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Kyra Sedgwick

What is Casting Couch? Today, it’s welcoming TV’s Kyra Sedgwick back to the big screen. In recent years, Kyra Sedgwick has had a cushy gig going as the lead of TNT’s The Closer, but now that the series is coming to an end, it’s time for her to get back out there and score some gigs in the film world; and a report from Variety suggests that this is just what she’s doing. The latest feature that she’s signed up for comes from first-time feature director but long-time Terrence Malick collaborator Batan Silva, and it’s an indie sci-fi flick called Rays of Light. Word has it that Sedgwick will be playing the matriarch of a family who’s trying to survive in their estate house after the dying of the sun. Good lord, that’s got to be a metaphor for something.


Planet of Terror Rose McGowan

They said it couldn’t be done. A fifth year of 31 Days of Horror? 31 more terror, gore and shower scene-filled movies worth highlighting? But Rejects always say die and never back away from a challenge, so we’ve rounded up the horror fans among us and put together another month’s worth of genre fun. Enjoy! Synopsis In Robert Rodriguez’s instant zombie classic, a small Texas town becomes ground zero for a gruesome epidemic when the Army’s “Project Terror” – a biochemical doomsday weapon – mutates a platoon of soldiers (and eventually most of the townspeople) into raving, pustulent cannibals. Leading the charge against the zombies are a hard-assed sheriff (Michael Biehn), a lone wolf with a checkered past (Freddy Rodriguez (no relation to Robert)) and Cherry Darling – a one-legged go-go dancer (Rose McGowan). Of course, she’s not one-legged at the start of the film. That would make no sense. How she loses the leg and winds up with a machine gun prosthetic is a tale for the annals of horror legend.


The Divide

Xavier Gens proved he loved intensity with Frontier(s) and he set out to show it wasn’t a fluke with the bomb shelter mayhem of The Divide. The movie focuses on a group of blast survivors who are safely trapped in their apartment basement with supplies that threaten to get used up before true help can arrive. It stars Lauren German, Michael Biehn, Milo Ventimiglia, Courtney B. Vance, Iván González, Michael Eklund with Ashton Holmes and Rosanna Arquette. Now, you can own the flick on DVD/Blu-ray. What do you have to do? Well, we’re going to randomly pick 7 winners and toss them into a basement for as long as it takes. The last person standing wins. It’s sort of our version of that contest where you have to keep touching a truck or something in order to win it. Only bloodier. Just kidding. We can’t legally do that (yet), so here’s what to do instead:


Michael Biehn in The Divide

If you happened to be in Austin for SXSW last year, you just might have seen The Divide, a dark post-apocalyptic film from up and coming French director Xavier Gens. And if you did, you probably noticed the familiar face of Michael Biehn. Biehn made his name in classics like Aliens and The Terminator, but these days he’s starting to write and direct his own films. FSR had a chance to speak with Kyle Reese himself about the tensions on the set of his latest film and the differences in finding himself behind the camera instead of in front of it.


free_michael biehn

If you have any taste in movies at all then you know that James Cameron’s Aliens is a kick-ass action/sci-fi movie that never gets old. You should also know that Michael Biehn, who played Cpl. Hicks in Aliens, has a resume filled with fun and memorable flicks. The Terminator, Timebomb, The Abyss, The Seventh Sign, K2, The Rock, Tombstone, and Planet Terror are just a few of his awesomely entertaining movies. Sure he also starred in Take Me Home Tonight, but a man’s gotta put food on the table. Well if you love the guy as much as you should then you’ll be excited to know he’s hosting a double feature at the Alamo Drafthouse on Saturday the 14th. That’s tomorrow! It’s also in Austin Texas, so if you’re not geographically located nearby you should probably stop reading now. (In fact, go ahead and read this instead.) And we’ve got a free pair of tickets to both screenings to give away! Check below to see how you can win, but do it fast as the contest ends at midnight tonight (PST).



This week, Fat Guy Kevin Carr starts a new regimen of drugs that comes in a clear little pill. The guy on the street corner told him that it would unlock the full potential of his mind, and he assured Kevin it was FDA approved. Why would this guy lie to him? While waiting for the drugs to kick in, Kevin decided to take a trip across the American southwest and search for skinny little aliens with fat man voices. He knows he’s safe, even if he’s picked up by the cops, because he’s retained a dead-sexy lawyer who runs his practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car.



In the year 1984 a cybernetic organism is sent back from the future on a mission to kill a present-day diner waitress named Sarah Connor who will play a major role in the development of a war between man and machines in a post-apocalyptic future, because her son leads a rebellion of soldiers on the cusp of destroying the machines once and for all. The mentality is that in order for the machines to save their existence they must erase Sarah’s son John Connor from ever having existed and so they send back one of their own in order to kill Sarah before she can give birth to John.

Sent back by John to protect his mother from the cyborg is Kyle Reese who stands as Sarah’s only hope for survival against a tireless killing machine that will not stop until she’s dead and the future of mankind along with her.

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published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015

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