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Channing Tatum Magic Mike Flexing

It’s a good time to be Channing Tatum. One minute he’s taking a meeting with the X-Men people, the next minute MTV is bestowing their most prestigious golden popcorn bucket upon him. And amidst all that goodness is something else to be proud of: Warner Bros. considers him decent enough competition (or at least, a viable alternative) to the Terminator franchise. Because it’s just been announced that Tatum’s Magic Mike 2 (rumored to be called Magic Mike XXL) is slated for release on July 3, 2015, which is two days before Terminator Genesis‘s own release date in the Great Summer of All Blockbusters. Of course, the one thing 2015 doesn‘t already have is a sex movie about shirtless men (just kidding! — there’s also 50 Shades of Grey), so Tatum and his cohorts can step up to fill an important niche (har!). Magic Mike 2/XXL‘s release date is also the first news about the sequel that’s come down the official news pipeline, and like all officially sourced news, it contains both the phrase “get your banana hammocks ready” and “drops trau.” Everything else about the sequel — that Tatum would be penning the screenplay (along with Reid Carolin), that it might be called Magic Mike XXL and that its director will probably be Magic Mike‘s first AD, Greg Jacobs, have come from unconfirmed sources, little hints dropped by actors or Tatum’s Facebook page.



Given the sweaty, squealing reactions everyone witnessed during screenings of Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper movie, Magic Mike, it doesn’t take much of an expert in human behavior to realize that there are a huge group of flesh-obsessed folk out there who would more than welcome a second go-around with the taught and toned gang from Tampa. Really, a Magic Mike 2 is something of a foregone conclusion. But given Soderbergh’s constant claims that he’s now retired from directing movies, how would another Magic Mike come together? We’ve already heard the film’s star, Channing Tatum, hint at the fact that—seeing as Magic Mike was largely based on his real-life experiences as a male stripper—he’d like to use the sequel as an opportunity to step behind the camera and try out directing a movie for himself, and some new comments from Soderbergh reveal that this might be exactly the direction a sequel would take, and that development on the film might be further along than any of us anticipated.


Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Here is a lesson in Internet translation – don’t run stories through Google Translate in German to French to English, otherwise, you just might end up staring at a line that reads “We want it necessarily But Steven Soderbergh is retiring so we are currently looking for a director, it was already the ideas that…Gregory Jacobs (Anm.d .’s note: regular assistant director Steven Soderbergh, director of “Wind Chill”) takes on the director or Reid Carolin and I take over the government, but we are still not safe there” and wondering just what the hell “the government” of Magic Mike 2 is. Amusing adventures in failed bilinguality (trilingulaity? trylinguality?) aside, a German site called Filmstarts (via French site Allocine, via The Playlist) reports that Channing Tatum could possibly direct the sequel to Magic Mike. Via Google Translate, Tatum is quoted as saying something along the lines of “We really want, but Steven Soderbergh really want to retire. We will undoubtedly make the Broadway version first…Gregory Jacobs can make the film, or we can make it, Reid Carolin and me. But we do not know.” Which means that they want Soderbergh to direct it, everyone is still clinging to this weird “retirement” thing, and either Tatum or Reid Carolin (Tatum’s producing partner and screenwriter on the first film) could step in to direct the film. Maybe. This is, of course, all in another language and could be completely misconstrued. My eyes are still crossed and I’m trying to read German.


Magic Mike

Over the last couple weeks since its release, Magic Mike has become so successful that you had to imagine somebody somewhere was already thinking about a sequel. This movie was basically the largest dollar bill stuffed into the largest g-string ever, so to think that everyone involved wasn’t going to shake it a second time to try and double their money would be naive. And, sure enough, during a recent Twitter Q&A with “Glamour” magazine, Magic Mike star and oiled up hunk of beef Channing Tatum put it all out there. When asked about a possible sequel, his response was a resounding, “Yes, yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.” Of course, this simple confirmation that the idea is being bandied about doesn’t really give us any of the particulars of what a Magic Mike sequel would look like. The first was directed by Steven Soderbergh, and felt very much like a Steven Soderbergh film. In addition to all of the flashy stripping scenes that seem to have caught everyone’s attention, there was also a solid story about people at the heart of things, and the whole point of the narrative seemed to be Mike trying to get to a place where he could grow beyond being a Goodtime Charley.

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