Welcome back to This Week In Discs! If you see something you like, click on the title to buy it from Amazon. Nocturna Tim is a typical orphan, round-headed and curious about the night, but when an after-hours misstep lands him in the grip of a creature named Cat Shepherd he finds himself on a very unique adventure. His new friend becomes a guide of sort as he shares with Tim the world of Nocturna, the nighttime world the rest of us sleep through, and shows him the true faces and beings behind our tussled hair, late night noises, dew-covered trees and very dreams. It’s not all fun and games though as a dark shape is floating over the night threatening to steal the stars right out of the sky. This Spanish film is a 2007 release, but its US debut was worth the wait for fans of animated wonder and pure imagination. The story keeps one sleepy toe in the real world even as it reveals an original and beautifully-crafted one behind the curtain of the night, and the animation follows suit as the familiar gets an inventive and enticing make-over. It’s a gorgeous dream of a film with scenes of true beauty and inventive thrills, and it deserves to be seen by more eyeballs. [Blu-ray/DVD extras: Making of, featurette]


Warner Bros.

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is having a pretty bad day. Her car is totaled in a hit and run incident with a deer (the animal hit her then ran), she’s fired from her job at a fast food joint and she comes home early to find her husband is cheating on her with a neighbor. Even worse than catching them in bed together she walks in on them enjoying a lovely meal that he cooked — something he never did for Tammy — so she packs a bag and decides to hit the road. It’s a difficult decision to commit to when you don’t have a car, so she reluctantly takes her liquor-loving Grandma Pearl (Susan Sarandon) along for the ride in exchange for a vehicle and a wad of cash. The two head to Niagara Falls, but trouble hits almost immediately forcing Tammy to face her history of bad decisions head-on. Laws will be broken, crotches will be grabbed and things will explode. Tammy is not a great comedy. It’s not even a good one really, and if I had to toss an adjective its way to describe the quality of comedy on display I’d go with “okay.” That’s unfortunate for several reasons, not the least of which being that the film is a collaboration between McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone, who directed and co-wrote the film with her. The bigger disappointment though is seeing the unusual and appreciated elements of their script and lead character — and the promise of […]



Welcome to week ten of our 2014 Summer Box-Office Challenge! Think of it as a summer-long contest for movie-lovers — you’ll make predictions and guesses as to which summer movies will rule the box-office each week, we award points and at the end of the contest the three top point-earners will each win a Blu-ray/DVD prize pack! First place will win ten (10) Blu-ray/DVD titles released throughout the coming summer, second place wins five (5) and third place wins two (2). We’ll have bonus questions each week as well to help bolster your point totals and keep you in the running. This week’s results were a forgone conclusion in the general sense, but the specifics are still up for debate. The studio itself is pegging Transformers: Age of Extinction at $100 million for this past weekend, but we shouldn’t be surprised if the actuals see that number drop some by this afternoon. We have a couple players who will would earn the “within a million” bonus if it holds up, so for that reason the top five players won’t be updated until later today. As for the actual bonus question — well, that will also have to wait for the actuals as Nothing Bad Can Happen isn’t even appearing on Box Office Mojo’s weekend estimates yet. [UPDATE: The actuals are in, and Transformers 4 made… $100m. The answer to the bonus question is “lower” as Nothing Bad Can Happen only opened to a $700 per theater average. Here are the current top five players.]


Melissa McCarthy

There’s something about Melissa McCarthy‘s next feature film that looks just a touch familiar. McCarthy will hit theaters later this summer with a starring role in Tammy, a comedy she also co-wrote alongside her husband Ben Falcone (who happens to be making his directorial debut with the film) that centers on the eponymous Tammy (uh, McCarthy), a perpetual loser who decides to take her life back by hitting the road with her surly grandmother (Susan Sarandon). Hijinks are all but assured, along with violence, misunderstandings, fun adventures, blood, and possibly getting to make out with Mark Duplass, who pops up as a potential love interest with a vast understanding of potato chip catchphrases (dreamy). The film may be an original McCarthy/Falcone joint, but it looks quite a bit like another wild trip comedy that McCarthy starred in just last year — Identity Thief. That film may have had some different aims for its particular road trip (like bringing McCarthy’s baddie thief to justice, and then also learning something along the way, aww), but there’s a shared DNA here that makes Tammy and Identity Thief sure feel like spiritual twins. It’s double feature material! With Jason Bateman and Sarandon kind of playing the same role! Yet, upon deeper reflection, it appears that McCarthy’s love for taking her act literally out on the road isn’t confined to just Tammy and Identify Thief, it goes far deeper than that. Here, take a look at the latest television spot for Tammy for a start, and we’ll go from there.


trailer tammy

I’d be lying if I said I was excited at the prospect of a new comedy featuring Melissa McCarthy in a lead role. She’s far better in small doses where her very specific comedic style can hit and run before viewers can grow weary of the same old shtick involving attitude, crass behavior, and physical comedy derived from her large frame. This “character” is essentially what she plays again and again, with little deviation, and while it’s not nearly as insufferable as the ones recycled by the likes of Adam Sandler and Kevin James, it still doesn’t work at feature length. Then again, Identity Thief and The Heat were box-office hits and numbers one and two (respectively) on RedBox’s list of most rented titles in 2013, so what the hell do I know. McCarthy’s (sure to be) blockbuster comedy of 2014 has just gotten a first teaser trailer, and while it’s still early, this may end up being where I eat my words above. Tammy stars McCarthy as a woman having a terrifically bad day. She lost her job, found her husband cheating on her, and smashed her car, and she just wants out. Unfortunately, the only out she has is a road trip with a grandmother (Susan Sarandon) she just doesn’t like all that much. It also stars Dan Aykroyd, Kathy Bates, Mark Duplass, and Allison Janney. Check out the teaser below and see if you enjoy it as much as I did. I know, I’m surprised too.



Ever since Melissa McCarthy stole our hearts and upset our stomachs with a breakthrough, gross out performance in Bridesmaids, we’ve been tracking the skyrocketing of her career very closely. In rapid succession it was announced that Bridesmaids director Paul Feig was developing a project specifically for her, that she landed a role in Judd Apatow’s next directorial effort This is Forty, and also that she scored a big part in the upcoming Jason Bateman-gets-pushed-around-again comedy ID Theft. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things that McCarthy has been up to since Bridesmaids was released, however. The Hollywood Reporter has a cover story on the actress that talks about her winning an Emmy for her role on Mike & Molly, getting the opportunity to host Saturday Night Live, starting her own production company, and even starting up her own design label. She’s like the Jay Z of comedic actresses. The part of the article that interested me the most though, was the announcement of a couple more film projects she has in development. They did not give too many details about the first one, but apparently it’s a dark comedy that McCarthy is co-writing with The Help writer/director Tate Taylor. They know each other from their days of being in The Groundlings together and the script is currently half-finished. The other project, that we get a couple of plot details about, is called Tammy. It’s the project that McCarthy says she is most excited about, […]

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