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In my long-ish and varied history of attending childhood sleepovers (from birthday parties to random Saturday nights, hotly attended events to just hanging with my best friend), I somehow managed to avoid playing most of the creepy games that make up the “scary sleepover game” oeuvre. Most of them. I had to play once. It was horrible. It was Bloody Mary. I was ten. And it definitely instilled in me a vague but still life-long aversion to looking in mirrors in dark bathrooms. At the time, I definitely thought, this is a bad idea, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t participate. Guess what! It was a bad idea. Horror films that tap into that kind of stuff — that sort of personal connection — are usually the ones that scare us the very most, which is why I’m pretty excited that I never dabbled in Ouija board-playing, because Stiles White‘s upcoming Ouija (about a possibly murderous “spirit board”) could then have the power to send me screaming out into the night. As is, it just looks kind of scary to me (but if you played with a board as a kid, the film could effect you quite differently). But there sure are plenty of other scary sleepover games that could translate well enough to the big screen, leaving terrified teens in their wake. How many of these games have you played?


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The great pleasure of truly scary movies rests in the audience’s ability to digest and enjoy them, and then get as far away from them as possible once they leave the theater. (At least, that’s what I like best about scary movies, even if it does mean that I’ll spend large chucks of scary movie watching with my head tucked between my knees, simply as means of temporary reprieve.) Few types of films can be as invigorating and refreshing as a damn fine scary movie, so it’s fitting that the Film Society of Lincoln Center has just unveiled the lineup for their latest incarnation of the neatly-named “Scary Movies” screening series. The seventh in their annual series, the Film Society’s “Scary Movies” series is arriving just in time to capitalize on Halloween-themed thrills and chills. The series kicks off on Halloween night (October 31st, for those you who don’t celebrate any holidays, even the ones based on candy) and runs for a full week, winding down on November 7th, when its audience should be good and terrified until next year. This year’s lineup is packed with interesting premieres (U.S. and otherwise), very recognizable talent, and even a few revival screenings to keep classics-loving audience members very happy. The films of “Scary Movies 7” are also all very scary (with such a moniker, they better be), but surely, there has to be one that is the most scary of all. (Of course there is, and stop calling me Shirley). Based purely […]


This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, we speak with Paranormal Activity 3 star Lauren Bittner, get some minute-by-minute screenwriting tips from “Something Startling Happens: The 120 Story Beats Every Writer Should Know” author Todd Klick, and we present a very special interview with Mr. Orson Welles (as played by an inebriated Geoff LaTulippe). At least 2/3rds of the show is a great idea. The rest is a genius idea that just might burn down the internet. Download This Episode


Boiling Point

It’s October and that means one thing in Hollywood: not releasing horror movies. It’s become sort of a yearly tradition for me to bitch about the lack of horror movies released in the month of Halloween and so far, Hollywood hasn’t yet disappointed in disappointing me. People love Halloween, they love scary movies, and they love combining the two. During the month of October, more people than ever are interested in seeing scary flicks and having fun in a theater. You can look at positively mediocre movies, like most of the Saw franchise, Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies, and Paranormal Activity, that are released in October and make oodles of money — money they wouldn’t make at any other time. It’s sort of like when poker started appearing on television, everyone started buying poker sets. Poker movies started coming out. SyFy Channel and The Asylum make a living off of making rip-off movies that play around the release of huge movies, when people are most interested in that subject. If only there were a way to know when people would be interested in what…



The Halloween holiday is many things to many people. But for most of us, it is at least about watching some appropriately-themed movies. Now we’d like to know what your picks are…

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