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The idea of the world’s biggest director tackling a film that would feature man vs robot action on a large scale was an exciting one to be sure, but some things just aren’t meant to be apparently. Get ready to taste some conspicuously salty robot tears. Steven Spielberg knows his way around a science fiction film, and no one would argue that he lacks action chops too, but according to the man himself (in a recent 60 Minutes interview) action films no longer appeal to him. That lack of interest may be at least part of the reason why Spielberg has announced that he’s stepping away from what was expected to be his next directorial effort… an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson‘s bestselling novel, “Robopocalypse.”


Ty Burrell

What is Casting Couch? The day’s casting news, all in one place, because you’re a very busy person. At this point we don’t know anything concrete about the secret project Brad Bird is directing over at Disney. It’s largely being developed under the code name 1952, but for a minute it was being called Tesla. It’s rumored to be a science fiction film involving aliens, but in what regard isn’t clear. It’s said that Disney is thinking of it as a major tentpole release, but why it would have such mass appeal is being kept under wraps. All we have is rumors. And the latest rumor for the pile, courtesy of Variety, is that The Facts of Life star George Clooney is currently negotiating to star. If this proves to be true and Bird lands Clooney, that would be a pretty big step toward making this the blockbuster sort of feature that Disney wants it to be. And, generally, what Disney wants, Disney gets.


Ben Whishaw

Another day, another bit of Robopocalypse potential casting. Variety is reporting that Steven Spielberg wants Ben Whishaw (I’m Not There, the new Q in Skyfall) to play a hacker called Lurker for the sci-fi flick. Normally, it would be hard to report on a wish list (because they represent casting that’s an inch and a mile away from the finalized deal), but there are two things here that make this unique. One, Whishaw is not on everyone’s wish list (even if he should be), and two, there’s a sentiment that Spielberg wanting something or someone means he’s going to get it or them. If Whishaw does take the role, he’ll undoubtedly nail it and make it look easy in the process. He’ll also be busy, because this project is next once Spielberg gets Lincoln into theaters. For now, it’s still only a possibility.


Anne Hathaway

Not only is the newly semi-untethered Tim Rothman going to produce Steven Spielberg‘s forthcoming Robopocalypse, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Anne Hathaway is in talks to play the lead role. She’d join Chris Hemsworth who has been in talks to star as well. The film is based on the book by Daniel H. Wilson in which a sentient computer named Archos launches small test attacks against humanity to check for weaknesses before descending into an all-out assault, pitting a small group of survivors and a “freeborn” robot to fight back. It seems likely that Hemsworth and Hathaway will play important figures in the revolt. There’s reasonable excitement with all these names involved (and the straight-ahead genre possibilities), but it’s really fantastic to have Drew Goddard (Cain in the Woods) writing the script. With all the pieces in place, the production is looking to release April 2014.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly thing about stuff, and whatnot. We begin this evening with the most entertaining image I found on the internet today, a mash-up know known as The Tardis DeLorean, it’s the ultimate time travel device. Probably bigger on the inside and definitely not in need of any roads. Come along, Marty!



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s just a nightly movie news column that has problems finding a place to park, just like the rest of you. We begin tonight with a stop at The Mary Sue, where images have been uncovered featuring Doctor Who‘s new companion, as played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. According to Steven Moffat: “Who [Coleman is] playing, how the Doctor meets her, and even where he finds her, are all part of one of the biggest mysteries the Time Lord ever encounters. Even by the Doctor’s standards, this isn’t your usual boy meets girl.” Fun.


X-Men First class (5)

Consider this a bit of serious Hollywood housekeeping after a long, boring holiday weekend. In quick succession, a bevy of release dates (some new, some moved) have been fired out of the Hollywood cannon and straight into Reject HQ eyeballs. Ouch, Hollywood, seriously, those are our eyes. After the break, check out a full round-up of today’s many (too many, really) release date shuffles and announcements, including dates for sequels to both Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men: First Class, along with a new date for Thor 2 and a big move for The Lone Ranger, all rounded out by some fun assorted dates, like so much Fun Size candy of the calendar.



There have been hushed whispers going around the Internet for a while that Warner Bros. was interested in getting Steven Spielberg to direct a movie about Moses called Gods and Kings. It’s apparently an epic movie that spans the whole life of Moses, from the slave freeing, to the plagues, to the ten commandments, to all of the rest, and it comes from a script by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine. It makes sense that Warners would be looking to Spielberg for a project like this for a couple reasons. Primarily, a film of this scope is going to need a huge budget, and that’s something Spielberg has a history of handling well and getting a return on. Also, Spielberg is a filmmaker who has a history of making projects that explore his Jewish heritage, and when he dealing with that sort of subject matter he ends up making movies as awesome as Schindler’s List and Munich; so who better than him to explore the life of Moses, one of the most badass Jews ever? Probably no one, so it’s good news for Warners that they are reportedly now in official talks with the legend to sign on to direct. According to Twitch, the talks between the two parties are “formal,” so take that as you will. Is that the difference between sitting down face to face in a boardroom instead of just chatting on the phone? Or does it just mean everyone is in fancy dress and slapping each […]



What is Movie News After Dark? For tonight, it’s simply a movie news column working on a very, very slow news day. So it has opted for fun instead of informative. It’s betting you won’t mind. We begin tonight with the thought of big, badass robots killing the whole of humanity in Robopocalypse, a film that director Steven Spielberg will now direct for July 3, 2013. Fox and Dreamworks were announced as the studios putting up the money today, which means that Daniel H. Wilson’s excellent book will finally get some big screen love. If done right, it could be massive.



What is Movie News After Dark? It hasn’t been around for an entire week, so to be honest it’s not really sure. It knows that its primary function is to collect movie news links, but then what? Is there some sort of witty commentary that must be placed before and after said links, or can it just dump the links below? In the haze following its ruckus celebration of America and the death of colonialism, it seems to have forgotten how to do this. Maybe its like riding a bike… with no hands… while holding sprinklers and drinking from a beer helmet… Lets hope so, because that’s all it knows how to do at the moment. Perhaps one of the most overlooked and delightful animated films of the last decade, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs has earned its place atop my Netflix Instant watch queue. I watch it what feels like weekly. And rightly so, as it’s a vibrant display of Sony Pictures Animation’s ability to carve out own unique place inside the shadows of Pixar and Dreamworks. So the fact that Cloudy is getting a sequel makes me happy. Time to go watch it again.



We live in cynical times, so it (at least seems) like a rare thing when a sequel doesn’t immediately follow a box office-ly successful movie. It’s even enough to cause a single tear when a filmmaker or producer says essentially what fans would say when it comes to the money grab. Cloverfield was a hit – the highest grossing movie of any January release when it came out. It propelled director Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams into the world of movies, so it seemed obvious that a sequel would start rolling immediately. It didn’t. And it may not ever. Matt Reeves can explain why, and it’s a statement that deserves applause.



From the title alone, it seems like a brilliant idea. Or at least an idea that will see some large-scale destruction at the cold, metal hands of old-people’s-medicine fueled machines. After Tin Tin and Warhorse hit screens a little over a year from now, Steven Spielberg will dive in to production on Robopocalypse, based on the forthcoming novel from Daniel H. Wilson. Spielberg was excited about the project from before the book was even finished – watching as the author turned in pages to his editor and to screenwriter Drew Goddard for screenwrite-ification. That begs the question: how is this robot movie different than any other? Like, say, Terminator or A.I. for example. [Deadline Mansfield]

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