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In casting news that really makes you think about the significance of life on this big blue rock hurtling through space we call our world, Morgan Freeman has signed on for a “juicy role” in Seth MacFarlane‘s much-anticipated sequel to Ted, according to Variety. The aptly named Ted 2 will again be scripted and directed by MacFarlane, who will also return to voice the pesky little teddy bear with the loudest mouth. The details of the plot are scarce for the time being, but Freeman was apparently sought for his role — which makes sense, because if you’re going to attempt to go big you might as well go all the way to the top and fight for someone like Freeman. MacFarlane has been searching for high-profile celebrities to nail down supporting roles and cameos (still uncasted) to join the film and step out of their comfort zone for some gross-out humor and casual conversation with a talking teddy bear. What’s clear at this point is that the actor will play an “iconic” civil rights lawyer who steps into the mix when Ted lands himself in some legal trouble that needs to be resolved. To accompany Freeman, several members of the original cast will return, including Mark Wahlberg and frequent MacFarlane collaborator Patrick Warburton. The former starred as Ted’s best friend and partner in crime, John, who wished for the toy to come to life when he was a child and had the wish fulfilled during a particularly generous falling star. 



The Venture Bros. has been on Adult Swim for over 10 years now. Despite that considerable amount of airtime, there’s only been five seasons with a total of 63 episodes. The amount of detail put into the show by its creators, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, is partially why fans had to wait so long for a fifth season. Hammer and Publick aren’t ones to write an episode and have it completed in a week’s time, a la South Park, so a full season of The Venture Bros. takes 13-14 months to complete. Season five went through a transition with new behind-the-scenes workings and with the duo at a new studio, but the show and its miserable characters remained the same. The Venture brothers & Co. have been through some transitions over the years as well, and speaking with Hammer and Publick, they wanted to make sure it was an emotional one, embracing their more sentimental side. If you want to hear what else they had to say about the show and its recently concluded fifth season, continue onward:



Summertime at the cinema is most commonly associated with big budget action and adventure movies, and this summer is no exception. But amidst the bombastic blockbusters there are also a few big name comedies to look forward to including Dark Shadows, That’s My Boy and Neighborhood Watch. One of the most anticipated though just might be Seth MacFarlane’s feature directorial debut, Ted. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg as John, a man whose best friend is a walking and talking teddy bear named Ted. The furry beast originally came to life during tough times in John’s childhood, and now the pair are roommates. Others can see and hear Ted too, and when John starts to get serious with a cute girl (Mila Kunis) his relationship with the bear begins to complicate the romance. Check out the red-band trailer below.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a sad Doctor Who fan tonight, that’s for sure. With the premiere of a new season less than a week away, tragedy has struck. We must press on, but we must also remember fondly Elisabeth Sladen. There will also be a slew of interesting news, but first, some sadness… Elisabeth Sladen — best known as Sarah Jane Smith of Doctor Who fame — has passed away this week at the age of 63. For those who are not familiar with her work, she was one of the most famous companions in the long history of Who. She was the show’s heart and soul for a time, and reprised the character many times over the course of 38 years. That’s one hell of a run. She will be missed.


Andy Samberg at the Space Chimps Premiere

Space Chimps has the unfortunate space of being sandwiched into a weekend that has both Mamma Mia, and a little known indie film called The Dark Knight opening. But that didn’t stop Andy Samberg, voice of main chimp Ham, from cracking wise throughout the press junket.


Space Chimps

It didn’t take seeing it with my kids to get all giddy about the ideas of well-spoken chimpanzees in space suits. But anyone going to this film needs to realize that this is what has to appeal to you for you to enjoy it.


The answer to the question in the title above is most likely “no”, but for the sake of drawing you in and getting you to read an article about animated chimps who fly around in space, I had to go there.


Jerry Seinfeld is known for his comedic presence and, of course, that show about nothing. He hasn’t done much to entertain an audience since the afore mentioned show about nothing, but set his hopes high with his newest endeavor.

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