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Update: Paramount has confirmed that Christopher McQuarrie will direct Mission: Impossible 5. Producer/star Tom Cruise said, “Chris is an extraordinary filmmaker who will deliver the heart-pounding action and thrills that audiences around the world have come to expect from the Mission: Impossible franchise.” It took 12 years for director Christopher McQuarrie to follow up his divisive 2000 debut, The Way of the Gun, with a sophomore effort, but it’s looking like we’re not going to have to wait nearly as long between his second film and his third. That second film, Jack Reacher, didn’t look like a sure thing by any means. It had a generic title that wasn’t likely to capture the imaginations of casual audiences, it defied fans of its source material by casting minuscule pretty boy Tom Cruise in the role of the protagonist, who was traditionally viewed as being a hulking lump of a man, and it was being brought to us by a director who had only made one small action film that only managed to amass a small, cult fandom. Despite any unease audiences had going in, however, Jack Reacher proved to be a really entertaining action movie, and an entertaining Tom Cruise-starring action movie to boot. So as soon as it came out and didn’t get savaged by audiences and critics, rumors started flying around that Paramount was looking to put him on the next installment of their most valuable Cruise-led franchise, the Mission: Impossible series. Well, it’s looking like those rumors weren’t […]


Drew Pearce

Fun fact: if you write a Mission: Impossible screenplay, it doesn’t have to be on self-destructing paper. That may seem counter-intuitive, which is why David Koepp wrote 4 drafts of the 1996 film that all exploded before he could deliver them to Brian De Palma, but you can use totally normal printer stock. That’ll be good information for Drew Pearce to have because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the writer with credits for Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim will be tackling Mission: Impossible 5. Pearce first caught Marvel’s eye with his cult series No Heroics, which featured superheroes in a sit-com setting. Now, while Iron Man 3 is on its way to making all the money and a healthy bit of the critical love, Pearce is leveraging his new position smartly. The interesting thing here is that, as we reported earlier, Christopher McQuarrie is rumored to be in the mix for the directing gig. That means after collaborating with writer-turned-director Shane Black on Iron Man 3, Pearce very well might work with writer-turned-director McQuarrie for another franchise sequel. And then? Pearce himself is all set to become a writer-turned-director, prepping an original story that he plans to helm. Mission: Impossible 5 will attempt to film this fall, which means it could repeat Ghost Protocol‘s release by dropping in December of 2014. Don’t be too surprised if that happens because they’re moving quick on this one.


news mission impossible 5

File this announcement under “Duh.” While it’s been rumored since Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol banked nearly $700 million worldwide it’s only just become official that Tom Cruise will be returning for a fifth impossible mission. You’d think by this point the IMF would simply accept that the missions being given to Ethan Hunt are actually possible after all, but I’m no secret agent so what do I know. Details as to who will direct, write and co-star are still probably months away (at least), but it’s confirmed that Cruise will produce alongside J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot shingle. Brad Bird directed the fourth installment to the series’ greatest heights, but the rumor mill has Christopher McQuarrie on tap to helm the latest.


Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

It must feel pretty good to be Christopher McQuarrie right now. The writer/director has Jack Reacher coming out in a month’s time, which is hopefully as cool as the footage we’ve seen, but that’s not the only reason McQuarrie must be pleased with himself. With the big promotional push for a risky Christmas Day release, Paramount is putting a lot of confidence into McQuarrie’s movie. Now, with news of the Usual Suspects writer in line to helm Mission: Impossible 5, the studio clearly wants to stay in the McQuarrie business. And good for him. Ever since The Way of the Gun, he’s been stuck in director’s jail, or at least it seemed that way. His excellent, overlooked directorial debut was critically divisive and far from a box office hit. His lack of directorial work doesn’t mean he hasn’t been keeping busy, though. Over the past few years he’s struck a good working relationship with Tom Cruise, and after Jack Reacher, it’s apparently gotten better.



What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly column about movies and television and things that are said about movies and television. Sometimes it’s full of news. Sometimes it’s weird. It’s always worth reading. We begin tonight with a fact that should be well known to readers of this column. If not, you’re not paying attention, and you should feel shame. I enjoy reading the work of Pajiba’s Joanna Robinson more than I enjoy reading my own work. Which is a lot to say, as I find myself to be downright brilliant. That said, the supremely talented Ms. Robinson has written a list all about 5 Kickass Female Characters You Wouldn’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley — including Thor‘s Sif, as played by Jaimie Alexander and seen above. The only problem is that I want to meet all of these women in a dark alley. But not in a combative manner. Unless they’re into that sort of thing. What can I say? I’m flexible.


Best Action Movies of 2011: Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

The interesting thing about the Mission: Impossible franchise is that, more than any other blockbuster franchise out there, it has been a showcase for its directors. Though they all star the Tom Cruise-played character of Ethan Hunt, the first few Mission: Impossible movies tell very contained stories, and rely very little on what came before them. And when you think back to each movie and what makes them stand out in your mind, whether you picture the kinetic action of John Woo or the lens flares of J.J. Abrams, it’s that the style of their directors was so prominently on display. That’s been a fun exercise so far, but one that may be called into question soon. The big news of the day, as far as Mission: Impossible is concerned, is that a fourth sequel has been confirmed as being in the planning stages. According to a THR report, when asked at a shareholder’s meeting whether there were “any plans to develop an additional sequel,” Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman replied, “Oh, yes.”


Nick Fury The Avenger

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly movie news column desperate in its search for the insanely cool links of the day. It will also take movie related news, things about Community and Doctor Who, as well as, on occasion, updates on The Dark Knight Rises. Although after last night’s entry, it’s not sure there is any TDKR news left to report. We begin tonight with some incredibly cool animated work from an artist named Otis Frampton. On his Deviant Art page, found via Popped Culture, he envisions what a Battlestar Galactica animated series would look like. I would watch this show, and not just because I’m a die hard BSG fan, either.

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