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Kill The Expendabelles

The Expendabelles (or ExpendaBelles or ExPenDaBelles or whatever) is a bad idea. Not because a female-led action franchise is a bad idea — no, not that at all — but because the planned plot for the Robert Luketic feature film is so counter-productive to the concept of making an exciting, fresh and original lady-centric action film that it almost verges into parody territory (paritory, for fun). When we first learned what the ostensible Expendables spinoff would be about back in February, it took no time at all to rip it apart. What, you don’t remember? Let’s refresh. According to its official plotline, The Expendabelles is about what happens when: “America’s Navy SEALs are wiped out trying to penetrate the island lair of a deadly despot who has captured one of the world’s top nuclear scientists, [and] it becomes clear that there is no such thing as the right man for the job and that this is a mission so impossible that only women can handle it. The only way in: some of the world’s deadliest female operatives must pose as high-class call-girls shipped in by private plane to satisfy a dictator–and instead save the scientist and the day.” In short terms: fuck this.



Well, this is problematic. We’ve long been berated with rumors of an imminent female-centric spin on the popular Expendables franchise, the clunkily named The ExpendaBelles, but actual details on the project have been consistently slim. All we’ve really known has been neatly encapsulated in said title – it’s The Expendables but with ladies! – but now the film has both a director and a very distressing plotline to either A) recommend it or B) send potential audiences members running for the proverbial hills. For now, we’re checking off option B. Deadline reports that Robert Luketic has come on board to direct the feature, which makes the film sort of a perfect marriage of his directorial territory: bad action films (Paranoia, Killers) and projects that are aimed at women while also being insulting to them (Monster-in-Law, The Ugly Truth, Legally Blonde). The film will see Luketic reuniting with his Legally Blonde and The Ugly Truth screenwriters Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah, who previously penned both of those features, along with other (and notably more truly female-friendly) fare like She’s the Man (an underrated modern classic) and Ella Enchanted (which is sweet and funny and features a great Anne Hathaway singing performance). But beyond questionable creative talent, The ExpendaBelles has got plenty of other problems that make it sound like the exact opposite of an empowering female-led action outing.


Gerard Butler

You’d think the words “Gerard Butler” and “diamond heist flick” would spell out something fantastic, but in the case of Robert Luketic‘s Brilliant, they seem to signal something less than shiny. Butler has just replaced a previously in-negotiations Eric Bana to star in the film (and that’s already a black mark against it in my book, I’d much rather watch Bana on screen than Butler), which will be directed by his The Ugly Truth helmer. Yeah, that’s not good. Variety reports that Brilliant centers on “a small-time criminal who partners with a female thief to pull off a daring diamond heist.” While that’s certainly a fun premise, the closest that Luketic has come to a heist flick is 2008’s missed opportunity 21. And the film’s screenwriter will be of little help when it comes to crime expertise, as the film is writer Gillian Gorfil‘s first project.



Some pieces of news are just bound to cause eye-rolling and heavy sighs. I’m not going to pretend as if I am some huge Romancing the Stone fan and that every single one of my sensibilities and emotions are offended by this news, but that’s not really necessary, is it? This is the sort of news that will, most likely, not be met with an outpouring of glee. But this is not a new brand of news. The Romancing the Stone remake has been kicking around for years now, but without much of a push behind it. For awhile, Robert Luketic was attached to the film, and with him came the inevitable, a casting wish list that included Katherine Heigl (who Luketic has directed in two separate horror shows, The Ugly Truth and Killers). Though Luketic is now off the project, and Emma Watts and Fox are reportedly looking for “someone newish” to direct the film, Heigl is apparently still on the top of their wish lists to play the Joan Wilder role (played in the original by Kathleen Turner). And, somewhat bizarrely considering how different the two men are in terms of both age and star power, Watts and Fox have added Gerard Butler and Taylor Kitschto their “early wish list” to play Jack Colton (originally played by Michael Douglas). As The Playlist wisely points out, “this [is] all tremendously early, and possibly none of these names will make it through,” but these sorts of supposed “wish lists” show the […]



Whatever happened to director Robert Luketic? When he hit the scene with Legally Blonde, there was potential there. Then even after delivering Monster in Law, he made a comeback of sorts by showing more “potential” with 21. Now here we are, staring down the barrel of Killers, and things just aren’t getting any better.



In which we join forces with other websites to start the campaign for Joan Holloway, sexy mercenary in space…



It is likely that many of you only associate actor Gerard Butler with his role as King Leonidas in Zack Snyder’s 300. Which is a shame, because the guy can really act. As evidence by this new trailer for Robert Luketic’s The Ugly Truth.


21 galvanizes you from frame one and never lets go. It’s the most entertaining movie about Sin City in recent memory; right up there with Ocean’s Thirteen.


Leonidas and the ‘Knocked Up’ chick play silly relationship games…

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