The 3D reboot of Piranha from 2010 was one of my favorite movies of that year. And I don’t usually much like horror stuff, especially winky, self-aware horror parody: that means they did something very right. So word of a followup should have been great news. But as soon as Piranha 3DD was announced as re-teaming the creative team behind the Project Greenlight winning horror film Feast rather than re-teaming the creative team that already worked so well together on a Piranha movie, director Alexandre Aja and writers Pete Goldfinger & Josh Stolberg, I was dubious. The next hint that this movie wasn’t going to turn out so great came in October, when Piranha 3DD was scrapped from having its planned November 2011 release and was instead marked with the ominous “sometime in 2012” release date instead. It was starting to look like the writing was on the wall, that Dimension didn’t have much faith in the film and that it was now residing in limbo, probably until an eventual straight to home video release. Well, it looks like the next step toward making that doomed future a reality has happened. It’s looking like the UK has now become the first market to scrap a theatrical release plan for Piranha 3DD in favor of dumping it onto disc. According to the British Video Association website, March 19th is the day it will happen. Unless this is a mistake by the BVA site, this means that not very many people will […]



Welcome to another light week of DVD releases! It may appear lacking in quantity, but it does feature the film that might be winning the Academy Award for Best Film in a couple months. No, not Piranha. David Fincher’s The Social Network reaches shelves just three and a half months after hitting theaters, and in addition to being an incredibly good movie it’s also the closest I’ve ever been to Facebook. Other titles out this week include a fantastic French romantic comedy (Heartbreaker), an animated flick nobody saw (Alpha and Omega), three TV shows you’ve probably never heard of before, and more.



Swarming into theaters this weekend, Piranha 3D looks poised to chomp through the competition and make a mouthful of money. In a summer that has been lacking in the fun department, this flashy remake looks to turn the ridiculous level to eleven, the boobie-meter to overdrive, and the kill count to 87. In many ways, Piranha 3D achieved exactly what it set out to do: make an R-Rated horror movie full of blood and boobs. While many, including our own Neil Miller, have found something to love in the movie, I found myself strangely disappointed. When a film gives you everything it promised, what can you hold against it? Well, a weak story and a complete lack of resolution.



Welcome back to Junkfood Cinema: if you’re calling to complain about the noise, it’s just our hearts exploding. If this internet movie column were any healthier, you’d need a chainsaw and a daytime talkshow host to get it out of its house. Each week I throw refined tastes to the wind and rip the world wide web a new schlock hole. I will dissect one terrible movie every Friday to prove scientifically that it is in fact a terrible movie. But since science is mostly boo-hockey, I also spend more time than allowed by law singing the film’s dubious praises and pinpointing exactly why it holds a special place in my almost completely clogged heart. Speaking of clogged hearts, I will also pair each film with a disgustingly delicious snack food item in the hopes that your bodies may suffer as much as your brains; both from watching the film and being forced to read my writing. In honor of the remake being released today, that I totally did not see at midnight even though I totally did, I thought it pertinent to dive into one of my favoritest bad films of all time: Piranha. The plot? Genetically altered piranha eat people…screaming…credits.



Join us each week as Rob Hunter takes a look at new DVD releases and gives his highly unqualified opinion as to which titles are worth BUYing, which are better off as RENTals, and which should be AVOIDed at all costs. And remember, these listings and category placements are meant as informational conversation starters only. But you can still tell Hunter how wrong he is in the comment section below. This week sees new releases from the Roger Corman Cult Classics line (Humanoids From the Deep and Piranha), an absolutely brilliant French crime drama (A Prophet), the latest from Roman “Oui, dans le cul” Polanski (The Ghost Writer), a hot Bangle (The AllNighter), a pint-sized crime fighter (Kick-Ass) and more! See all of this week’s relevant DVD releases after the jump…



We get a lot of press releases for upcoming DVDs and Blu-rays here at FSR, as does every movie site with more than a handful of readers (a criteria we only just passed last week), and we basically ignore the vast majority of them. Sure sometimes it’s because reading is hard, but it’s usually because most of these announcements are pretty damn boring. The movies are expected releases, the extra features are slight and generic,and they’re just not worth the virtual ink it would take to report. But once in a while we get word of something special. Maybe it’s a movie long overdue for a remastered DVD or Blu-ray debut. Maybe it’s a fun flick arriving loaded with extras we never would have expected. Or maybe it’s just an awesome feeling to find you’re not alone in your love for a forgotten genre classic. It seems more and more these days that the label behind many of the releases that excite us is the one with the exclamation point… Shout! Factory that is. They’ve long been a fine purveyor of pop culture, but their recent foray into the world of Roger Corman has earned them a place in our hearts (and wallets) for the foreseeable future. Over fifty Corman-produced titles are being released to Blu-ray and/or DVD, many for the first time, and all with the extra care and attention we’ve come to expect from a label staffed by movie-lovers. Titles released so far include Rock ‘n’ Roll High […]



With the “too violent for Comic Con” 3D reimagining coming our way this August from the (mostly) awesome Alexandre Aja, you bet your bottom dollar there is a brand spanking new edition of the original available to purchase. From our friends at Shout! Factory, who are doing a kick ass job releasing plenty of cult classics, the 1978 Joe Dante helmed Piranha is coming to shelves near you soon. While this release isn’t as completely packed with new features as the Death Race disc was, it’s still probably the most complete release you’ll ever see for this film. This is the paragraph where I often give a bit of plot information about the film, so here goes: it is literally Jaws but with piranhas instead of a shark and a guy in a flannel shirt instead of Roy Scheider.



There are few things in life I enjoy more than a horror movie filled with ridiculous kills, outrageous monsters, and utterly gratuitous and indefensible amounts of nudity. Naturally, I’ve long been a fan of the late night master Roger Corman, a Horror Hall of Famer responsible for writing, directing, or producing some of the most amazing movies ever to reach the screen. Now, I don’t necessarily mean amazing as in “good” but rather “amazing” as in you will feel amazement. Maybe from the plot. Maybe from the dialog. But when you watch a Corman flick, you definitely feel amazed by what you’re watching. Youngsters that many of you in the digital age, you may be unfamiliar with the bulk of the 389 films Roger Corman produced, but that’s all about to change. The fine folks over at Shout! Factory, in a bit of brilliance that has answered at least three of my prayers, are presenting the Roger Corman Cult Classic Collection.


Horror film maker Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes remake) is currently directing a remake of Joe Dante’s 1978 Piranha, and the news is that this chomping romp will be presented in glorious 3D.

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published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015

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