Sleepy Hollow


Johnny Depp’s latest film, Mortdecai, looks like an absolute train wreck, and since Lionsgate has decided not to screen it for press we’ll all find out together this weekend if that initial assessment is valid. Well, some of you will find out — I’ll be skipping it because it looks like an absolute train wreck. Tim Burton also has a new film in theaters, and while it’s not quite wowing audiences it appears to be a step in the right direction after the disappointments of Dark Shadows and Alice in Wonderland. Depp’s career is a mixed bag of fantastic, awful and average films, and examples of each can be found in his eight collaborations with Burton. Most people tend to point to Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood as their best pairings, but I’m oddly partial to their 1999 gothic comedy, Sleepy Hollow. It’s one of Burton’s rare R-rated films and fully embraces the gory sensibilities of a story about a headless horseman. The movie is also quite funny thanks in large part to a lively and game performance from Depp. Keep reading to see what I heard on the commentary track for Tim Burton’s Sleep Hollow.


Interstellar Tunnel

Starting today, audiences can experience the most immersive “neat marketing thingie” Hollywood has to offer. As a tie-in to Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar, Paramount and IMAX are shuttling an interactive exhibit to four cities across the country. At whichever population center is closest to you — LA, NYC, Houston or, strangely, Chantilly, Virginia — strap on an Oculus Rift headset and experience some simulated virtual gravity from inside the Endurance, the spaceship from Nolan’s film. An “Oculus Rift,” in case you were looking at those words with the same cocked-head confusion as a dog hearing another dog on TV, is this: virtual reality. Or, at least virtual reality for your face; the Oculus Rift is a boxy, black goggle-like eyepiece that lets you see into a digitally-created world, translating all your head and eye movements so you can look around and see digitally anything you want. Digitally. For the most part, the Oculus is confined to video gaming. Its from-the-neck-up limitations are most easily solved with a mouse and keyboard, although laughably dumb-looking inventions like the virtual reality treadmill and the virtual reality bodysuit pop up every now and then.


Also: both shows feature kissing.

Fox and NBC have announced their fall lineup, and it’s hard not to notice some similarities between their offerings. Even beyond the standard “here’s a family comedy! Here’s a parenting comedy! Here’s some new police procedurals!” the premises of these shows are remarkably similar. So similar, in fact, that it’s like  Armageddon and Deep Impact happening right in your living room. For example, both networks have…



Here’s a fun fact: Prior to 2001’s releases of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone, fantasy movies were frequently silly, low-budget shlockfests that actors only wanted to make so they could eat something other than whatever they scraped from under their fridge for another month. (For the record, I am told that this lifestyle — I like to call it Underfridging — is good for bolstering your immune system. On the other hand, high potential for scurvy. Your call.) And since the Harry Potter series has spanned eight films and employed every single actor in Britain at least once (twice in the case of Warwick Davis), you know there’s a treasure trove of painfully cheesy fantasy movies lurking in their collective resumes. Let’s take a look at some of them!



We wanted to get inside the mind of director Sebastian Gutierrez by finding out his Top 5 films, and he somehow managed do so while naming over a dozen other films. From Bunuel to Gilliam, find out who inspires one of the weirder writer/directors out there.



If blood and violence aren’t floating your boat, try on this classic Walt Disney animated short.

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