When the stars align and both Neil Miller and Rob Hunter agree that a stoner comedy transcends the genre and manages to deliver laughs rather than just jokes about being high (and potentially hungry), you know you’ve got a special film that’s a toke above the average drug comedy. In High School, valedictorian Henry Burke blazes for the first time only to be faced with the introduction of mandatory drug tests the very next day. Timing is everything, right? Putting that big brain aside for a minute, he lets his stoner buddy come up with what is perhaps the most illegal plan one could do – get the entire school high. Hey, if everyone fails the drug test, something is wrong with the test, right? If you’re a fan of movies, laughing, eating, brownies, or the appropriate medical use of marijuana, how about you do yourself a favor and enter to win a copy of this flick on Blu-ray?


Savages Movie Marijuana

It turns out that if you want something that looks exactly like marijuana for your movie, Tomas Voth is a great resource to have. In this behind-the-scenes look at Savages, director Oliver Stone praises Voth – the production designer – for getting his hands dirty the synthetic way. Making fake marijuana is crucial because using real weed in movies is a federal no-no, but making it look real is a tough job. Watch as Stone explains how they grew fake pot for the flick:


The Best Short Films

Why Watch? It’s fairly obvious what The Flower is all about, so the text at the end seems completely unnecessary, but the short itself is a whimsical, animated argument for why marijuana should be legalized. That synth-scored joyousness makes the impending darkness even harsher, and even though this is a grand simplification of a political point, it’s still clever in more ways than one.   What will it cost? Only 4 minutes. Skip Work. You’ve Got Time For More Short Films.


Vintage Trailer Logo

Every day, come rain or shine or internet tubes breaking, Film School Rejects showcases a trailer from the past. Can you imagine a trailer today talking so explicitly about weed use? Showing it? Showing its effects? Showing how fun it is? This trailer for Cheech and Chong‘s first feature film does two things really well. One, it compares them to Abbot and Costello, and Martin and Lewis. Two, it makes a ton of puns about smoking pot and getting high. Seriously. Don’t go straight to see this movie. Check out the trailer for yourself:



If you’ve been keeping track, we are miles away from those little boxes on the hillside. Nancy and the gang have gotten just about as deep into trouble as you could possibly get, but now they’re in for even more in the sixth season of “Weeds.” Who knew a plucky little show about a housewife selling pot would be so popular? Everyone with a crush on Mary Louise Parker, that’s who. There’s some big changes in the lives of our fearless dealers who have to deal with the consequence of their actions from the finale of last season. That should be easy enough. Stop bogarting that stuff, say hello to the Newmans and check out the new trailer for the new season:



Tired of the same old 420 list? Intrigued by how we put The Big Lebowski on both lists? Read on as soon as your interest in that squirrel dies down again!



Bill and Jimmy are in trouble. They’ve fallen in with a foursome of pot dealers, and their lives are about to be thrown into a whirlwind of loose morals, febrile piano playing, and rape. The dangers of the plant on screen! Tell your children!


D-Fens needs to smoke weed.

In honor of no special holiday in particular, we take a look at a few film characters that need to dance with Mary Jane. I change my name to Dr. Roberts for the day in order to diagnose a few crazed characters and prescribe something good for what ails them.

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