Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo in GODS NOT DEAD

Drawing from 40+ real-life US court cases where various students, clubs and ministries had their religious freedoms tested, God’s Not Dead tells the story of a college freshman who must defend his faith when his Philosophy teacher boldly proclaims, “God does not exist.” Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) is our entry point into this sordid, God-less collegiate milieu. Unless he wants to a.) Admit God does no exist or b.) Fail the class, our protagonist will have to “put God on trial”. This theoretical trial allows Josh to play the Christian crusader, attempting to convince his peers that God does exist, despite what their towering (despotic) professor may say. At the end of each lecture (there are three) Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) attempts to pick apart Josh’s argument. Most of the time this entails Radisson deeming Josh’s ideas “primitive superstitions” for the unintelligent and uncivilized. No matter, our protagonist remains steadfast in what he believes. It’s all very noble. There’s some initial intrigue in the film’s premise, but the film quickly shifts and shapes into a sort of theological Crash, interspersing a series of tangentially connected subplots in which various people examine and evaluate their relationship with God. However, any grand illusions the viewer may have of finding substance here are immediately destroyed.


Holy cigarette filter-chomping hell. FDR: American Badass! is attempting to win every award for low budget insanity ever made. It’s an obvious money grab in response to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, but whereas that gem sought to preserve a bit of history, FDR: AB! takes history, injects it with polio, glues 8 pounds of fur to it and lights it on fire. There is nothing about this trailer that doesn’t live up to the Badass pedigree. It all screams “Success!” Explosions, Werewolf Hitler, Barry Bostwick taking it all exactly as seriously as it needs to be taken. Of course, it was all directed by Garrett Brawith, the guy who played Jeffrey Dahmer in Diary of a Serial Killer. Plus, Kevin Sorbo playing Abraham Lincoln. Figure that one out. Werewolf Nazis, people. It’s people in werewolf costumes in Nazi uniforms. Enjoy!


This week, we find a bunch of random movie fanatics (including Kevin Sorbo) wandering around the Alamo Drafthouse parking lot during Fantastic Fest and invite them in for a drink and a long conversation. Familiar voices like Neil Miller, Scott Weinberg, Brian Kelley, Rob Hunter, Brian Salisbury, Luke Mullen, Adam Charles join voices new to the show like Mike Saulters, Jason Murphy and Zack The Waiter. Oh, and Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo drops in to talk about his new movie, Julia X. He also brings along the film’s director, P.J. Pettiette. Download This Episode


This could easily have been called Epic Movie: Number Two. And when I say Number Two, I really mean this movie is number two.

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