Road Trip Movies

The Guilt Trip Trailer

They’ve been a staple of comedy for as long as people having been waxing comedically about their problems: overbearing Jewish mothers. They poke, they prod, they have a uniform misunderstanding of everything that’s happening in the modern world, and they’re generally able to get under your skin like no one else you’ve ever met. But still…they’re mom. Sounds like a guy being annoyed by and then eventually growing closer to his overbearing mother could make for a good movie, huh? Well, that’s what the writer and director of The Guilt Trip, Dan Fogelman and Anne Fletcher, are hoping, because they’ve made a movie whose entire narrative seems to consist of a cross-country trip taken by a mother and son team played by Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. So, how does it look? Not terrible. Certainly this is well-worn territory to anyone who’s seen more than a few minutes of stand-up comedy or watched more than a couple failed sitcom pilots, but the dialogue in this trailer appears to be amusing enough, and Streisand and Rogen both seem to be spot-on in their interpretations of the archetypical characters they’re playing. For Streisand fans especially, who haven’t been able to see her star in a movie that doesn’t have the word Fockers in the title for quite a while, this one should be a real treat.


Bruce Dern and Will Forte

Alexander Payne probably achieved his greatest level of success and recognition after casting a huge movie star, George Clooney, in his most recent film, The Descendants. Given the taste of mainstream acceptance that this director of pitch-black dramatic comedies got by working with a well-known name, you might think that he would be tempted to go back to the well and snag more big stars to play the father/son duo in his upcoming road movie, Nebraska. It seems like we should have been hearing rumors over the past few months that he was courting Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Douglas, or something of the like. Not Payne though, who seems to be wholly concerned with finding the right actors to fit the parts, and if a report from Deadline Benkelman is to be believed, he’s found an off-the-beaten-path duo that look on paper like they could make for a delightful pair. The report says that Payne has been meaning to make Nebraska his next film for quite some time, but he didn’t want to move things forward until he could find the right actor for the father role. For the longest time he was fixated on Gene Hackman, but that screen legend’s continued retirement made his casting an impossibility. Payne feels like he’s found his man now though, in Bruce Dern, and he also wants Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte to play the son.



It was just a couple days ago that we were talking about Clint Eastwood’s return to acting after an ill-advised brush with retirement. Because of a hole in his schedule he was looking to sign on to star in a film called Trouble With the Curve, which is about an aged baseball scout going on a road trip with his adult daughter. Now it’s looking like Eastwood taking the role is a done deal, because he and his producing partner Robert Lorenz are shopping around to find actresses for the role of the daughter. According to Twitch, the duo has locked in on Sandra Bullock, who they’re currently in negotiations to join the film. In my original report on this movie I said that I was a little disappointed that it would be about Eastwood taking a trip with a woman rather than taking a trip with an orangutan, and I have to say that the potential of Bullock being cast is making me lean even further toward that direction. I know that people must like her, she’s even won an award for acting, but I’m just not a fan. What say you? Can you see Bullock rising to the occasion and pulling off playing the fruit of Eastwood’s loins, or should they just do the right thing and go after Holly Hunter?



Clint Eastwood is, without argument, one of the biggest legends in Hollywood history. First as an actor and then as a director he has proven time and time again to be an invaluable treasure to the film world. I’m a little hit or miss on him as a director though. While he’s directed universally loved features like Unforgiven, he’s also directed movies that I don’t like, such as Million Dollar Baby. So, I’ve always preferred him as an actor. There is no movie that has ever been made worse by Clint Eastwood showing up to squint and growl in it. Because of that, I was pretty disappointed when Eastwood announced that Gran Torino would be the last film he ever appeared in as an actor. Gray skies are gonna clear up though. Eastwood was set to direct a movie called A Star is Born starring Beyonce Knowles, but since she’s gotten pregnant the project has been put in developmental limbo, leaving a hole in the 81-year-old screen veteran’s schedule. And since he’s a total badass that isn’t just going to stop working and rest for a couple months, Eastwood has decided to flirt with the idea of taking on another acting job. The Hollywood Reporter says that he’s in negotiations to star in a film called Trouble With the Curve about a baseball scout who goes on a road trip with his adult daughter. That doesn’t sound quite as good as movie about a baseball scout who goes on a […]


Unconventional Road Trip Movies

It’s a seminal element of the human experience. We grab a few friends, hop into the car that has the least chance of breaking down (but will end up breaking down anyway), and go off in search of that bottle of Dom we buried/that porn tape we accidentally made/Brad Pitt and the nearest cliff. It’s the road! The appeal of the freedom promised by the very founders of this fine country themselves. Fresh air, endless pavement, and the anticipation of leaving yourself open to new experiences in towns large and small alike. Will you end up having a fireworks fight in a graveyard? Will you fall in love with the girl behind the counter at Dairy Queen? Will you go skinny dipping as the Summer sun sets in a blaze of oranges, purples and pinks? Not in these films. In these road trippers, the situations are all a bit different. Buckle up and reset the odometer for 12 Unconventional Road Trip Movies.



Sometime within the next fifteen years, it’s possible that Seth Rogen may or may not embark on a road trip with Barbara Streisand and someone will film it. Yes, this is the highest level of accuracy and detail we can give you, but admit that you’re intrigued.



The comedy/drama starring Justin Timberlake and Jeff Bridges will actually see the light of day and the light of the projector late in the summer after wandering the indie wilderness for a year.


Sin Nombre

Sayra (Paulina Gaitan) is a teenage girl reuniting with her father to join him on a trek from Honduras to a dream life in the United States. Willy (Edgar Flores) is a member of Mara Salvatrucha, a ruthless Mexico City gang trying to escape.

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