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Alex Cross director Rob Cohen has never been one what could label a “critical darling.” There are a few notable exceptions in Cohen’s filmography, like Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story or The Rat Pack, but even his most successful and well-liked blockbusters – xXx and The Fast and the Furious – didn’t get much love from the critical community. To Cohen, that doesn’t matter so much, especially if the audience eats it up. A bad review may hurt Cohen, as he compares it to someone calling your baby the ugliest baby of all, but it won’t ever match the power of having a mass audience enjoying one of his popcorn movies. Obviously Alex Cross, his latest film starring the box office overlord Tyler Perry, hasn’t been met with a kind response thus far. Considering who Cohen wisely cast in the lead, those reviews won’t matter much when he sees this weekend’s box-office receipts. Here’s what Rob Cohen had to say about crafting Alex Cross‘s bug-eyed villain, critics, his love for Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, and why Raiders of the Lost Ark wouldn’t get made today:


Seth MacFarlane

The lead up to last year’s Oscar ceremony wasn’t an easy one for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It started with their announcement that director Brett Ratner would be producing the show, with his Tower Heist star Eddie Murphy hosting. While most were interested enough in how Murphy would do in the hosting role, Ratner himself has built up a lot of hatred with the online press so there was much grumbling about how stupid his version of an awards show would look, and much celebrating when some off color comments got him fired from the job, leading to Murphy stepping down as host. The celebration didn’t last long, however, as the Academy ignored online campaigns to install Jim Henson’s felty creations, The Muppets, as hosts, and instead went with a tired old choice who we’ve all seen head the show a million times before in Billy Crystal. The criticisms that the Academy and the Oscars were old, out of touch, and unable to let go of past success poured in, and questions of how much longer the show would remain relevant were raised. Well, this year the Academy seems to have taken some of those criticisms to heart, because they’ve not only hired a fresh face to host the awards, they’ve hired the guy who directed probably the best-loved comedy of the summer, Ted, and is most famous for creating one of the raunchiest shows on television, Family Guy. In a press release sent out today, […]



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly collection of movie news and links that is quickly finding out that even though SXSW isn’t over, there is such a thing as an early SXSW hangover. A pre-hangover hangover, perhaps? We begin this evening with the coolest image of the day. Easily the coolest image of the day, from The Happytime Murders, a noir murder mystery set in a world where puppets are second class citizens. Henson Studios is putting the thing together, and there’s no end to my own personal excitement.



Seth McFarlane needs to run a tighter ship because details are starting to leak out about his upcoming feature film Ted. Flash Gordony details. Secret informants have told Flixist that Ted makes several references to the 1980 version of the intergalactic epic. They’ve even recreated one of the vehicles from that film and have gotten Sam J. Jones to sign on and make a cameo.  What does the 80s version of Flash Gordon have to do with a film about a Teddy Bear come to life? You’ve got me, but it sounds like this movie is going to have all sorts of crazy crap in it. For those uninitiated, Ted is the story of a young boy who wishes that his stuffed bear would come to life and be his friend for real. Though the wish is granted, the results are not what the kid expects. The boy grows up to be Mark Wahlberg, and the bear grows up to be still a living stuffed animal that just won’t go away. To make that situation sound even weirder, those anonymous tipsters have tipped that Ted also works in a convenience store. Filming was done recently on a scene where Ted takes a lady back into the storeroom and gives her the business end of his fluffy package. How the logistics of a stuffed bear working at a convenience store or sexing up a lady work out is a mystery to me, but then again this is a movie that has […]



It’s possible that Paul W.S. Anderson’s The Three Musketeers will be the smartest adaptation of the novel yet. This trailer doesn’t help the odds of that possibility. What it does show is plenty of fighting, some beautiful explosions, and Milla Jovovich awkwardly spinning with Shirley Temple curls in her hair. Hand-cranked flame thrower? Flying war ship? Buckled swash? These are all great things, and this trailer has them in spades and fleur de lis. Check it out:



The Family Guy creator’s funny looking upcoming comedy Ted just got funnier looking. Joining such names as Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Giovanni Ribisi will be the star of the much lauded and loved NBC sitcom Community, Joel McHale. You might also know him as the handsome yet goofy host of The Soup. Or maybe you’ve seen him touring around out on the standup circuit. Look, point is that Joel McHale has a lot of jobs. He’s a funny man. McHale joins the cast playing the unsavory boss of Kunis’ character. He reportedly spends much of the film making inappropriately forward come-ons to Kunis. And who among us could blame him? Usually when we see McHale on screen he is playing some version of likable, or at the very least he is a cad with a whole lot of charm. It will be interesting to see him really sleaze it up playing a character that sounds like a villain and see what kind of humor he can create with that. Being a member in good standing of the Church of McHale, I have faith that he will produce good things. And while I haven’t bothered to watch The Family Guy in years, the more I’m hearing about this raunchy teddy bear movie, the more I’m starting to think that it could be something good. I just wonder who’s running all of McFarlane’s hundreds of Fox cartoons while he’s away. Source: Deadline Greendale


Ribisi Ted

The film, called Ted, sounds interesting for a few reasons. Firstly, it will be the first live action work that we get to see from the main brain behind Family Guy, which has become a boundary pushing institution over the last ten years that people mention in the same breath as other edgy animation like The Simpsons and South Park. Secondly, it will be the first time we get to see McFarlane create in the R rated realm of raunch. Family Guy has done everything it can to push the boundaries of what is acceptable to its audience since its very inception, but it is still just a prime time network show when you boil things down. We’ve maybe not even scraped the surface of the depravity that might be lying hidden inside McFarlane’s mind. Also, Mila Kunis is reportedly attached to the project as well. Any movie that I hear pitched instantly gets at least twice as intriguing when you tell me Mila Kunis is going to be in it. The film centers on a man, played by Mark Wahlberg, who made a childhood wish that his teddy bear would come to life. Several decades later, when he’s well into adulthood, having a living, breathing teddy bear following him around everywhere isn’t as great as it seemed when he was 7. As a matter of fact, it gets pretty annoying. Especially when the bear, Ted, is a drinking, smoking lout. The bear itself will be stop motion and voiced […]



Seth McFarlane is finally making a move towards the big-screen. Sure he’s already appeared (in one way or another) in Hellboy 2 and The Tooth Fairy, but he’s now moving into a starring role. Or at least his voice is…



The folks at 20th Century Fox, along with series creator Seth McFarlane, think that a Family Guy movie would be awesome. Hmm… Where have we heard this before?


After years of doing Star Wars references on the hit animated FOX show Family Guy, the production team finally threw caution to the wind and did their own episode devoted exclusively to Star Wars.

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