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What is Casting Couch? It’s a tireless wanderer that scours the Internet in search for news of actors getting hired to appear in movies. Today it’s found more, including new roles for Rhys Ifans and Monica Bellucci. With his latest film, Frances Ha, just getting ready to expand beyond New York and LA this weekend, director Noah Baumbach now turns his attention to his next project, a story about an older couple striking up a friendship with a younger couple called While We’re Young. Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts have been on board to play the older couple, and Girls star Adam Driver is official for the younger male, but the search for the female half of the younger couple has been an ongoing process. It’s an ongoing process that’s likely to soon come to an end though, because The Wrap is reporting that Amanda Seyfried has emerged as the potential candidate to play the free-spirited young lass, and she’s even cleared some room in her schedule to make it happen. Sounds like it’s nearly a done deal.


Empires of the Deep trailer

Who’s been waiting all their lives to see a mash up of The Little Mermaid and Flash Gordon? All of us right? Or at least that’s what the makers of Empires of the Deep seem to be banking on with their undersea epic three years in the making. Per Twitch, this story of waterlogged lovers caught between feuding factions in an underwater kingdom has been in various stages of production since 2009 when Chinese real estate mogul and multi-millionaire Jon Jiang wrote the script and went looking for talent. He found it in star Monica Bellucci, but she quickly bailed. He found it in producer Irvin Kershner, but he came to his senses. He dropped the talent requirement and found director Pitof, but even he passed. It’s really time to sit down and rethink things when the director of Catwoman says “no thanks” to your script. But Jiang persevered and somehow nabbed a single recognizable name to anchor his cast and crew of otherwise unknowns. Olga Kurylenko joined director Michael French and the CGI charlatans wizards at E-Imagine Studio, and we now have our first real glimpse of the result. Check out the epic-ish trailer for Empires of the Deep below and see what $130m can buy when you have no goddamn clue what you’re doing.



As many fellow conflicted yet faithful Netflix subscribers know, last week marked the beginning of the separation of Instant and disc-only memberships. I had been trying to whittle down my streaming queue for a few months, but we all know that is a nearly impossible task with that devilish recommendation list appearing every time you go to the site’s homepage. Suffice it to say, my queue had actually grown since the announcement, making the budgeting decision for me. One of the films at the top of my queue was 2010’s long-awaited gay love story I love You Phillip Morris starring the forever not-sexy Jim Carrey and the always delicious Ewan McGregor as two convicts head-over-heels in love with each other. I could spend an entire column writing about this rapid, surprisingly honest and tender romance sprinkled with deception and humor, however my greatest take away from this man on man sexiness was the unexpectedly hot chemistry (and subsequent love scenes) between Carrey and McGregor.



You don’t need to know anything other than that inside this post are hot pictures of Monica Bellucci.



The folks at Disney know that in order to get intelligent guys to go out and see another Nic Cage movie, it is going to take some heat. Enter Monica Bellucci.


Last week, Esquire magazine announced that it has named Charlize Theron as the Sexiest Woman Alive. While we think Charlize is definitely sexy, we don’t necessarily agree with the whole sexiest alive business.


One of the films that came storming out of Comic-Con was Shoot Em’ Up, an all out assault type of flick in which Clive Owen shows off his MacGyver skills and Paul Giammatti goes way over the top as a vicious psychopath. Caught in the middle is the always alluring Monica Bellucci — a vixen that has been coursing through my mind ever since Mal¨na. She was also quite hot in The Matrix.

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