Brett (Chris Pratt) is a family man at the end of his rope. His career is in tatters after losing his law license, his wife is probably cheating on him, and his four young children, while adorable, will probably be the death of him. His status as a stay at home dad hasn’t earned him any more respect from his kids, and on the rare days when he wakes up feeling pretty good about his life a single call from his mother is all it takes to remind him of his multiple failures. A chance at redemption comes when he discovers his best friend has just been named in a civil lawsuit. It seems some sperm donations made two decades prior resulted in a few children, and the now grown-up progeny are suing for the right to know the identity of their biological father. It has the potential to be a groundbreaking case, and the idea of being the lawyer at the center of it all both excites and terrifies Brett. He gets his license reinstated, packs his kids’ lunches, and dives in to the deep end for the trial of his life. Ah what could have been. Unfortunately, Delivery Man is not about Brett, his struggle for self-respect, or a trial with far-reaching moral and legal implications. Instead it’s the story of his best friend, David (Vince Vaughn), a mediocre man who discovers 533 reasons why he should be a better one.


Drinking Buddies

As summer begins to wind down (it must be tired, starting in May and all), this week’s new releases are unexpectedly slim and particularly uninspired. Sure, you could go see 2 Guns (and enjoy its first ten or so minutes and then drift off because the rest of it is so reminiscent of the rest of the season’s explosion-heavy comic book-based fare) or The Smurfs 2 (because you have children), and you may even be in a city big enough to see the release of the wonderful The Spectacular Now or the surprisingly solid Europa Report, but otherwise, this is not a good weekend at the movies. So stay home! If we’ve learned anything this week, it’s that the movie theater is dead and that the VOD release reigns supreme, and with the current trend of smaller films hitting VOD platforms before making it to the theater, you can even catch something your brick and mortar pals are still waiting to see. So stay couch-bound, order something to eat from the Internet, and lay low with these VOD offerings of note. You’ll be back in the theater next week anyway, when the summer’s last great hope, Elysium, finally arrives on the big screen.


Starbuck Movie

That guy. That guy right up there has fathered 533 children, and 142 of them want to meet him. His name is David Wozniak, but he doesn’t want many people to know it. He also doesn’t want anyone to know that he want by the name Starbuck while donating a ton of sperm. Sperm that came to fruition. In the trailer for Ken Scott‘s movie, Patrick Huard plays the pater familias par excellence who’s about to become a father for the 534th time, only this time it’s with the woman he loves and not a plastic cup. The movie is being remade (now with English!), and Vince Vaughn is set for the lead role, but the original is seeing a limited release March 22nd, so check out the trailer for yourself:


Cobie Smulders

Canadians have created many good things: instant mashed potatoes, poutine, the electric streetcar, the foghorn (maybe not that one), insulin, the Wonderbra, the indie film Starbuck, and actress Cobie Smulders. Surely, the country has invented a number of other top items (there’s even some debate about peanut butter!), but these are obviously the very best, and now two of them will be united together in one splashy cinematic endeavor. Variety reports that How I Met Your Mother and Avengers star Smulders is currently in negotiations for the female lead in Ken Scott‘s remake of his own smash film (Scott directed the original, and will now serve double duty as writer and director on the DreamWorks project), the sperm donor laughfest, Starbuck. 



Vince Vaughn is reportedly in negotiations for a role almost too perfectly suited for the comedian’s talents. Variety reports (via ComingSoon) that the actor is looking to sign on for DreamWorks’ remake of Starbuck. The 2011 Canadian hit centers on a schlubby, middle-aged loser named David whose life is up-ended by the news that he’s fathered over 500 children. By sperm donation, of course! Thanks to a twist of fate (and, let’s be honest here, some sub-par work by the sperm bank’s staff), the bank doled out only David’s sperm, meaning that the manchild now has 533 children. That news is bad enough, but it’s compounded by the fact that 143 of those kids have filed a class action lawsuit to have the name of their father revealed to them. Made aware of this news, David wrestles with whether or not he should fess up, a decision made still more complicated by his choice to begin acting as a guardian angel to his unknowing kids. The film was released in Canada in July, with a smaller release in other international territories following that. It also won audience awards at some American festivals, including Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma. The original film was directed by Ken Scott from a script he wrote with Ken Petit. Scott will write and direct this new remake, which should start filming later this year. The original film’s IMDb page goes much more in-depth on Starbuck‘s plot summary, so check it out after the break […]

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