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The Proposition

Like refreshing your bank statement on the first Friday morning of the month or watching the last bit of whip cream being added to your milkshake, the beginning of the year offers a brief moment for anticipation to take control of our feelings. We stop, reflect on the prior year’s stumbles and triumphs, and then turn to the sparkly potential for a new cinematic year to thrill us. We want the stuff that looks good to be great and the stuff that looks lousy to pleasantly surprise, and all of that is possible today because the lights haven’t dimmed in the theater just yet. We’ll suffer some disappointments, and more than a few movies that seem terrible will prove just how bad they can be, but with so many films coming out, the sheer amount of amazing work out there is enough to overwhelm the dung pile. Or at least enough to tip the scales to the side of the angels. Which is why we’ve chosen 52 as the number to look forward to with each annual exploration of potential. It’s as arbitrary as a top ten or twenty or one hundred, but it at least represents the hope (on average) that we’ll have one great movie per week to enjoy. For 2015, we had to do more whittling down than normal, which hopefully means that the Law of Large Numbers has our back this January to December. Eleven FSR staffers offered a total of 97 movies for the list, votes […]


Birdman Movie

Hopefully you got all of your exercising in last month because October is determined to plant your ass in a theater seat for days on end. It’s our entry point into what we lovingly know as “Awards Season,” but there’s plenty here beyond prestige pics. The variety is commendable, from movies that have no business seeing a podium to slick future contenders to films too good for Oscar. Let’s look for the movies with the most potential to be great. We can even look for Ben Affleck’s missing wife while we’re at it.


RIPD how they fared

Our new annual tradition of looking ahead at the upcoming year in film continued last week with our 52 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014, and the results are unsurprisingly varied. Of course we’re excited for new releases from Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, and Paul Thomas Anderson, but some of us (inexplicably) are also looking forward to the Robocop reboot. Democracy in action. We anticipate movies based on differing criteria, with some film fans excited by the talent involved, both in front of and behind the camera, and others more interested in the story, genre, or mere idea behind a project. Contrary to some opinions (and my Robocop joke above), we walk into every movie hoping for the best, but anticipation is no guarantee that our hopes will pay off with a great or even a good movie. So how did our 52 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013 fare? For starters, eight of them still have yet to be released…


2014 most anticipated movies

The #1 and #2 most anticipated movies that emerged from our staff nomination process this year are, taken as a pair, indicative of the site’s philosophy as a whole. We’ve always worked to promote an environment where it’s okay to love both Psycho and Sound of Music, where going from the multiplex to the art house is normal, where no genre or scale are left out of conversation. In other words, we like both kinds of music: country and western. It’s not like the top choices this year offer a twist ending or anything. Both are brimming with the potential to be excellent, so it’s unlikely that you’ll throw up your arms in disgust or anything. However, the full list itself might elicit some strong reactions — particularly because it reflects a growing need to look outside of studio pictures to fill a spandex-lined void. There’s franchise love here because the big stuff is still able to light our fire, but the number of smaller, more intimate films is growing against a monolithic tide. On that front, what you might notice most of all is what big-buzz blockbusters didn’t make the cut. As usual, we’ve chosen 52 because it represents the optimism that there will be at least one great movie, on average, per week. Some we’ve watched and are excited to see launch from the festival circuit, others have the right combination of concept and collaborators. At the very least, we offer this as a guide for filling your […]


Most Anticipated Movies 2013

Just yesterday, a friend of mine posted a message to her unborn child on Facebook, saying that if the little bugger came a week before the due date and ruined her chance to see Star Trek Into Darkness, there would be consequences. That’s dedication. It’s also the kind of excitement we just can’t keep bottled when we look at the upcoming slate of potential greatness lying ahead. Every year, after shoving the last 365 days into every taxonomy possible, we like to look optimistically toward the future — stretching our gaze to the fresh hope of a new cinema season where there is at least one movie a week to look forward to. At least statistically speaking. There’s nothing we can do about that one week in September where all the crap gets unloaded. But more than that, this list of 52 most anticipated movies represents the mindset of Film School Rejects itself. We’re a site where you can love The Avengers and Amour with equal passion, where we celebrate popcorn and cultural vegetables alike, where our staff parties involve a lot of friendly yelling. After tallying the Reject ballots this year, it was clear that we’re all ready to laugh as the world burns and be submerged in big-budget sci-fi. Go grab your calendar. The numbers have been weighed and measured. Here are the films we’re most wanting in 2013:


Reject Radio

In our first show of the 2012 season, we set off the filmmaking fireworks by finding out why Innkeepers director Ti West doesn’t believe in spooks, and by talking to indie icon Ed Burns about the twitter revolution, his $9,000 budget, and his new must-see movie Newlyweds. Plus, Neil Miller stops by to dangle the hope and potential of 2012’s most anticipated movies over our noses. Will he say the movie you’re thinking of and validate his opinion to you, or will he neglect it, making everything he says in the future suspect? Be prepared to find out a metric ton about movies and their makers, because it’s our third season, and we’re only getting started. Download This Episode

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published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015

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