Canada is a scary place. I know that may be hard to believe given its reputation south of the border, but it’s true. At least since the mid-1970s something about the Great White North has inspired its citizens to go forth and make horror films. Good ones at that. Derek Lee and Cliff Prowse’s Afflicted, one of our 13 Best Horror Films of 2013, is only the most recent to hit American theaters. It won’t be alone, either, as Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy continues to unsettle and confuse audiences in its third week. The glut of terrifying entertainment from Canada begs some sort of explanation. Obviously there’s more to the nation than the stereotype of the apologetic, self-effacing peacenik but the Maple Terror phenomenon is now large enough to merit some light-hearted analysis. Let’s start with Margaret Atwood. Back in 1972 she published a book of literary theory called “Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature.” Her idea was that the principle theme of Canadian culture is the battle with the wilderness, the fight to survive the snow and the cold. The protagonists in Canadian fiction are often in “victim positions,” a representation of a communally held fear of nature. Canadian literary criticism has mostly moved on from Atwood’s book, as has the writer herself, but there’s something very useful about this idea. No one is more victimized than the hero of a horror film. Is there something inherently Canadian about the genre, something that has inspired generations of filmmakers to terrorize their characters? Maybe! […]



Ah yes. It’s that time of the year, folks. The only month where it’s slightly less mean to jump out at a child while wearing a clown mask. The vandal’s holiday… cretin Christmas. It really is a special time for all of us horror movie fans. So let’s light some candles, get our favorite Misfits album out and start this party. They say that nothing can ever outdo the imagination – something that is most evident when it comes to terror and death. It’s not what you see that scares you – it’s what you don’t. It’s why we fear the dark. So while gore is great fun, it’s nothing compared to something merely implied.



Rob Hunter loves movies. And as a test to see if anyone actually reads these intros he’s hidden a contest within the post. One lucky winner will win a brand new copy of A&E’s 3-disc set of The Sherlock Holmes Collection starring Peter Cushing. It collects the five surviving episodes of the 1960’s BBC series, and fans of the great detective will not be disappointed.



Goddamn I’m sick of making lists. Thankfully this is the last one of the year for me, and even better it’s the one I find most important.



FSR chats with the ‘Pontypool’ director about his unique, extremely entertaining zombie movie, currently in limited release and available for purchase in living rooms nationwide through IFC On Demand.



Run to see ‘Pontypool,’ the other horror movie out this weekend. It’s as intelligent and exciting as the best the genre has to offer and it can be seen in theaters in select cities, and on IFC On Demand.



Day one here at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival is behind us here in Austin and upon rising from our drunken — off of the Drafthouse milkshakes, of course — states, we are ready to give you a feel for what is happening here on the ground in the capital of Texas.



It’s been said that there’s no such thing as an original idea. Variations on the plots perhaps, but the basic tales have all been told. And that’s true, but those variations can sometimes make it seem like you’re watching something completely fresh and utterly original. Which brings us to Pontypool.



We’ll have reviews on these and other films from SXSW when FSR invades Austin March13th through the 21st!

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published: 01.27.2015
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