The Recruit

Things are about to go haywire at Division. Because the worst recruit of the bunch has just been activated for her first mission ahead of the rest of her much more capable class. But things seem all too well for Nikita and Alex who think there’s much more to this mission than meets the eye. At the same time, another recruit will be graduating from trainee status, but his new position is far from what he envisioned. This will send the recruit on a rampage with only one foreseeable outcome for the survival of Division, and Alex is the one who’ll have to make an impossible choice. But things are not as they seem at the secret HQ.



It’s evaluation day at Division and Alex is tasked with interrogating a terrorist who has recently been brought in by the higher ups. But things take an unexpected turn when the prisoner gives Alex the scare of her life. But that’s only the beginning of the worst day of her spy career when the convoy she’s in is attacked and she’s taken hostage. Now she’s all alone, or so she thinks. At the same time, Nikita is trying to convince Owen that she’s on his side. But the waters will only become rippled with waves of emotion when Owen drops a bomb shell on Nikita of the worst kind.


The Guardian

It’s time to board the Nikita train once again. This time it’s not Nikita Percy is after, rather it’s a Division agent who has something that is very valuable to him and could lead to the ultimate downfall of Division itself. But things go awry when the operative ends a bank heist he’s caught up in, in a very violent way. Now all of Montreal and Division is out looking for him. This of course gets the attention of our sexy heroine. Alex will also get caught up in her own troubles after she’s caught breaking into Percy’s office by a fellow trainee. Could this be the end of Nikita’s mole within in Division?



While attempting to run interference at Division, Alex has a nervous breakdown and a panic attack during a training exercise and is pulled out active service until Amanda can diagnose the problem, but the results will prove to be much more deceptive than either Alex or Amanda had ever imagined. Nikita will also return to the site of her first mission, and in turn will discover something that even Michael won’t be able to come to terms with. We’ll also finally learn some of Nikita’s origins during her time with the corrupt agency that has vowed to destroy.


With premiere week over I’ve compiled a list of the week’s top premieres from each night. The winner of each night is based upon the quality of the writing, the shows entertainment value and if it’s a new series, the shows sustainability. This year had some extremely heavy hitters and some of the best performances we have seen on the small screen. So without further ado, here are the winners of the FSR Fall 2010 Watch List (please note that this list only applies to shows that started before or during the week of September 19th). Sunday: Boardwalk Empire In what should come as no surprise, Boardwalk Empire was top dog on Sunday. I’m not big into period pieces which is why I really never got into Mad Men, but Scorsese has made me fall in love with the 20’s and Atlantic City. Steve Buscemi is a great lead and a guy I can’t wait to watch every week. If only Scorsese could direct every episode and not just the pilot.


When a l0cal online reported gets the story of her career, Division will stop at nothing to keep her from breaking it. Enter Nikita who saves the reporter, Jill from her Division captors. But Nikita has much bigger plans, she intends to get the video they are after and leak it herself, with Jill’s help. At the same time, Division comes to the realization that Nikita’s source of intel might be coming from their offices after all. Now everyone is on the edge as Alex begins to lose her cool. But things end up taking a turn no one expects.



Welcome back, it’s time for the longest day of the week. That pivotal day before Friday when everything gets simple. Thursday is also a great night for television, and this year is no different. Actually, this year is probably the most jam packed night of the week on the small screen. Everything from cops to vampires to college to dead people to spys to India, this Thursday has it all. So go grab that 16oz beer from the fridge and some fresh AAA batteries for the DVR remote because here comes Part V of the FSR Fall 2010 Watch List!



When a Russian exile is released from prison, Division offers him protection and power that he could only dream of in exchange for the weapons grade Uranium he stashed before he was locked away. But the first thing on his mind is a girl. So to avoid a security breach, Division sends Alex in on her first mission, with Nikita not too far behind. But things take an unexpected turn when the Russian is kidnapped. Now it’s up to the combined efforts of Nikita and Division to find the Russian before the location of the Uranium is revealed… and Nikita’s plans for Alex are brought to light.



Nikita is the newest adaptation of the now infamous 1990 French action film (La Femme Nikita) directed by Luc Besson. From producer McG and star Maggie Q as the title character Nikita, the show follows a woman who has begun a vendetta against her former government employer, Division. And she’ll stop at nothing to take them down for good. And Division will also stop at nothing to see Nikita dead and buried six feet under.  At the same time, Division has brought on a brand new recruit. But there’s much more to the newbie than any of them initially realized. And so begins the brand new series, Nikita

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published: 01.27.2015
published: 01.27.2015
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published: 01.27.2015

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