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Let’s see a show of hands…how many of you remember the NBC series Manimal? Yeah, not too many. And with good reason. Manimal was a ridiculous show about a college professor who had the ability to turn himself into animals. What would you imagine a stuffy, academic type would do once he gained such phenomenal abilities? Why, he fights crime alongside a sexy police lady and one of his old ‘Nam buddies, of course. Manimal debuted in 1983 to abysmal ratings and even worse reviews, and only aired 8 episodes before the plug was pulled. It being something from the ’80s that someone somewhere might remember, however, still makes it a prime candidate to get a big screen adaptation, so THR is reporting that Sony Pictures Animation has won what was most likely an intense bidding war to acquire the rights to the property.


Hotel Transylvania

The first thing you notice in the new trailer for Hotel Transylvania is Adam Sandler doing his impression of Adam Sandler doing a vampire voice. It’s unmistakable, it’s annoying, and it’s a key argument against movie stars taking jobs from trained voice over actors. However, the feature directing debut from the remarkably talented Genndy Tartakovsky looks about as charming as they come. The plot is simple: Dracula creates a hotel haven for his monster pals (and to keep his daughter Mavis safe from the Hawaiian shirted humans), but a couch surfer stumbles upon their hideaway and proceeds to fall in love with the blood-sucker’s offspring. Some of the jokes are obvious – Kevin James’s character falls down a lot even in the world of animation – but it definitely shows potential. Check it out for yourself:


The Best Short Films

Why Watch? The short that gave birth to CGI animation at Sony. In the early 2000s, the studio decided to test its ability to put together a completely CGI animated film, and the result/challenge was The ChubbChubbs! – a goofy animated story about a night club janitor on an alien planet that is called to the higher task of saving his people from a roving band of monsters (after he’s warned by Jar Jar Binks that they’re coming). It’s funny in a ridiculous, under-dog sort of way, and it represents the first movement into territory that’s now a decade old for the company. For more historical context, this won the Oscar in 2003 after seeing theaters…in front of Men in Black. What does it cost? Just 5 minutes of your time. Check out The ChubbChubbs! for yourself:

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