Peter Dinklage and Adam Sandler in Pixels

One of our favorite documentaries of all time here at FSR, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters debuted back in January 2007 at the Slamdance Film Festival. Before it even released in theaters that August it had become an enormous cult sensation, particularly with people who aren’t normally into nonfiction films. Also before it even opened, director Seth Gordon was recruited by New Line (who also distributed the doc) to remake the feature, presumably to share the goofy story of rival arcade game champions with a much broader audience that wouldn’t ever, ever watch a doc, no matter how entertaining. It’s totally unnecessary, and those doc-despisers don’t deserve this story if that’s how they’re gonna be, but that’s Hollywood for you. As with most plans to redo docs as dramatic or “narrative” films, though, this one has been taking its sweet time — and doesn’t seem like it’ll ever really happen. Gordon was given other offers from New Line in the meantime to direct other big Hollywood movies such as Four Christmases, and he’s since been attached to a bazillion other projects. Yet over the years, he’s consistently confirmed that a King of Kong remake is still going forward, with minor details revealed that it could actually be more like a sequel and that it will be shot mockumentary style. And according to IMDbPro, following a couple years of unknown status, the project is now listed back in the script stage as of April 21st. But the more we see of Adam Sandler‘s upcoming […]


Adam Sandler and Kevin James

Are you ready for some shocking news that’s about to blast you out of your damn seat? Hang on to the edge of your desk, chumps, because it’s about to get postively mind blowing up in here. Adam Sandler — get this — is starring in a new movie with  — you’re not going to even guess this one, don’t even try — Kevin James. Still with me? I know it might take awhile to sink in. But the good news is that what they’re teaming up for is pretty exciting. The Happy Madison venture is called Pixels, an adaptation of a beloved short film by writer-director Patrick Jean in which famous 1980s video game characters come to life and wreak havoc on New York City. The now big-budgeted comedy is taking the small-scaled story and amping it up into something along the veins of Ghostbusters, reportedly — and with King of Kong director Seth Gordon on board for the production, there’s plenty of video game expertise in the room to help expand the film as far as it needs to go.


The Best Short Films

Why Watch? Here’s one for the video game lovers. A giant glob of pixels escapes from a television Samara-style and attacks the city in creative ways. From Space Invaders turning taxis into cubists piles of waste to Pac-Man chomping his way down the subway, the concept here is clever and the execution is peerless (although it’s got a Pes-feel about it). This may be the best end of the world scenario ever conceived. What Will It Cost? Just 2 minutes of your time. Does it get better any better than that? Check out Pixels for yourself:



In early April, we wrote about a very cool short film called Pixels, a cool NES-style sci-fi thriller. Today, we have news that it might become a feature film. Adam Sandler is involved. We’re not sure how to feel about that.



If there’s something truly wonderful about the dawn of the internet, it’s the sharing of unique experiences that would otherwise be lost in a sea of nothingness. This becomes most apparent when someone extremely creative makes a wonderful short and distributes it online. Such is the case with Pixels, a vibrant and fun little short from a French group called One More Production.

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