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Point Break could use a remake. It’s a fun, ridiculous action movie laced with 80s excess, but beyond nostalgia glasses, its hardly sacred ground. Plus, what is Point Break at its core anyway? A heist movie punctuated by adrenaline and a cop who gets too close to the wrong side of the law. Inasmuch, it gets remade several times every single year (except without the extreme sports angle). We’ve known that Alcon and Warners have been plotting to remake the 1991 movie since 2011 with a script from Kurt Wimmer (after bailing on a truly bizarre sequel concept from Jan De Bont), and now Deadline Hollywood is reporting that they’ve secured Ericson Core to direct. Despite having a name that sounds like a cell phone, Core has done some strong work as a DP (Payback, The Fast and the Furious) and his one previous shot as a director, Invincible, was notable for its design and its character work. So, no, he’s not the biggest name out there, but he’s absolutely shown the potential as a technician to create a buddy action film with a little depth to it. Plus, despite a few highs and lows (usually caused by directors), Wimmer will always be the writer behind Equilibrium and The Thomas Crown Affair – which happens to be one of the few modern examples of a remake that’s arguably better than the original. Rallying for the promise of a remake isn’t popular, but the opportunity for a new Point Break seems cut and dry: a high concept action movie […]


Total Recall

More than a few opinions were changed about the upcoming Total Recall when that trailer hit last month. The big summer sci-fi blockbuster’s preview sold an epic scope, the chance to explore a new world, and a fresh take on Philip K. Dick‘s story. Gone was Mars, the mutants, and a body builder acting like a killing machine. What director Len Wiseman is bringing to the table is more in line with the tone of Dick’s short story: serious, heady sci-fi. Wiseman has unquestionably made a film that will contain its fair share of explosions and one-liners, but the mystery of Douglas Quaid is what piqued the Live Free or Die Hard filmmaker’s interest the most. “Who am I?” is a quintessential life question, so imagine the stakes of having to answer that while being chased down and shot at. Speaking with Wiseman, the busy director discussed his reliance on practical effects, building an entire world without too many talking heads, and the identity crisis Douglas Quaid faces.



How news of remakes continues to shock me, I’ll never know. There’s been buzz about a Point Break remake for a while now, but Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have finally decided to just get totally radical and announce their planned remake of the 1991 Kathryn Bigelow  film that remains a cinematic classic for surfers, stoners, Angelenos, adrenaline junkies, idiots, and Keanu Reeves fan everywhere (hey, back up, I count myself as one of those idiots). Alcon snatched up the rights for the film on the eve of its twentieth anniversary, with co-founders and co-CEO’s Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove set to produce the new project, along with Michael DeLuca, John Baldecchi, Chris Taylor, and Kurt Wimmer. As previously rumored, Wimmer penned the screenplay for the remake (hat tip to our pals over Twitch for reporting on this way back in June). The film is without a director as of yet, but it’s being “fast tracked” with a helmer search launching soon. The new Point Break will, in both completely inexplicable and totally expected news, not necessarily take place in the world of surfing, but “in the world of international extreme sports.” What, like street luge? Parkour? Say it’s parkour, please say it’s parkour. But the remake will still focus on “an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal ring.” That’s all we’ve got for now. Wait, isn’t that The Fast and the Furious? Just tell me said FBI agent has a Johnny Utah-esque name, and all will be forgiven. Frankie New […]


Angelina Jolie

As if anticipating the announcement of a sequel, I finally watched Salt last week and enjoyed it. The storyline is so absurd that I looked for a writing credit from Mel Brooks, but it’s a capable action thriller that turns into a hilarious cartoon in the last minute. What’s not to like? Now Deadline Sakha is reporting that Sony is ready for more killing and has hired Kurt Wimmer to write the script for Salt 2. Going back to the original’s writer is somewhat encouraging (and Wimmer will always get a soft pass from me for writing Equilibrium), and it’s assumed by Deadline that Angelina Jolie will be on board “if it comes together right.” Empty speculation aside (what actor wouldn’t want to join a project if it came together correctly?), Jolie returning makes more sense than her character returning for a new Wanted installment, so at least logic is on the studio’s side. It’s unclear if director Phillip Noyce will come back to the franchise, but he’s not exactly idle; his name is attached to a handful of projects that might or might not get off the ground (as things often do or do not do). Regardless, this thing hinges on Jolie more than anyone else. If she approves the script, we’ll be seeing more from the woman on the run.



As Columbia Pictures moves ahead with its Total Recall Remake, it looks like the production has narrowed down its options to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, by law, it also means that one of these lucky men will be the future governor of California. That short list includes Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Hardy (who weigh as much as Arnie did combined). Frankly, they are all fine actors, and any one of them would do a great job in what promises to be a reality-bending thriller. In fact, it’s difficult to know what truly separates these men when it comes to talent. That’s a good thing, because whoever sees their eyes bulge out of their head in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere will be facing the hurdle of screenwriter Kurt Wimmer (who most recently had the decidedly uncomplex Salt and Law Abiding Citizen see screens) and the directorial mediocrity of Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard, Underworld: Evolution). [THR]



‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is a mostly entertaining ’80s style action movie that also happens to be irredeemably stupid.



I know, I know. There’s a hilarious joke to be made about memory when it comes to this movie being remade. But I refuse to come off my high horse to make it. Mostly because riding a baked horse seems dangerous in the first place.

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published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015
published: 01.25.2015

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