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The Usual Suspects

It’s pretty much impossible to avoid movie/TV spoilers these days, and that’s just a sad reality. Is it the worst thing? Not even close, but that doesn’t mean that those who partake in the spoiling are anything less than pricks. Still, is it possible they’re simply confused pricks? Pricks unknowingly trafficking in the art of premature infojaculation? The past week has seen two interesting discussions arise on the subject, and both of them stem from Tom Cruise’s new film Oblivion. The first one appeared on Twitter as people who had seen early screenings of the film shared their 140-character-long opinions as to what other movies this one reminded them of. They weren’t explicitly stating plot points, but in naming certain, specific movies in their comparisons, those plot points were made implicit and obvious. The second issue was voiced a few days ago by Calum Marsh in a post on Film.com about how film critics shouldn’t care about spoiling a film for their readers. There’s a kernel of truth to his point, but it’s drowned out by the rest of what he says (and how he says it). In both cases the originators claim these circumstances aren’t worthy of being called a real spoiler. In both cases these people are wrong. Before we go any further though, know that there will in fact be spoilers below for Oblivion and Moon as well as a handful of older movies (I’m talking decades old), so consider this your spoiler warning. See how easy that is, […]



What happens when a legendary film critic brings is geriatric crankiness to an internet movie show? Film Jockeys follows the adventures of Carl Barker, his far-too-young production staff, the filmmakers and the movie characters that inhabit their world. Written and illustrated by Derek Bacon, it’s the perfect webcomic for passionate movie fans who also hate spoilers. For your consideration, Episode #16:


Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dark Knight Rises

As if the headline weren’t enough, here’s another spoiler alert to ensure that if you don’t want to know about a major character spoiler in The Dark Knight Rises, you don’t have to. Earlier this month, John Gholson wrote an excellent article over at Movies.com opining in detail about one of the characters in The Dark Knight Rises. It was the kind of guess that could be a spoiler considering the source and the research involved. And now, a toy from the Christopher Nolan‘s movie is all but confirming that the guess was true.



I want you to think of your favorite movie. Play it out on the big screen in your head and fall in love with it all over again. Now I want you to imagine that someone ruins it for you before you get to see it.



This week on a very special episode of Reject Radio, we discuss spoilers (what they are and where to find them), zombie attacks, and why Ricky Gervais really loves being told he’s a fat slob.



Angels and Demons is the somewhat anticipated follow-up to The DaVinci Code, and by almost every measure the new film is superior. Better action, more entertaining, shorter hair… and yet it still manages to be one of the most ridiculous movies of the year.



In which a die hard Deadpool fan attempts to calm himself, examine the evidence, reveal rumors, and stop himself from tearing down an office wall out of anger. Could we both be right and wrong about Deadpool? We dissect this popular quasi-hero and decide if a temper tantrum was really necessary.


Christopher Nolan, My Next Door Neighbor

You are never going to believe who’s playing Catwoman!



People hate spoilers. And for anyone who runs a movie website, the topic of spoilers is always a red hot one. And for my part, I do my best to keep them off the pages of FSR. Once you pass into the real world though, I can no longer protect you.

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published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015

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