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What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a “a sleazy, slimy, adolescent, over-sexed, over-paid, blowhole!” Or at least that’s how it all works out in the version written by Aaron Sorkin. If the man decides to write it, we’ll take it. We begin this evening with an image of Christian Bale looking rather dour as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, a film the Los Angeles Times says should open in the area of $200 million dollars. The fact that it’s tracking for big numbers comes as a surprise to no one. Chris Nolan’s final Batfilm has been the movie of the year from day one. So smile, Mr. Wayne, it’ll all be over soon.



As many fellow conflicted yet faithful Netflix subscribers know, last week marked the beginning of the separation of Instant and disc-only memberships. I had been trying to whittle down my streaming queue for a few months, but we all know that is a nearly impossible task with that devilish recommendation list appearing every time you go to the site’s homepage. Suffice it to say, my queue had actually grown since the announcement, making the budgeting decision for me. One of the films at the top of my queue was 2010’s long-awaited gay love story I love You Phillip Morris starring the forever not-sexy Jim Carrey and the always delicious Ewan McGregor as two convicts head-over-heels in love with each other. I could spend an entire column writing about this rapid, surprisingly honest and tender romance sprinkled with deception and humor, however my greatest take away from this man on man sexiness was the unexpectedly hot chemistry (and subsequent love scenes) between Carrey and McGregor.



Mary Kee (Rachel Lefevre) is starting a new life. Well, trying to. She’s recently separated from her husband Steven (Ed Quinn) and has moved into a small, dimly lit apartment across town hoping to start an abuse-free existence. But then the phone rings… and she answers it. The woman on the other end of the line sounds like a desperate and angry Betty White, and she’s quite possibly calling from well outside Mary’s area code. Or any area code. Soon Mary and those around her, including a shifty neighbor (Luiz Guzman) and a too-helpful teacher (Stephen Moyer), are in danger as the woman on the phone begins to wreak vengeance from far away. How do you stop a mad woman intent on terrorizing you from across space and time? I mean aside from changing your goddamn number…



Russell Edgington is a prime example of a great villain. Not only was he smart and calculated, but he also had the power and strength to get things done on his own. And when Edgington got down and bloody, he looked cool doing it. The vampire king was one of the few vamps on True Blood that seemed interested in actually having fun. He always looked as if he was going to a party and simply looking for a good time, especially with the help of his slick 70s style wardrobe. Sadly, Edgington isn’t around this season, but don’t fret. As actor Denis O’Hare says below, the plan is for him to return. Things didn’t end well for Edgington last season, but the King of Mississippi had persistence and ambition, so there was no real reason for us to be doubting his return. While Denis O’Hare isn’t on this season, the actor was still kind enough to make the time to discuss his role on the show. Throughout my whole chat with O’Hare he wore his love for Edgington on his sleeve. From discussing the character’s past to his childlike wonder, the actor remained enthusiastic.


True Blood: Anna Paquin

Episode: “Night on the Sun” (Season 3, Episode 8) Synopsis: Sookie reevaluates her relationship with Bill while Jason takes the next step forward with Crystal. King Russell makes a move on Sookie while Alcide is away and Eric plays two gambits with bloody results. Review: Finally! A fantastic episode. While season 3 has been good, it was far from great in my opinion, until tonight. Sure the werewolves are still pussies (I have to say that every review, contractually) but there was a lot going on this week that was very engaging.



If you were Andrew Paquin and your sister, along with her husband, were currently starring in one of the most popular and sexy shows currently on television, what would you do? If “write a script and get them to guest in it so that a studio could put their faces prominently on the box art” then you should get a drink with him. Because you think alike. So perhaps that is a bit harsh. I mean, really, who wouldn’t take advantage of something like that? Regardless, Open House is a thriller currently available on DVD that stars Brian Geraghty and Tricia Helfer as a pair of sadistic squatters with a thirst for blood. Not thirsting for blood this go around is Stephen Moyer, who guests stars along with his wife, Anna Paquin, who is in the film for a few minutes.


Print to Projector: Endless Night

As the only literate Reject, it’s my duty to find the latest, the greatest and the untouched classics that would make great source material for film adaptations. I read so you don’t have to. This week, Print to Projector presents: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith “The boy had been crouched so long that his legs had fallen asleep beneath him – but he dared not move now.” Synopsis A young boy named Abraham suffers the grizzly frontier life of the early 19th century and is devastated by the loss of his mother. After finding out that she was killed by a vampire, he makes it his life’s work to hunt down the blood-thirsty monsters and cut off their giant-canine-tooth-stuffed heads with his axe. And to become President at some point. And free the slaves. And keep the union together.



The sexed up, violent and ever-unpredictable world of True Blood is back in business. And we’re back in Bon Temps with all the supernatural citizens of Louisiana and we’d like you to come along. We promise plenty of nudity and a smattering of werewolves.



Our friends over at Rope of Silicon have posted — over the past few weeks — a few awesome updates in advance of this summer’s second season of the HBO series True Blood, which as you know is a favorite around the FSR offices.



From the look of ten new preview images, it looks like the next season explores more implications of a world with vampires and the depths of how dramatic an actor’s face can look.



The season comes to a close, but not before wrapping up several major storylines. Jason sits in jail for crimes he didn’t commit while the the real killer sets his sights on Sookie. Tara finds her luck changed for the better at the hands of a mysterious benefactor who has unexplained ties to Sam, who has more than his share of secrets.



The relationship between Sam Merlotte and that damn dog is finally revealed. Elsewhere, Bill must answer to the vampire hierarchy over his bloody defense of Sookie, who finds herself in a place where trusting anyone is difficult.



Bill (Stephen Moyer) breaks a vampire taboo in protecting Sookie (Anna Paquin) – and must pay a steep price as a result.



The vampire drama continues to unfold in episode eight of HBO’s addictive “True Blood” as the fourth victim of the fire is revealed.



True Blood kicks it up a notch again this week, turning out what may be the best episode of the season. Be sure to check in with Sookie and her vampire beau Bill and watch as Jason spins even further out of control in search for his fix of V-Juice.



After the discovery of Dawn’s murder, Jason Stackhouse again finds himself the prime suspect in what appear to be a series of vampire related killings.



Sookie Stackhouse has the unfortunate pleasure of meeting some of Bill’s more blood-thirsty vampire brethren, a group who make their lust for real blood plainly obvious


True Blood: The First Taste

The relationship between Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) progresses after Bill returns the favor of her rescuing him in the first episode.



With a dearth in well-known Australian cinema, Rob Hunter finds a diamond in the outback that’s a must-see for thriller fans.

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