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Movie 43 Trailer

It’s been a really long time since a sketch anthology movie got released in theaters. I’m not some sort of human trivia machine, so I don’t know exactly how long, but let’s just say that it’s been quite a while since somebody showed somebody else their VHS copy of Kentucky Fried Movie in a college dorm room. The people at Relativity Media are making a big play at bringing the form back though, by recruiting an army of funny filmmakers and a legion of talented actors to put together a new sketch comedy anthology called Movie 43. Who do they have directing segments of this thing? People like Bob Odenkirk, James Gunn, Elizabeth Banks, Peter Farrelly, and tons others. Who’s starring? People like Halle Berry, Anna Faris, Richard Gere, Emma Stone, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman, and many more than can be typed without having your fingers cramp up. This movie cast Gerard Butler as its leprechaun, so you know it’s star-studded.


Nature Calls

Whether he’s taking a stand against KFC bowls in his standup act, lampooning sports-obsessed weirdos in Big Fan, or snarkily dismissing small town group think in Young Adult, Patton Oswalt has firmly established himself as being one of the preeminent critics of modern culture. Nature Calls keeps that momentum going by casting him as a man in an epic struggle against the rampant douchebaggery running wild in our youth. The basic story is this: Oswalt plays a Boy Scout troop leader frustrated with the modern generation’s lack of interest in things like going outside and not staring at a screen all day. Johnny Knoxville plays his brother, the sort of manic idiot whose idea of being a role model is loading kids full of sugar and showing them bum fights on Youtube. This impasse of ideals leads to Oswalt kidnapping a crew of rambunctious children and forcing them to spend time out in the woods doing the sorts of things that men do. An epic manhunt and “Lord of the Flies” shenanigans soon follow.


The To Do List

A movie about Aubrey Plaza giving out hand jobs, under any other name, would be just as sweet. So it’s with great anticipation that we’ve been awaiting Funny or Die vet Maggie Carey’s debut directorial effort The To Do List. The good news is, today that wait got a little bit easier, because not only has CBS Films released a red band trailer for the film, but they’ve also revealed that it will be this Valentine’s Day (February 14) when we finally get to take in this story of a virginal nerd who tries to systematically experience all the sex acts she missed out on in high school before entering college. So, based on this first teaser, does it look like The To Do List will live up to the lofty expectations that its premise creates? Maybe. Honestly, it looks a little low rent, like we’re looking at a trailer for a series of web short rather than a feature film, and while there are some amusing moments in this 90 seconds of clips, there aren’t really any of the big belly laughs that one would expect from a raunchy comedy.


Bachelorette Movie 2012

Not only did last year’s Kristen Wiig-starring vehicle Bridesmaids become a surprise success at the box office, it also became something of a cultural hot button, starting debates all over media and the web about whether or not women could be as funny as men, or, more specifically, if they could get away with delivering material as dirty as the stuff in most comedies made by dudes. If Bridesmaids was the first experiment towards proving that they can, then Bachelorette is cranking things up a notch and further testing the limits. While Bridemaids featured some good-natured raunch and family-friendly poop jokes, Bachelorette appears to be downright salacious in how sans morals its main character are. By having a very similar plot and a very similar comedic style to Bridesmaids, just one year after that film was released, Bachelorette is all but setting itself up to be called a lame ripoff. But, if its new red band trailer is any indication, it’s still going to be hilarious anyway. That’s maybe not so surprising when your movie is starring funny ladies like Isla Fischer, Lizzie Kaplan, and Rebel Wilson, but – holy crap – Kirsten Dunst even seems like she’s knocking her lines out of the park. Who knew that she had comedic timing? Add in Adam Scott and James Marsden for all your man-crush needs, and Bachelorette has the cast that won’t quit.



The first trailer for That’s My Boy showed us what would have happened if a pubescent Adam Sandler had become a father. The results…well, they looked a lot like an Adam Sandler movie. But at least it seemed like Sandler was finally going back to his raunchy roots and not giving us something as saccharine and lame as his most recent works (though I’m certain That’s My Boy’s third act will segue into Sandler’s trademark sentimentality). Well, the marketing team behind the film is back, and this time they’ve given us a red band trailer that provides us with an even better idea of the depths of depravity Sandler is willing to reach with his latest endeavor. The material here is certainly dirtier than what we got the first time around, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be any funnier. Sandler’s silly voices, sexual references, and slapstick humor feel like relics of the ’90s at this point, and dressing it all up with a bunch of F-bombs only goes so far toward making you forget how many years ago it was that we all first listened to “Fatty McGee” and laughed at the foul-mouthed crudity. At this point, Sandler’s best chance at continued relevance is likely to come from acting in other people’s films, rather than putting these lackluster – though I’m sure more profitable for him personally – Happy Madison movies together.



If you’ve seen any of the other trailers for Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy, The Dictator, then you already know what it’s all about. It mocks the absurdity of modern dictatorships, the ignorance of American jingoism, the douchiness of New York hipsters – and somehow it seems like it’s still going to tell a riches to rags story of personal growth and redemption. But to really get an idea of how far Cohen is going to be willing to go with his comedy, you have to take a look at the film’s newest red band trailer…


The Devil Inside

When the theatrical trailer was released for Paramount’s upcoming horror movie The Devil Inside, I responded to it by groaning and putting my face in my hands. There wasn’t anything in the footage that made this film look any different from the one million exorcism movies or the one thousand found footage horror movies that are already out there. Was this project really necessary? Well, the new red band trailer hints that though it might not be necessary, The Devil Inside might still be pretty fun. No, there isn’t anything revolutionary going on here that’s going to separate this film from the rest of the pack in your mind, but it’s starting to look like this one goes a few steps further than the rest of the recent exorcism films as far as big time spectacle, creepy effects work, and offensive content goes. This time around we get extended bone-crunching gymnastics, camera-splattering vaginal blood, lots of action, and a bit with a baby that’s bound to give you the willies.



There has been a lot of talk about the sexual content in Steve McQueen’s upcoming drama about sexual addiction and bratty little sisters, Shame. How explicit does it get? Exactly how many seconds is Michael Fassbender’s wang on screen? What gets glossed over a lot, however, is that Shame has been stuck with an NC-17 rating not because it shows too many boobs and butts, but because of how dirty, creepy, and downright…well, shameful watching this movie is going to make you feel. This is a no frills, brutally honest look at sexual compulsion, and the explicit content it contains is much more likely to repulse than it is to titillate. There is nothing healthy about the way Shame portrays human sexuality. You wouldn’t know that from the newest red band trailer for the movie though. What we get here is an isolated scene from the film, where Fassbender’s character eyeball humps a redhead on the subway. His wolflike leering and her suggestive thigh shuffling are interrupted by brief bursts of images from all of the dirty, dirty sex that Fassbender has over the course of the film, and the effect of watching it all cut together is rather… well, exciting. Make no mistake, this trailer paints Shame as being a much more pleasingly erotic experience than it really is, and is in some ways misleading.

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