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Last year, I had the honor of traveling down to New Orleans, piling in a van, heading to a secluded warehouse and talking to an alien. I also spoke with the first human member of an elite group of interstellar heroes, a director who has more energy than anyone at his age has a right to, and I got a glimpse into a world beyond our own. So before comic book purists protest the insanely small number listed in the headline, these are the Green Lanterns hanging up on a wall somewhere in New Orleans – character design sketches to fill out the alien landscape of those who bravely, selflessly, and fearlessly patrol the universe. Some were born from the comic books, others from the minds of the production team. Some will be featured heavily, others will be hanging out (valiantly) in the background. We’ll be bringing Green Lantern set visit coverage to you all week, but to get things started, we figured it would be a good idea to do a round of introductions. Some you already know, and some you haven’t yet had the pleasure, so we wanted to make it official. Green Lanterns, meet the world. The world, meet the Green Lanterns.


The Best Short Films

Why Watch? Because all week long we’ll be featuring short films featuring the gang from Community. Today’s comes from the show’s creator Dan Harmon. Since we featured an Oscar nominee yesterday, this should show the…range…of the column. Harmon’s short (which is totally, legitimately listed on IMDB) is immature, slightly insane, and it creates the kind of laughter that you feel embarrassed by. The kind of humor that makes you immediately need to read a religious text in the shower. When Dan (the character, played by Dan Harmon) eats a burrito from a malfunctioning microwave, he gains the power to shoot lasers out of his anus. With a rapist murderer stalking the city, how will Dan put his new powers to good use? Maybe by trying to kill the rapist murderer? Maybe! From humble beginnings, the man who brought us Community. What Will It Cost? Just 3 minutes of your time. Check out Laser Fart for yourself:


Boiling Point

Sorry Wonder Woman fans, but the patriotically clad superheroine won’t be coming to television screens anytime soon, at least not on NBC. Considering how all the other networks passed on the project from the start, I’m not sure there’s any network left for it, unless the CW wanted to weaken its line-up. Zing. As nerds on the internet, it is our job to question why this show was canceled. After all, we love comics and we love TV, so there you go. After many seconds of deep, introspective thought, I figured out why Wonder Woman won’t be appearing on any screen in the near future. Wonder Woman sucks, that’s why.



Jaws didn’t mean to do it, but Summer has become the biggest business in movie-making. This summer, we’re getting a new batch of movies that the studios are hoping to be gigantic, but thankfully for us, they fit into 6 handy categories. Rob Hunter and Cole Abaius have worked tirelessly (except for five or ten naps) in order to break these movies down and present them to you. What will you be watching this summer? What excites you the most? What do you have the highest hopes for? These films all have the potential to bust blocks, but will it be your block they’re busting? Here they are, the six types of films coming out in the following months.


After minutes of speculation, it looks like Warners may have settled on the director of steel to take on Superman. Zack Snyder is an unsurprising name considering his working relationship with the studio and his position as a hit maker (particularly among the comic book world). However, they might need to rethink that “faster than a bullet” thing. [Deadline Topeka]


P2P - The 99 Dream Cast

As the only literate Reject, it’s my duty to find the latest, the greatest and the untouched classics that would make great source material for film adaptations. I read so you don’t have to. This week, Print to Projector presents the story of a library destroyed, a desperate move to secure the hope of the future, and the 99 superheroes that emerge.


Marvel Logo

Marvel Studios hitting hard out of the gate with Iron Man as their first independent production was a lot like seeing a high school draftee hit a home run in his first major league appearance. Hence, the blended horse racing and baseball analogies. It was equal parts right place, right time, and right cultural momentum blended with choosing the right personnel to bring the lesser-known hero to life. This was the beginning of a huge new moment in superhero films. Fans had grown exhausted by Fox’s attempts to understand comic books, and 2007’s melee attack of Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer had audiences reeling. Thus, the news that Marvel would be striking out on their own to make their own way in the world was refreshing. The comic book people were going to be making comic book movies. Unfortunately, there’s a problem that threatens to slow Marvel’s momentum and change the way it makes movies altogether.



For some reason, they also show Ryan Reynolds with bleached out hair. Because that’s what Superheroes do.



After the usual editorials about the death of a genre, I’d like to offer some common sense.



When you think of American Gladiators, the television game show of sorts from the late-80s and early-90s, I’m not sure that you think about superheroes.


A comic book making fun of comic books.

We tow the line between spoiling everything (we don’t spoil anything) and educating (just some slight preparation) in order to give a decent look at what to expect from a film based on a book that you might not have read yet.



Watchmen extras give us proof that the U.S. won the Viet Nam War, that flamethrowers make a handy accessory and that giant, blue supermen walk among us.



Does it make you a pervert if you choose Invisibility over Flight? Yes. But it doesn’t keep you from making a great film.



The buzz behind Iron Man has created the perfect storm of media hype leading into the summer season. For some, the film simply cannot live up to the hype, but that’s only reserved for sci-fi nerds who have downloaded every scrap of leaked footage and hi-res photo onto their computer. For the casual viewer, the film delivers exactly what the trailer promises.



Kevin needs to hose down the Magical Studio in the Sky after Neil’s excitement for Iron Man. Then they both rant about Dr. McDreamy in Made of Honor. That’s how we roll when we kick off the summer movie season.

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