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Hollywood has loved franchises and sequels for quite a while now. But it’s seemed like ever since pre-planned trilogies like the Star Wars prequels and the Lord of the Rings movies were successful, the industry has been in sequel overdrive. Probably the peak of this success came when Marvel was able to weave all of their individual properties together in order to team them up and make about a billion and a half dollars with The Avengers. That was some good franchising. Making sequels and setting up franchises hasn’t always worked out so great though. Sometimes studios will keep churning out movies long after every drop of creative juice has been drained from a franchise (Pirates of the Caribbean), just because international audiences are likely to line up for a brand name they recognize. And sometimes something that shouldn’t be turned into a movie at all gets adapted anyway (Battleship), just because it’s got a name that the public might already recognize, and that could mean franchise potential. Heck, sometimes movies that didn’t even do that well get sequels (Percy Jackson), because the studio thinks that once the name gets out there in the culture, audiences will be more likely to line up at the theater for the second go-around. A couple of movies that were planned to be entries in big franchises just got delayed and possibly even cancelled right at the same time though, so we could be seeing the first signs that the studios’ over-reliance on sequels […]


Ninja Turtles

Remember that reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes was making? The one that was just called Ninja Turtles and that spawned a bunch of fan debate when it was said it would re-write the turtles’ origins to make them aliens? Well, if you came down in the camp of those who were dreading a possible bastardization of your beloved childhood icons, the latest developments surrounding the film’s production might have you breathing a sigh of relief. Despite the fact that the film has already done quite a bit of pre-production for its planned shoot in Vancouver, THR is reporting that work has stopped on set and the film’s release date has been moved from December 2013 to May 2014. How long has work on the project been delayed? Some sources are saying ten weeks, but some are saying that they’ve heard the production’s hiatus will be “indefinite.”



When Bryan Singer’s first X-Men came out, pretty predictably Wolverine became the breakout character of the film. Wolverine has been the most popular X-Man for decades now, and even though it had some other flaws, since that first film nailed the writing and casting of the Wolverine character so well, it was bound to be a success. Two X-Men sequels later and the Wolverine lovefest was still ongoing, so the character ended up getting his own spinoff movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That movie was such a conceptual mess and creative failure that I didn’t imagine I’d ever want to see another go around of Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in this X-Men universe again. It started out good, but then you ran it into the ground. Let’s all move on. But then the impossible was announced. Darren Aronofsky would be making a sequel called The Wolverine, it would have little to nothing to do with X-Men: Origins, it would be set in Japan, and it would very closely follow the first Wolverine in Japan limited series from the comics. Holy heck, I desperately wanted to see a Wolverine movie again. Unfortunately, over the course of the development of this film, everything that initially excited me about it has been systematically stripped away from the concept. First the director, the man whose name got me excited about this movie in the first place, dropped out of the film because he couldn’t spend so much time shooting in Japan. That was a devastating […]



More giant f–king robots are coming to the big screen, they are just running a little bit behind thanks to a few little finger boo-boos.

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