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Although it would be awesome to see zombies literally fighting with the monsters of Monsters, Inc, the battle they’ll be engaged in is purely metaphorical and box office based. According to Aint It Cool, Paramount has pushed World War Z back from its slot in December 2012 to a summer date in 2013. Instead of hitting theaters a week after The Hobbit and a few days before Django Unchained and The Great Gatsby, the Brad Pitt-starring flick will open on June 13, 2013 against Pixar’s Monsters University. Does the move make sense? Sort of. The holiday season is crowded, and more important it’s crowded by the hairy feet and fast-talking Tarantino of movies that some might consider “Geek Properties.” Maybe there was no more room at the inn for the zombie epic. Or perhaps Paramount is punting – making a shrewd move to get the flick out from the pile and into a counter-programming position. At any rate, World War Z remains a movie that no one in the outside world is aware of. With no trailers, and no publicity, the average movie-goer in charge of boosting up ticket sales doesn’t even know they should be expecting it this holiday, so the move doesn’t change all that much. Plus, perhaps it will get them some time to launch some of those things you put on the television to let people know about your existence. Whatever those things are called.


Jack the Giant Killer

Remember that time when Jack the Giant Killer was scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of 2012? It was a simpler, happier time when the internet wasn’t imploding, you could go out dancing safely with your best girl, and strangers offering bizarre beans on the side of the road were foodie hipsters wanting people to try organic lentils. Not anymore. Now chaos reigns as Warners has pushed Bryan Singer’s forthcoming flick from a coveted in mid-June all the way to March 22, 2013. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rock of Ages has been shifted forward to fill the slot. In its original position, its only competition was the Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg movie Donny’s Kid. In its new slot, it faces the DreamWorks animated comedy The Croods, the Tom Hanks-starring Somali pirate movie Captain Phillips, and whatever else studios decide to toss there in the coming months. So what happened? Either confidence wasn’t high in the film in its current, crappy CGI form. Or, it’s a sideline casualty of the decision to pump the breaks on the David Dobkin project Arthur & Lancelot which was scheduled for March 15, 2013. Dobkin is also a producer on Jack. Removing it from the schedule left Warners with no movie to release in March at all. At any rate, it’s probably good that the film gets some more time to simmer because the trailer looked atrocious. Plus, if you don’t want to wait, you can always watch the original Jack the Giant Killer […]


review_we need to talk about kevin

There has been a lot of talk about We Need to Talk About Kevin. It’s divisively made its way through the festival circuit, even being kind enough to grace Fantastic Fest 2011 with its presence. After an Oscar qualifying run, it was all set to bow on January 27th in limited markets, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscilloscope is delivering it two weeks early. The film from Lynne Ramsay starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly will now hit New York on January 13th (up against a re-re-release of Beauty and the Beast 3D, The Iron Lady and foreign remake Contraband starring Mark Wahlberg) and Los Angeles January 20th (up against a dozen other movies). Oscilloscope head David Fenkel touts the critical strength of the movie and large reception during its qualifying run as the reason to get it in front of eyeballs sooner, but there’s also a shrewd move here to make the film capture the spotlight just before Oscar voting is completed. If it can expand the stir it’s already caused beyond the festival and critical circles, the move to change the release date might just pay off in statuettes.



Despite having a director, a script, and a huge chunk of its cast ready to go, Warner Bros’ upcoming re-re-boot of the Superman franchise is going to have to wait a while before it comes to theaters. Originally the film was scheduled to have a December 2012 release, but Warners has officially announced, while all eyes are on the San Diego Comic Con and comic properties in general, that they are pushing the film back six months to June 14, 2013. No reasons for the move are explicitly given, but there are a few that can be inferred. This is a project that has been rushed and in a bit of turmoil ever since its inception, largely due to copyright issues that Warners is having with the families of Superman’s creators. In order to hold on to the rights for this film, the studio has to have it in production by the end of 2012. That will still happen under the new plan, the film just won’t be released until 2013.



Apparently one of the tricks inside J.J. Abrams‘s mystery box (patent pending) was lying about the release date of his new movie. Paramount has been advertising Super 8 as hitting theaters on June 10th, but they’ve reached up into their sleeves to pull out an earlier release. Twenty-four whole hours earlier. You’ll have to head to the Super 8 Sneak Preview page to see if your city is on the list, and if not, then you’ll have to wait for that Midnight screening you were already planning anyway. Twitter is also involved somehow, but seems awfully bypass-able. From a marketing standpoint this makes perfect sense. Get the die-hards into theaters a day early and start the word of mouth buzz a full day early. People on the fence about seeing it so early might just be pushed into catching it earlier and spreading the word. That is, if it resonates with fans that strongly. But, from a fan’s perspective, it’s nothing but fantastic news for a highly anticipated flick that will be coming early.


Rise of the Smurfs

When news broke that the upcoming James Franco doing battle with super-smart monkeys movie Rise of the Apes was being bumped up from a Thanksgiving release to a release on August 5th, it was a bittersweet moment for me. On the one hand it seemed like a fall movie being bumped up to a summer release meant the studio must see a lot of potential in it. On the other hand, with Rise of the Apes coming out on August 5th, I would now have to choose between seeing that or The Smurfs on that sweltering August weekend. You’ve heard of The Smurfs, right? The movie that had the most mind blowing trailer that we’ve ever seen? Well the good news is that Krom is not a cruel God, because he has seen to it that we shall have both our monkey fighting and our 80s nostalgia gone wrong. The cries of the people have been heard and Deadline Smurfville reports that The Smurfs has been bumped a week forward to July 29th. That’s just one day after my birthday, so I am going to choose to believe that Sony reads my news updates and has made this move as a present to me. All I can say is, thanks Sony, thanks a smurfing lot.



Fox has decided audiences might want a big slab of ape for Thanksgiving. This, of course, is correct. Plus, besides giving every household a delicious ape for its holiday meal, IGN reports that the studio will release Rise of the Apes in theaters on November 23rd. That’s a big shift. It was originally supposed to see a release in June. To save it from the super hero overcrowding, Fox has sent it home for the holidays. Taking its summer slot (on June 17th) is Mr. Popper’s Penquins which might do well as a family friendly film in the middle of the fanboy fare. The last shift is Now – the thriller featuring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried – is shifting from late September to October 28th. Apes now faces off against The Muppets (foolishly), Penguins will battle against The Green Lantern, and Now now hits theaters with Dibbuk Box.


One Day Movie

Lone Scherfig proved to be a directorial talent with An Education, and, according to Variety, she’ll be tested even harder this time around as her film One Day goes up against Kevin James falling down with the help of talking animals (The Zookeeper), and Katherine Heigl falling in love without the help of talking animals (One For the Money) when it sees its release on July 8th. The movie, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, tells the story of two friends who spend the night of their college graduation together. The focus returns to that day year after year – sometimes seeing the friends together, sometimes seeing them apart. Of course, the true competition comes from being sandwiched in between Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II, but it’s inspired counter-programming for an audience that might not want to see giant robots, zoo creatures voiced by actors or teenage wizards.



Normally a move like this could signal an upcoming bomb, but this might actually be good news for audiences and for Youth In Revolt.


If there’s one thing that sets my britches on fire it’s movies that fail to meet their proposed deadline.

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