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After an unplanned week off, I am indeed back with another edition of This Week in Blu-ray. In this edition, we’ll take a look at great movies for the kid inside of us, of both the classic and contemporary variety. We’ll also have a go at some movies with questionable releases — films that deserved better — and at least one movie in which the world is destroyed. So bring your Wolfgang Petersons and I’ll bring my Roland Emmerichs, and we’ll have a party.



In spite of my surprising (and completely unshared) love for the movie The Box, I figured there needed to be a drinking game for something that people have actually seen. So this week, to avoid a drinking game with Maaaattt Daaaayyymuhnnn, I’m setting my sights on Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.



Rob Hunter loves movies. He also loves the tender moment between first kiss and the gentle unclasping of the bra. And yes, we said ‘moment.’ These two joys come together in the form of cash money payments that he receives every week and immediately uses to buy more DVDs. This week he takes look at The Informant!, Cirque Du Freak, Dead Snow, The Box, Sorority Row, and many, many more.



Music videos are basically movies these days. More bands are working on films. Here are a few more that should definitely pick up the baton and try their hand at scoring.



This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, Jake Gyllenhaal ends up appearing in almost every segment randomly. Him as a topic. He doesn’t actually appear on the show.



Here are my thoughts on what happened this weekend at the box office, with Disney’s A Christmas Carol leading the way at $31 million.



Richard Kelly delivers a muddled movie and Cameron Diaz delivers a muddled southern accent.



Kevin Carr takes a look at this week’s movie releases, including A Christmas Carol, The Fourth Kind and The Box.



As you can tell it’s November, Halloween is now over and Christmas is right around the corner. How do we know this? Because the Christmas movies have started with A Christmas Carol. We also have the horror flick The Box, the thriller The Fourth Kind, and the Oscar season movie The Men Who Stare at Goats.



Kevin and Neil stare at some goats, grumble about not being allowed to open a box, visit the uncanny valley and debate whether Kevin is spoiling the viewing experience for The Fourth Kind.



Hello again movie fans! You may have noticed that there was no Movie Watcher’s Guide to October. There are several completely legitimate reasons for this, but instead of boring you with details please allow me to give a quick recap of the month’s box-office releases… The Invention of Lying, Whip It, Amelia, Astro Boy, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, and Saw VI all pretty much bombed, while Zombieland, Couples Retreat, Law Abiding Citizen, Where the Wild Things Are, and Paranormal Activity all did fair to brisk business. There, now you’re caught up through October. On to November! November 6th The Box Who did it? Directed and written by Richard Kelly; starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella What is it? A young couple receives a mysterious box containing only a button and a note. Press the button and two things will happen… one, they’ll receive $1 million dollars, and two, someone in the world will die. Will they press the button? Duh… What about it? Kelly has taken a classic short story by Richard Matheson (“Button, Button”), which was previously made into an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” and turned it into a movie. It’s not always a wise move to stretch something from a much shorter medium to a feature film, and early reviews (like the one at Gone Elsewhere) have been fair to meh about it which doesn’t bode too well for the movie. Or for Kelly… who some are starting to suspect was nothing but lucky with his debut film, Donnie Darko. Watch […]



In order to help you keep all of the movie-related stuff straight, we’ve put together a list of the 13 must see movie-related events of Comic-Con 2009. So get out your pencil and your day calendar (the one with the kittens on it) and write down the following events.



Warner Bros. has released the long-anticipated first trailer for the next thriller from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly this afternoon. And if you don’t like Cameron Diaz, this one’s for you…


Richard Kellys The Box

Warner Bros. made news recently when it announced Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was moving from a November 2008 release date to summer of 2009, but that wasn’t the only schedule change they had planned.



Title really says it all I think. But just in case… Variety is reporting that Frank Langella has joined Cameron Diaz in the upcoming film, The Box. The film is Richard Kelly’s follow up to his as yet unreleased, but already critically drubbed Southland Tales.

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