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Why Watch? An unseen villain, a simple request, and a gruesome outcome. For the next week or so, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of the short films from the ABCs of Death competition going on right now to find the 26th director for the upcoming horror anthology. Each entry starts with the letter T and has to pick a T-word to use in a deadly way. The results include movies like this one from director Peter Haynes who decided to kill people with talking. Is it wanton gore or a keen insight into our relationship to media? The answer is probably somewhere between the two, but this gorgeously shot piece inspires fear directly because of its lack of information, it’s impressionistic character development (which is there, but not by much), and the horrifying act committed in its closing seconds. It’s the exclamation mark that comes after the red stuff spills liberally. What does it cost? Just 4 minute of your time. Check out T is For Talk for yourself:


Boiling Point

Is that a provocative headline? I’m not sure. No more provocative than my first assignment from Neil Miller for FSR, “Why Blacks Don’t Deserve the Vote.” Just kidding, that wasn’t my first article, my first article was a review of The Pound Puppies on VHS. But really, that joke may be tasteless. Some people may be upset by it. You may run off and tell your friends not to read this article, or this site. By all means, go ahead and do that. Make sure to link them to the article too. So they can see it first hand. So that one article no one in your social group was going to read is now read by all of them. Do it. The more you send it around, the the more hits it gets and the more hits it gets the more Milk Duds I receive in compensation. There seems to be a bit of controversy over controversy these past weeks. Last week we had Ricky Gervais say some funny and mean things (the best kind of things) and people got upset. This week Judd Apatow stole that idea and said a lot of mean things that were barely funny (being just remakes of Ricky Gervais jokes) about the chubby Brit. We’ve also got some thick headed religious types protesting Red State because of its subject matter (I say only protest it if it sucks, or because Kevin Smith is a douche nozzle) and similar socially conservative people up in […]

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published: 01.24.2015
published: 01.24.2015
published: 01.24.2015
published: 01.23.2015

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