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“When you see this movie, kids will believe one day that these turtles do exist, when we’re done with this movie. These turtles are from an alien race, and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely loveable.” That’s Michael Bay talking at the Nickelodeon Upfront about the forthcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. First of all, they wouldn’t actually change the name (and risk losing all that sweet built-in recognition). Second of all, it seems clear that Bay’s primary concern with the movie is making children believe that turtles are a real thing. Did killing their class pet “Slow-y” last year not hammer it home enough for them? Of course, the eyebrow-raising note here is that the turtles of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird‘s warped minds aren’t aliens. They’re turtles. From here on Earth. Where turtles live. Maybe it’s a simple matter of misspeaking, but if Bay and company are really planning to make Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael beings from another planet, this is a serious and pointless change to the core of the characters. This could be seen as impotent fan ranting, and it might be if their origin weren’t so central to the story here. It just seems like a needless change (and one that makes no zoological or rational sense to boot). What we really need to know: are their also rats on this alien planet?



Comic-Con regular Robert Rodriguez had an intimate Hall H presentation Thursday evening to talk about his newest venture, Quick Draw Productions. If you’re familiar with Hall H, you’re probably questioning my use of the word “intimate” as it’s a big venue, generally stuffed to the bathrooms with people and big events. Not so, this night, as Robert Rodriguez appeared on stage himself to start slowly unveiling three partnerships, but nothing was that ground shattering. If the ground had shattered, few people would have fallen in, as the voluminous Hall was only about a quarter full for the casual, talky presentation. Before launching into the what and the when of his new production company, Rodriguez ran down the list of things he’s always asked about – namely Machete, Sin City, and Spy Kids 4. To find out what he said about this, and his future in animation, keep readin’ on.



Not before, not since, and, I imagine, never again, will a film come into my life the way Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did. It arrived at exactly the perfect time in my life, and, as such, deserves a place among the Movies We Love.



Keavin Eastman sits down with our very own Adam Sweeney to discuss sharing the Ninja Turtles with his own son, geek out a bit about Casey Jones, and gives us a stellar update about the Heavy Metal adaptation he’s producing.



What do you get when you take an awesome adult, science fiction fantasy comic and mix it liberally with James Cameron, David Fincher, Zack Snyder, Gore Verbinski, and Mark Osborne? A Heavy Metal movie that might actually kick ass.



Of the two creators of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, one (Kevin Eastman) has come out and said it will be a live-action film like the first three films, prompting the other (Peter Laird) to say “not so fast.”



Some drama has been stirring between Paramount Pictures and David Fincher, and “Heavy Metal” editor Kevin Eastman knows why. Props to The Playlist, who report that Paramount and Fincher, director of Se7en and Fight Club, have been butting heads over the running time of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. As the bout went on, Paramount decided to pull the plug on the Heavy Metal project, which Fincher was set to executive produce. The lovely people over at Slashfilm had their own opinion about the matter, stating “the official reason given was that Fincher’s version of the Heavy Metal project was too dark and sexy for the studio. But if one were to connect the dots, you see a connection to the supposed feud behind the scenes over the Ben Button running time.” Apparently their speculation was dead on, as video has surfaced featuring Kevin Eastman speaking with RGB Filter at Fan Expo 2008. Eastman makes it clear that Paramount was using Heavy Metal as leverage against Fincher’s demands on running time. “So they [Paramount} said, ‘Until you step up to do what we want you to do with Benjamin, we’re not going to greenlight any other of [your] movies,” Eastman explained. “And David said, “Fine, fuck you, I’m going to set up [Heavy Metal] somewhere else,” so we jumped over to Sony and set it up there.” Eastman also said the production will begin in fall, and that Fincher wants to direct one of the animated Heavy Metal episodes, […]



The heroes in a half shell might be coming back to the big screen, in live-action, with the same director. Wait, what was that?

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