Blomkamp and Copley

Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium may have received lukewarm reviews from critics and its box office performance this past weekend wasn’t ideal (even if it did end up on top), but even with a mixed reception, Elysium is proof of one indisputable fact: Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley are a perfect pair. Copley’s performances have been far and away the best aspects of both Elysium and their previous collaboration, District 9. Sony and MRC must feel the same way, because the two studios are joining forces to finance the next Blomkamp/Copley team-up. Titled Chappie, the pic will be a comedy, showcasing a lighter side of science fiction where (presumably) fewer people will be liquified by futuristic explosives. Along with the film’s studio backing, an official synopsis for Chappie has also been released: “Chappie tells the story of a robot imbued with artificial intelligence who is stolen by two local gangsters who want to use him for their own nefarious purposes.” Copley will voice the titular robot, while Ninja and Yolandi Visser will also star. Two members of the rap-rave group Die Antwoord will be playing the robot-thieving gangsters.



In the midst of the Cold War a Norwegian diplomat, Arne Treholt, was convicted of treason against his country for selling secrets to the Soviet Union in the early ’80s. This is true. Not necessarily that he sold secrets as his conviction and twenty year prison term suggests, but just that he was convicted.

In 1992, after serving 8 years of his prison term, Treholt was released and to this day continues to plead his innocence regarding any treasonous activity. This is true.

In 2010, Norwegian filmmaker Thomas Malling made a film depicting the events precisely as they played out back in the 1980s in which Treholt was in fact the leader of a professionally trained black-ops group of ultra-human ninjas. This is true. Not necessarily that Treholt was a ninja mastermind, just that Malling made a film about Treholt being one.



After an unplanned week off, I am indeed back with another edition of This Week in Blu-ray. In this edition, we’ll take a look at great movies for the kid inside of us, of both the classic and contemporary variety. We’ll also have a go at some movies with questionable releases — films that deserved better — and at least one movie in which the world is destroyed. So bring your Wolfgang Petersons and I’ll bring my Roland Emmerichs, and we’ll have a party.


NINJA - 076

First Look Studios has provided Film School Rejects with an exclusive first look at the Ninja, in the form of this awesome fight scene that takes place in the rain. This Scott Adkins-led film appears to kick some serious ass, if this clip is to be believed. And it is. We checked. It really did come from the film.



Sit right down folks and prepare yourself for some badass ninja action — the likes of which you haven’t seen in a long while. That is, unless you went and saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine last weekend.



If you don’t know Scott Adkins by name right now, after X-Men Origins Wolverine you’ll at least know him as that guy who has awesome spin kicks.



I ran into this report of an Annual Ninja Parade that takes place in Modesto, California. Apparently thousands of people gather every year to “not see the ninjas”.


Some trailers are of the “Must-See” variety, some are of the “Officially Cool” variety and then some are in a category all their own.

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