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Comedy is probably the most subjective genre of all, and what makes one person shoot milk from their nose in laughter may make another person yawn. To that end I’m happy to point out that two of the year’s funniest movies are hitting DVD today. They’re both perfectly cast and filled with plenty of laugh out loud moments, and that’s a guarantee. Whether or not you respond appropriately to them is your business… but I recommend soy milk as the nasal spurting liquid of choice. As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. Erik the Viking (UK) Erik (Tim Robbins) is a really nice guy, but he’s a pretty shitty viking. Weary of looting and pillaging, and having never really discovered a taste for rape, Erik convinces his fellow vikings to head to sea in search of the legendary Rainbow Bridge. In addition to featuring the funniest “rape” scene ever filmed, Terry Jones’ mash-up of ridiculous comedy and adventure is a lot of fun. It sits comfortably somewhere between Jabberwocky and Time Bandits, and fans of the Monty Python boys should give it a chance if they haven’t yet. Arrow Video’s new (re)release includes both the original theatrical cut and a much faster moving director’s son’s cut plus tons of extras. **NOTE – This is a region2 DVD which requires either a region-free player or the willingness to watch on your PC.**


The Reject Report

And around and around it goes. Kind of like the box office. It comes and goes, and sometimes you look around and wonder what exactly is changing? Well, the movies are getting bigger. The animation is getting slicker. And the sequels are starting to take over. They’ve even got PIXAR in their grubby claws this weekend. Cars 2 is the big Summer movie, the likeliest candidate to the the top spot, but where will it rank among the rest of Pixar’s slate? Does Bad Teacher have a shot at a big opening? Is Ryan Reynolds still flying around space or did he get eaten by the Super 8 monster? Okay, that last question probably won’t be broached, but we’ll hit on everything else in this week’s Reject Report.



In the past, I have used this space to examine the cultural implication of sex in cinema, the hotness of naked people, and even exploited some of my own personal going-ons. After last week’s titillating BDSM discussion and the official welcoming of summer, I chose to approach some lighter fare this time around. We all love sex in its many forms (unless for some, I’m sure, reasonable reason you do not), and more importantly we are all fascinated or turned-on by sex on film (for artistic purposes, surely). With summer upon us we have at least a fistful of sexy films whetting our appetite before September 20th. I have done some preliminary dirty work to present to you, fair reader, a double stuffed list of films tailor-made for the erotica lover.



The romantic comedy is, in many ways, as “pure” as genre as there ever was one, as it requires the strict adherence to owning up on an audience’s specific set of expectations – you know going in that the two central characters are going to end up together, the slight variation (and appeal) of the genre takes place in the journey to that anticipated point.



Another wonderfully sporadic week here on This Week in Blu-ray. Full of great catalog releases and absolutely horrible new releases…



Matthew Goode is unhappy. He is downright disappointed. His movies are never good enough to contain his prodigious “talent”. The actor who was miscast in Watchmen, made a wanting adaptation of Brideshead Revisited worse, is very talented. At whining, complaining and presenting himself as a stereotype of the self involved, egotistical Actor with a capital A.


This week, on a very special episode of Reject Radio, we discuss the finer points of something or other.



Shockingly, Cole Abaius wasn’t a huge fan of Leap Year and can only exorcise his demons in open letter form.



Kevin Carr sits his chubbiness down and sees if Daybreakers, Leap Year and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus can make the grade.



Kevin and Neil ring in the new year after a band of gremlins attack the Magical Studio in the Sky and set fire to everything. After a brief rebuild, things get back in order and the Fat Guys take a moment to talk about the sure-to-be billion-dollar blockbusters coming out this fine, fine first week of January.



It promises to be another weekend of Avatar domination. Yes, there are three new movies rolling out wide: Daybreakers, Leap Year, and Youth in Revolt. But who is really kidding who here?



Rob Hunter leads you into the valley of despair known as January, with a week-by-week guide of all the major (and limited) releases.



Ms. Olson was brave enough to suffer the quick-fire gauntlet of a round of 20 Questions with FSR while doing a little bit of press for her upcoming indie comedy Weather Girl. One question remains: why is she excited about Danny DeVito getting naked?



Oscar nominated screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, whose work on the 2008 sensation Slumdog Millionaire, has reportedly been tapped by Spuglass entertainment to write Leap Year, a romantic comedy vehicle for the lovely Amy Adams.

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