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If there’s a preferable Denzel Washington model, it’s the one that doesn’t just kick ass, but makes no qualms about handing it back to the person whose ass he just obliterated. The scary Washington. The quiet, calm, collected one who doesn’t even seem that mad — until it’s too late. You know what I’m talking about. So it’s good to see with The Equalizer trailer that the film isn’t a rehash of a supremely cheesy 80s TV show, but a vehicle for the man to showcase his divine badassery yet again. The film, according to Washington in an interview with USA Today, is only really related to it’s television predecessor through name only; that’s where the similarities end and the bloodshed begins. “The title doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s the material,” Washington said. “It’s a classic story, the innocent girl and the guy coming in to save the day and kick some butt. You’ll get some popcorn and escape for a couple of hours.” The trailer lays it out nicely. Washington’s character is a sweet, normal man working retail who just so happens to have led a past life as a government operative. When he crosses paths with a troubled, but innocent young woman (Chloe Moretz) who’s abducted and brutalized by thugs, he morphs back into his former self to come to her rescue. He may have assured Moretz that there aren’t many knights left  in the world, but he’s doing his best to take back what he said. It’s just unfortunate that the men […]


Washington and Fuqua

There has already been a tremendous amount of back and forth when it comes to finding a director who will stick with the Denzel Washington-starring The Equalizer adaptation, as both Nicolas Winding Refn (who seemed like a particularly inspired pick) and Rupert Wyatt have backed out on the project, even with a highly bankable star like Washington locked to lead. Now Deadline Hollywood reports that Olympus Has Fallen and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is in “early talks” to helm the film, which would re-team him with his Training Day star (and Oscar winner) Washington. The outlet reports that the pair have wanted to work together since their success and that The Equalizer is viewed as a proper project for the two to reteam on. Deadline also reports on some of the changes made to the film from the original TV series, sharing that it has been “tailored to Washington’s skills. He’ll play a solitary, monastic figure who hates injustice and devotes himself to helping people who are being victimized.” If The Equalizer can actually hold on to a director, it will likely start filming in Boston later this spring.


Rupert Wyatt

Briefly: Despite reportedly being in talks with Sony to helm their long-gestating The Equalizer feature, director Rupert Wyatt will not take on the project, which still has Denzel Washington set to star. Deadline Hollywood reports that scheduling conflicts have kept Wyatt from the project, though the outlet also vows that the studio “will lock in a helmer shortly.” Stay tuned.


news_denzel washington

The Equalizer was originally one of those cheesy action shows from the ’80s: think MacGyver or The A-Team. It starred Edward Woodward as an ex-CIA operative who had quit the company and was living out his retirement as a sort of pro bono operative for hire who would find people in need of help by posting a classified ad in the paper that read, “Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer. 212-555-4200.” Seeing as this show is a fairly cheesy thing from the ’80s that very few people actually remember, of course Hollywood wants to bring it back as a big screen adaptation. The only problem is, Sony has been working to put the project together, and they’ve been having some trouble finding a director. According to a new report from Heat Vision, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn was originally attached to helm the film, but he eventually dropped off of the project after butting heads with its attached star, Denzel Washington. Apparently getting an acting nomination for Flight must have Washington riding high, because you’d think the guy would realize that his career has been less than stellar lately and maybe allowing a hot director like Refn to come on board one of his projects and do his thing would be a smart move. All of this spilt milk might not matter though, because the new news is that, after going through a short list of directors over the past few weeks, Sony has decided that they […]


Nicolas Winding Refn

Looks like fans of 1980′s crime television series The Equalizer, Denzel Washington, and Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn are going to have to recalibrate their expectations, as the helmer has just dropped out of the Washington-starring feature adaptation of the show. Collider exclusively reports that “the deal fell apart at the last minute due to unknown reasons,” though it seems fair to suspect that scheduling could be an issue – Sony still wants to shoot the film in May, and Refn will surely be busy promoting his Only God Forgives around that time (the film opens on May 23) and gearing up for both his Logan’s Run remake and Button Man adaptation. Washington signed up for the part way back in July, with Refn coming on board just last month. Washington remains attached to the project, and Sony is reportedly looking for a new helmer to get the project in front of cameras this spring. Like the show, the film will focus on Robert McCall (Washington), a retired intelligence agent who dabbles in private eye work, with a special flair for “equalizing” the odds for clients who come to him with complicated problems. The film features a script by Richard Wenk, who is currently working on that Grayskull script and most recently penned The Expendables 2. Wenk also, amusingly enough, co-produced The Girl Next Door and directed one episode of the Sweet Valley High television show back in the ’90s. Suddenly, we’re insanely excited about his Equalizer.


Adapting “classic” TV shows into big screen features is a risky venture that more often than not results in disappointment. But this year’s critical and box-office hit redo of 21 Jump Street shows that it can work if the right people are involved (as opposed to say, the folks behind Dark Shadows). The Equalizer was a cool CBS show from the ’80s about an ex-secret agent who now used his very particular set of skills to help those in need. Unless they’re illiterate. Because the only way to reach him is by answering the want ad he places in NYC newspapers. Edward Woodward played the title character, Robert McCall, and for four seasons he took out the trash with style, grace, and a stainless steel Walther PPK pistol. Per Deadline Wherever (via Cinema Blend), Denzel Washington has officially signed on for the big screen adaptation of the series. The hope is this will be the beginning of a new franchise, the first for Washington (unless you count Deja Vu and the upcoming sequel Deja Vu Again). The details from the series will be altered, but the gist of the story, an ex-agent who uses his deadly skills to protect strangers, remains the same. Production is slated to begin next April.

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