics created its own movie studio and started making its own movies, much ado has been made about the other studios holding rights to some of their characters. How long does Sony have the rights to Spider-Man? Will Marvel ever get to make an X-Men movie, seeing as they’re already tied up elsewhere? While those properties seem to be staying in their current homes, at least for the foreseeable future, there’s one character out there who actually is close to making a jump back home to the House of Ideas: Daredevil. Recently, Fox was trying to get together a reboot of the character’s adventures on film under the watch of director David Slade, but a few weeks ago he dropped out of the project. That’s bad news for Fox, because if they don’t manage to find a new director and get a Daredevil movie in front of cameras before October 10, then film rights for the character will revert back to Marvel, and all of their efforts to reboot the property with a more gritty, Frank Miller-inspired take on the material will be in vain. In the same report that announced Slade’s departure from the new Daredevil film also came the news that Fox had lined up a director for another of its Marvel-born properties, The Fantastic Four. Chronicle helmer Josh Trank is now in control of rebooting that franchise. But a report that came out of Variety today could have consequences for both his upcoming Fantastic […]



Isn’t the news that Fox is rebooting The Fantastic Four a little like hearing that the annoying married couple with the bratty, moronic kid is planning on having another baby?



Would Brandon Routh’s Superman stand a chance against the green giant? What about Christian Bale’s Batman? Here who we think might actually stand a chance against the Incredible Hulk from the new film.

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