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Let In Your Eyes be a lesson that not absolutely everything that Joss Whedon touches turns to gold, even the things the beloved filmmaker and character creator writes with his own hands. Although Whedon has recently found himself some big time blockbuster cred and some serious mainstream appeal – his The Avengers is one of the highest grossing films of all time, so that’s pretty mainstream – the screenwriter and director first earned his devoted fanbase with a bevy of more clever, character-driven television shows earlier in his career. That attention to character development, personal relationships, and big ideas is evident in Brin Hill’s directorial debut, which Whedon penned, but the rest of the film willfully and completely squanders its positive attributes. A supernatural romance with roots in the real world, In Your Eyes’ singular and ambitious idea – what would happen if you could literally see through another person’s eyes? – is taken in a number of clichéd and flawed directions, and the film eventually devolves from intriguing to embarrassing.


In Your Eyes at Tribeca

Joss Whedon was a busy man with The Avengers. But in between the writing and the shooting and the wrangling of a real, live Hulk (I’m assuming that was the real Hulk, right?), he also shot Much Ado About Nothing on his days off. Apparently Much Ado wasn’t enough, because Whedon actually had a third project in the works at the same time. In the early months of 2012, Whedon’s screenplay for In Your Eyes was being shot in New Hampshire. Not by Whedon, mind you, but by Brin Hill – and before you say, “Who?” Hill is known mostly for writing the competitive b-boy flick Battle of the Year. Somehow, Whedon found a way to oversee the production anyway, even if it was just through a tenuous psychic connection. Which, conveniently enough, is the very same plot device at the center of In Your Eyes. Starring Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) and Michael Stahl-David (the lead in Cloverfield), it’s a love story touched by a vague kind of movie mysticism. Kazan and Stahl-David fall in love despite the fact that they’ve never met and live on opposite sides of the country. Somehow, a metaphysical, psychic-ish connection is to blame. The film premieres this Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Entertainment Weekly has shared the first three minutes in case you won’t be in NYC but would still like to take a look. And why wouldn’t you?


love and air sex

It’s time to declare a moratorium on the tired rom-com stock character dichotomy. For too long, movies both independent and mainstream have relied on leads that fall into one of two types. The first is the average joe, the guy/gal who is grounded, hesitant in matters romantic, and often quietly artistic. These are usually, though not always, the protagonists of their stories. The average joe is supposed to be pleasant and relatable, but instead they are boring and too muted to possess any discernible personality. The other type is the partier, the spontaneous, fun-loving, and sex-driven dude/lady. You’ll mostly see them in supporting roles. The partier theoretically provides enjoyable comic relief to the proceedings, but instead they are obnoxious, their every overdone quip grating on the soul. Love and Air Sex pushes this trend to its breaking point, featuring a pair of the boring and a pair of the obnoxious at the core of its supposedly romantic plot. Cathy (Ashley Bell) and Stan (Michael Stahl-David) are the boring ones. They are defined chiefly by their aspirations (Cathy wants to be a doctor, Stan a screenwriter) and the fact that they are In Love (TM). Why they are in love is unclear – the film’s first sequence shows their first date, then fast-forwards through a whirlwind romance right up until it’s broken by their inability to maintain a long-distance relationship. They both move away from their hometown of Austin in pursuit of their goals, Stan to LA and Cathy to New […]


In Your Eyes

If you just go by the plot synopsis and cast list, In Your Eyes sounds like an indie sci-fi romance that might be good, might be bad, but will probably come and go without getting much fanfare. But when you look at the writing credits, suddenly it looks like a film that’s probably going to get a lot of attention. This one is coming from a script by Joss Whedon, a man who’s not only already a genre deity, but who is also poised to direct a film that’s likely to break a bunch of records and dominate the cultural milieu come this summer, The Avengers. Yeah, it’s only a matter of time before Whedon becomes a big damn deal, so chances are this movie will be getting a lot more attention than it would have otherwise. This info all comes from an article posted by Deadline Canton, who also have the scoop that Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan have been cast as the romantic leads. Stahl-David will be playing Dylan, a guy who just finished serving time in jail in New Mexico because he took the fall for a robbery when he wouldn’t rat out the rest of his partners. Kazan will play Rebecca, the now-standard Whedon character of the attractive girl who’s also a little skinny and awkward. She’s married to an older doctor and living in Connecticut.


Despite the various technological limitations that might have negatively impacted my first run with Clover, the friendly monster that absolutely impales Manhattan, I cannot say that this DVD is anything less than a must-have.


So we are in New York City, and the date is 1-18-08. You know what that means right? Yes, Cloverfield comes out today…but more than that. It means that last night was Rob’s Surprise Going Away Party thrown by Myspace.


Since before it even had a name, we’ve been talking about Cloverfield. Now get a look at another photo from the upcoming monster flick.

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