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A murder mystery, a sci-fi action movie, a family drama = Tom Cruise… in the future! Why We Love It There’s been a lot of shameful Phillip K. Dick adaptations. From John Woo’s comically bad Paycheck to the just plain bad Next, Dick’s prolific work does not always receive the best of treatments. However, Stephen Spielberg delivered one of those best treatments. In the vein of Blade Runner and Total Recall, I have no doubt that Minority Report will be regarded as a classic one day.



Updated: First Alien, now Blade Runner. Deadline NeoTokyo is reporting that Ridley Scott has signed on to direct and produce a new Blade Runner film, although it remains unclear whether it will be a remake, a sequel, a prequel, or a wacky romantic comedy that happens to have the same name as is being called a “follow-up” to his sci-fi stunner. With so little information, except the big bombshell, speculation is easy to come by, but there are certainly a host of pros and cons here. The cons are the usual obvious complaints, and as for the pros, the clearest one is that it’s another opportunity for Scott to head back into that world that’s so loved. In a smaller way, it’s also a chance (like with Total Recall) to do a clearer, more direct take on Phillip K. Dick‘s work (even though that probably won’t happen). Here’s the full press release from Alcon Entertainment, and even more speculation:



But which one of them will have a human growing out of their stomach? Collider is confirming that Kate Beckinsale is officially signed for Total Recall as Colin Farrell’s character’s wife. The more cynical of the world might believe that it’s simply because her husband Len Wiseman is directing that she got the part, but it might also have to do with her being incredibly attractive and outstanding in roles like this. Plus, with the production starting next week, they’ve secured Jessica Biel to play a woman that Farrell’s character meets in the “spy world.” As if that weren’t enough to get the blood flowing, The Hollywood Reporter is announcing Bill Nighy will be re-teaming with Wiseman and Beckinsale to play Quatto – the leader of an underground resistance. To play catch up, this incarnation of the Phillip K. Dick story will never make it to Mars. Instead, it will focus more on Quaid (Farrell), a factory worker who believes he is spying for one of the two major world governments. From the sound of it, Wiseman and company might be making it more along the lines of a confusing mystery thriller – so more Minority Report than, you know, Total Recall. This cast is strong, and sticking closer to Dick might make this re-adaptation one actually worth making.



Alcon Entertainment has announced that they are in final negotiations to acquire the rights to the world of Blade Runner and elements from the short story that inspired the film, Phillip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” With these rights they could make any number of sequels, prequels, or spinoffs of the 1982 classic. I can hear groans in the back of the room already, but one thing that Alcon producers would not be allowed to do is the dreaded straight remake, and as a matter of fact company co-founder Broderick Johnson says, “we never would want to remake it”. I’m not sure if he can be trusted though, if I were ever to write a screenplay for some sort of college comedy I would probably name the jerk head of the jock fraternity Broderick Johnson. He may be setting us all up for one big cinematic wedgie. But taken at face value, all of the quotes coming out of the Alcon camp are saying all of the right things. They seem to be focusing less on the marketing potential of a potential franchise and more on the storytelling potential of Blade Runner’s rich mythology. Co-founder Andrew Kosove explained to 24 Frames, “The risk is not just getting a movie made but coming up with a story that really justifies coming back to one of the great science-fiction stories.”



An attraction inspired by director Michel Gondry’s film Be Kind Rewind started at Paris’ Centre Pompidou yesterday, and Gondry himself was on the scene to help kick things off. The attraction is a filmmaking workshop called L’Usine de film amateurs that allows groups of people to sign up and create their own amateur movies from scratch, just like the Jack Black and Mos Def characters from the film. The process, from conception to wrapping, takes three hours, you leave with a DVD copy of your film, and it’s all free. If I were in Paris I would go do this for sure, and if you’re going to be there any time between now and March 13th you could do just that. The coolness of the workshop wasn’t the big news that came out of Gondry’s appearance, however. While there he announced that he is to begin work on a film adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick novel “Ubik.” Anybody who has done any studying of Science Fiction literature knows something about Dick, but for those unfamiliar with this particular book, here is the synopsis from



As Columbia Pictures moves ahead with its Total Recall Remake, it looks like the production has narrowed down its options to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, by law, it also means that one of these lucky men will be the future governor of California. That short list includes Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hardy (who weigh as much as Arnie did combined). Frankly, they are all fine actors, and any one of them would do a great job in what promises to be a reality-bending thriller. In fact, it’s difficult to know what truly separates these men when it comes to talent. That’s a good thing, because whoever sees their eyes bulge out of their head in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere will be facing the hurdle of screenwriter Kurt Wimmer (who most recently had the decidedly uncomplex Salt and Law Abiding Citizen see screens) and the directorial mediocrity of Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld: Evolution). [THR]



I know, I know. There’s a hilarious joke to be made about memory when it comes to this movie being remade. But I refuse to come off my high horse to make it. Mostly because riding a baked horse seems dangerous in the first place.

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