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Welcome back to This Week In Discs! If you see something you like, click on the title to buy it from Amazon. The Vincent Price Collection II A duel between magicians leaves one man transformed into a bird in The Raven. An undertaker takes matters into his own hands in an effort to increase business in The Comedy of Terrors. A widower finds new love complicated by an obsession with his dead wife in The Tomb of Ligeia. A scientist is the last normal human alive after a plague turns others into vampire-like creatures in The Last Man on Earth. The abominable Dr.Phibes rises again in Dr. Phibes Rises Again. The son of the first film’s scientist begins some experiments of his own in The Return of the Fly. A millionaire offers a cash reward to five people if they’re willing and able to spend a nigh tin his home in House on Haunted Hill. Vincent Price is a genre legend, and his output is filled with horror classics. Scream Factory’s second collection of his work brings together seven films highlighting Price’s dramatic, horrific and (in a couple instances) comedic chops. Everyone will have their own favorites among the collection, but for me The Last Man on Earth, House on Haunted Hill and The Raven are the real stand outs. [Blu-ray/DVD extras: Introductions, featurettes, commentaries, trailers]


Rob Lowe in Sex Tape

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) used to love to fuck. Having hooked up in college, they would screw in her dorm, in his car, in the library stacks, even behind a tree. Ten years, two kids and one marriage later, that spark has apparently vanished, prompting the desperate couple to film a comprehensive reenactment of “The Joy of Sex” in a bid to get it back. However, this being 2014, their exploits have been filmed with an iPad and not on a video camera, allowing the file to handily vanish into the little-understood Cloud for storage. As a radio DJ, Jay has an unlikely amount of iPads at his disposal and hands them off to friends and family once he’s done with them, and as a mommy blogger, Annie is dreadfully worried that their three-hour lovemaking session might be seen by anyone they’ve given a device, including her wholesome new employer, Hank (Rob Lowe). To watch Sex Tape is to gloss over the practical hurdles of file-sharing and the leads’ repeated reminders of the Apple tablet’s many merits. To watch it is to reinforce the shameful, fearful mindset with which many Americans regard sex while ignoring the distancing effect technology can have on our everyday lives. Furthermore, to watch it is to endure a constant strain as director Jake Kasdan (Zero Effect; Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) struggles to mine the panicky high-concept premise for three acts’ worth of story, let alone 90 minutes of laughs.


sex tape roller skate sex

A couple weeks ago on an episode of the Broken Projector podcast, Scott and Geoff discussed movies that became dated by the technology on display, particularly if that tech was integral to the plot. I could only think of them doing a follow-up piece while watching the new Red Band trailer for Sex Tape. The comedy, which stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a couple who accidentally share their three-hour personal porn with all their friends and family and bosses, is so filled with references to iPads, the Cloud, Siri and Macbooks that not only do I feel the whole thing was financed by Apple but that it resembles a landfill from 2017 — not necessarily a physical one but a garbage dump of culture. These are things that eventually will be outdated, and when that happens, this movie is going to resemble You’ve Got Mail. Only without the sweetness that is making that AOL commercial of a movie celebrated after 15 years (can you imagine a You’ve Got Mail Red Band trailer?). Sex Tape is, instead, a raunchy comedy with plenty of intercourse, cocaine usage, animal cruelty and I bet Segel’s balls wind up on screen at some point, too. It’s also about people with enough money to give out iPads as gifts to everyone they know — see, the way their sex tape is shared with everyone from grandma to Robs Corddry and Lowe (he’s Diaz’s boss) is that it’s uploaded to the Cloud and rained down […]



Now that Rob Lowe has broken the world’s hearts by announcing that he’s going to soon be stepping away from his regular role on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, he’s going to have to work awful hard to make up for the disappointment he’s made us all feel. In particular, he’s going to have to make up for it by taking lots of movie roles, and preferably in comedies, so he can continue to exercise that bulging laugh-making muscle he proved to us he had with his sitcom work. The good news on that front is that Lowe has already signed up for a post-Parks comedy. According to Deadline, art is going to imitate an unfortunate incident from the early part of Lowe’s life in the spotlight, as he’s agreed to appear in the new comedy from director Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard, Bad Teacher), Sex Tape.


cordrry hot tub

Two more actors have been announced for Jake Kasdan’s upcoming comedy Sex Tape, and with them come an unholy onslaught of cheap puns. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Corddry is in talks to join the cast, while The Wrap reports that Jack Black will be appearing in a cameo role. The film is, to the surprise of absolutely no one, about a sex tape. Specifically, it’s about a couple (Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz) who attempt to spice up their love life by filming one. Naturally, the tape goes missing, and so begins a frantic search to find it before it could fall into potentially embarrassing (or worse) hands. Corddry will play a friend of the couple’s who joins them on their quest, while Jack Black will play “the CEO of a major porn company.” The story doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on, but thankfully the cast does. Segel and Diaz with Kasdan directing — it’s the exact same lineup as Bad Teacher from two years ago. If you adored that, than chances are you’ll probably love Sex Tape. And if not, at least you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. The title states it pretty plainly. Sex Tape is expected to start production this fall.



What is Casting Couch? A handy way to keep up with what all of your favorite actors are going to be up to in the coming months and years. Does that make you a stalker? Today we’ve got word on who’s the latest name to join George Clooney in Brad Bird’s mysterious Tomorrowland. Few things in the world are funnier than Jack Black kicking Will Ferrell’s dog off of a bridge, that much is certain. But take the hilarious animal cruelty out of the equation and would these two A-list comedians still be able to produce laughs together? We’re about to find out, because THR is reporting that New Line is putting together a comedy called Tag, which has them attached as co-stars. The basic story of the film comes from a “Wall Street Journal” article about ten classmates from a Washington prep school, now all in their 40s, who get together one month out of the year to play an elaborate game of tag. This conceit, of course, is just the sort of manchild nonsense that these two should be able to knock out of the park, as long as they get a script everyone likes and the thing actually comes together.


Jason Segel

When the script for Sex Tape was first acquired by Sony in a deal that reportedly reached seven figures, there was talk that it already had three names attached. The story of a bored, suburban couple who make and then misplace a sex tape was said to be starring Jason Segel and Reese Witherspoon, and it was going to be directed by Nick Stoller. Well, various aspects of that report either didn’t work out or were never true in the first place, because people are talking about Sex Tape again, and only one of those names is still attached. THR reports that while Jason Segel is still on board to play the male lead, a deal with Stoller was never reached, and now Jake Kasdan has signed on to be the director. Witherspoon isn’t mentioned at all in this new report, and, as a matter of fact, they go as far as to say that the female lead hasn’t yet been cast, and Cameron Diaz is thought to be a front-runner for the role.


What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly movie news column that would like to be the first to welcome you to Earf… We begin tonight with news that will make all 4 of you die hard Roland Emmerich fans out there: Fox is looking to make two Independence Day sequels, with or without Will Smith. It feels like an outlandish rumor, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if it really came to fruition. Either way, we’ll all probably watch them, right?


Sex Tape is a script that Sony has their hands all over, thanks to screenwriter Kate Angelo. It must be something special, because in a world where people selling their spec scripts is becoming increasingly more rare, Angelo was able to unload this one for seven figures. It tells the story of a suburban couple whose increasingly boring lives lead to them ditching their kids for an evening and getting together to make a salacious sex tape. The trouble starts the next morning when they wake up from their post-debauchery coma and realize that the tape has gone missing. Thus begins a desperate search for the tape in hopes of staving off humiliation. Sony has been working on making this movie happen for a while now, and it seems like their efforts are about to pay off. They’re in negotiations with not only a director, but also a pair of actors to play the lead couple. The director is Nick Stoller, who helmed the hit comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall and co-wrote this year’s The Muppets. The actors are Jason Segel and Reese Witherspoon, which makes sense because Segel and Stoller have worked together numerous times before and Witherspoon is just the type of name that studios want to put in things. If Sony is able sign the trio, then I’m sure it will be only a matter of time before Sex Tape goes from spec script to comedy hit. But can we do something about that title? It’s kind of the […]


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see some group action with the Olsen twins and Will Arnett? Well, here’s your chance… sort of.

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