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For some of us, it’s a yearly tradition to re-watch Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day. But this year could be the chance to get out of that loop. Not just because it’s also Super Bowl Sunday but because it might be time to check out any number of movies that have tried to repeat the magic of that 1993 Bill Murray comedy. Most failed miserably and aren’t really worth viewing except in order to see what some of these descendants look like. Groundhog Day has a decent legacy for the most part, including the importance put on its preservation by the Library of Congress and the National Film Registry. It also regularly places high on lists of the best comedies ever made. Its affect on other movies, though, has been pretty hit or miss. Some of the titles below are exact remakes, while others were likely not influenced at all by it and merely have similar ideas or situations. Groundhog Day, which was written by Danny Rubin with later script contribution from director Harold Ramis, isn’t based on anything directly, either, but there are likeminded stories and films that came before it, including a certain Oscar-nominated short from 1990, which was based on a sci-fi story from a magazine, from which the makers of Groundhog Day were accused of stealing. And maybe that’s where we should kick things off:


Alison Bechdel

All this week, Film School Rejects presents a daily dose of our favorite articles from the archive. Originally published in September 2011, Ashe Cantrell applies the simple, ever-relevant Bechdel Test to a number of high profile movies…  The Bechdel Test, if you’re not familiar with it, is a benchmark for movies developed by Alison Bechdel in 1985. For a movie to pass The Bechdel Test, it must contain just one thing – a scene in which two or more named female characters have a conversation (that is, back and forth dialogue) about anything at all besides men. Anything, even if it’s something stereotypically feminine, like shopping or shoes. It could be about dog poo. It doesn’t matter. Sounds simple, right? Then it might be kinda shocking to find out that out of 2,500 movies, only about half pass the test. And to be clear, passing doesn’t mean the movie’s good or bad. Failing the test doesn’t mean the movie’s evil or anti-woman, or that passing makes it some sort of strongly feminist movie. It’s just to get people thinking about gender and how it’s presented in film. In fact, the example Bechdel gave as a film that passed the test was Alien, simply because Ripley and Lambert have a brief conversation about the alien. (Let’s ignore the fact that the alien was a walking penis-monster, as this was before the Xenomorphs had established sexes – the Queens weren’t introduced until 1986’s Aliens.) But it’s still surprising to find out that some of the […]


Epic Movie Countdowns: Back to the Future

Yes that’s right – New Years just happened like, a week ago… counting down, people count down on New Years… that’s the point, and it’s as close as I can get to writing about something that relates to the holidays, and it’s way late. And while I first thought to do this because of the end of 2011, it actually turned out to be a fun list to think about. How do you judge the intensity of a ticking clock? It’s not always how close the characters came to zero – sometimes it’s about the process itself, getting to inevitability, fighting time. It’s rather like life, and the knowledge that being on this world is a sort of countdown. Every year is another tick of the clock, leading every one of us to the same inescapable conclusion. So uh… Happy New Year! …Here’s a list counting down countdowns.



This week’s Culture Warrior is getting its bunker ready for Y2K.

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