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If producer Adi Shankar really intends on making an action movie that brings together all of the toughest females in the industry, eventually he’s going to have to come up with a better title for it than Adi Shankar’s Female Expendables Project, but for now that seems to be all we have to work with, so we shall do our best. Anyway, what are the details of this project? So far Shankar is said to have a script from writer Dutch Southern, casting confirmations from MMA athlete-turned-actress Gina Carano and Battlestar Galactica vet Katee Sackhoff, and now another signed deal with an up and coming actress who turned quite a few heads in theaters just this weekend. According to a report from Collider, Australian actress and You’re Next star Sharni Vinson is the latest name to sign on to kick ass while having lady parts in this still-untitled ripoff of Sylvester Stallone’s high-concept old man porn.


You're Next

Editor’s note: Rob’s review of You’re Next originally ran during this year’s SXSW Film Festival, but we’re re-posting it now as the film opens in theatrical release. It’s become pretty fashionable these days for people to retroactively bash movies that enjoyed honest and deserved praise upon release. Wes Craven’s Scream has received such a backlash in recent years, as both a lesser movie and a less influential one, and it’s fairly inexplicable. Sure it has some issues, but the movie remains a fun, scary and smart take on the slasher genre that has rarely (if ever) been duplicated. But it also came out seventeen years ago. You’re Next aims to enjoy the same prestige by giving the genre a real kick in the ass with thrills, chills and a fresh take on it all, but while it misses the mark in some important areas it comes far closer than most. And bottom line? It’s a fun and bloody good time at the movies.


trailer youre next

Up until this point Lionsgate’s handling of Adam Wingard‘s You’re Next has been a lesson in how not to market a movie. Its 2011 festival premieres (at TIFF and Fantastic Fest) led to near unanimous raves to which Lionsgate responded with… two years of inexplicable silence. While the studio was being quiet though the relative handful of festival fans were busy pumping up the film at every opportunity. No film could live up to this degree of hype, and having seen the movie a couple weeks ago I can confirm that this is no exception. But You’re Next is still a damn good movie that deserves to find an audience. Happily, Lionsgate isn’t resting on that early buzz in the build up to the film’s August 23rd release. They’ve just released their first trailer, and it is pretty goddamn sweet. It doesn’t try to convey how truly funny the movie is (and seriously, the movie is hilarious), but it’s slickly cut and perfectly suited to get asses in seats on opening weekend. Check out the spectacular trailer for You’re Next below.



You’re Next caused up quite a stir at last year’s Fantastic Fest. The movie was swiftly picked up for distribution by Lionsgate after receiving stellar reviews, one of which came from our own Scott Beggs, who described the movie as, “pure horror bliss, delivering an engaging group of characters, a badass chick, some iconic masks to add to the collection, and a new twist on slashers.” Rob wasn’t quite as taken with the film, but one thing is for sure, You’re Next is packed with horror images and a song that’ll stick with audiences. While at SXSW, we spoke with the director of You’re Next, Adam Wingard, about those memorable masks, finding its theme song and getting to direct fellow horror directors:



Tonight on your favorite nightly round-up article, there’s a cat dressed up like Breaking Bad‘s Walter White and plenty of interesting Hows and Whys from the world of entertainment journalism. Like, “How to Write a Why Article: Part SEO-Bomb.” Hashtag inside baseball joke.


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This week, we find a bunch of random movie fanatics (including Kevin Sorbo) wandering around the Alamo Drafthouse parking lot during Fantastic Fest and invite them in for a drink and a long conversation. Familiar voices like Neil Miller, Scott Weinberg, Brian Kelley, Rob Hunter, Brian Salisbury, Luke Mullen, Adam Charles join voices new to the show like Mike Saulters, Jason Murphy and Zack The Waiter. Oh, and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo drops in to talk about his new movie, Julia X. He also brings along the film’s director, P.J. Pettiette. Download This Episode



A young woman slinks downstairs in her underwear to fix another drink, recover from some bad sex and turn on some music. The secluded house far away from any city limit sign offers a perfect opportunity to crank of the volume without any close neighbors calling the cops. When her sugar daddy finds her dead body, he’ll also find a message for him scrawled on the sliding glass doors in blood. Thus begins You’re Next. This blood-splattered couple is just the appetizer though. The real focus of the film is a neighboring family that puts the “fun” back in “constantly bitching.” Paul Davison (Rob Moran) and Aubrey (the legendary Barbara Crampton) are father and mother to the brood. Drake (Joe Swanberg) is the ass-kissing mess stuffed into a turtle neck, Aimee (Amy Seimetz) is the perpetual Daddy’s Girl even in her adulthood, Felix (Nicholas Tucci) is the disaffected middle child of history, and Crispian (A.J. Bowen) is the ridiculously-named good son who acts as our entryway into a night that’s meant to celebrate 35 of marriage but will be invaded by figures in animal masks who only mean harm.

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