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It’s easy to stick some cool tats on a character and enhance their presence – and we all love cool looking tattoos. It gets better when there is thought put into the tattoos, such as Mickey Rourke’s surprisingly well-researched prison tattoos in Iron Man 2. What’s even better than that is when a tattoo is not only well thought out, but also speaks worlds about that character and the story surrounding them. It’s not always possible in the context of the film – but when it is, it’s nice to see. Here are some of the tattoos I’m talking about.



The categories of responses from critics with the release of yet another Jackass film and in the face of its massive, record-breaking box office intake have been to dismiss it entirely, make some hyperbolic rant about the fall of Western civilization, or celebrate Jackass 3-D not as a movie, but as a social ritual — or, perhaps more accurately, as an anti-social ritual. Consider me in the latter camp. Jackass doesn’t only take the role of social ritual in terms of being popular entertainment; it isn’t merely the most transparent of gimmicks (as the 3-D makes clear) or the most unapologetic brand of cinema in the long-prevailing, prevailingly false idea of cinema-as-escapism-and-nothing-else. The function of Jackass is instead to provide what has been long-standing need within Western cultures: the need of a temporary and safe space in which to transcend and reject social hierarchies and order, a space in which to revel in unacceptable behavior.



If you are rabid fan of the disgusting, this was your weekend. Jackass 3D hit theaters and took depravity to a whole new dimension. Already flirting with box office records, albeit in extremely specific categories, it’s hard to deny Jackass 3D is a hit. As much as I want to denounce all the lowbrow shenanigans, Jackass came onto the scene at the perfect time to wedge a silly little place in my heart. The show and the first movie came out when I was in high school; the second movie when I was in college. Though my tastes may have evolved since then, I wasn’t surprised to find 10 things I liked about Jackass 3D, and only 5 things I didn’t



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr makes a complete and total jackass of himself by enjoying the hell out of Red and being more excited than he should about the prospects of Jackass 3D. He realizes that it may be the beginning of award season, but that won’t stop him from watching a movie about bodily fluids flying at the camera in 3D and getting mildly turned on by Helen Mirren firing a Gatling gun while wearing an evening gown.

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