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Karen Gillan in OCULUS

Editor’s note: Our review of Oculus originally ran during this year’s SXSW, but we’re re-posting it now as the film opens in theaters this weekend. Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) is getting out of the mental hospital because he’s finally been cured. He no longer believes an evil mirror possessed his parents when he was a child leading to his father (Rory Cochrane) murdering his mother (Katee Sackhoff) before being shot down by little Timmy’s own hand. He knows better now and agrees that his dad simply went nuts. His sister Kaylie (Karen Gillan) has stated as such all along and went on to grow up, find a career, and fall in love. But when she picks him up Kaylie makes it clear that the two of them can now put the revenge she’s been planning into action. She’s found the mirror, she’s tracked its deadly history across the centuries, and she has a foolproof plan to prove to the world that their parents were victims of this cursed piece of glass. The only problem with a foolproof plan is that somebody has to play the fool, and in this case it just may be Kaylie. Oculus is “mirror horror” with a bit of an initial twist in that our characters know all there is to know about this wicked antique before the movie starts. They’re prepped and prepared, and the film’s first act is a setup that includes her plans and a litany of the mirror’s past evil deeds. The […]


Vin Diesel Sub-Mariner

Just when we thought the dream casting stage was over, Vin Diesel‘s true Marvel Studios role is back up in the air. Yes, the Riddick star is set to voice Groot in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but according to his statements in an interview with Extra host Maria Menounos this week, Diesel is also still on board for an actual physical part in the Avengers franchise universe. Specifically, he reiterates that his initial meeting with Marvel was for a Phase Three character that will debut in 2016. We’d heard that clarification previously but it was thought the Groot voice casting had replaced that other gig. Instead it seems Groot was just to appease Diesel’s fanbase while Marvel continues to work with the actor on the other 2016 thing. So, let the speculation ensue once again. What Marvel Studios Universe character could, should, would, will Diesel portray? The names on the table before are back on the table now, with good guy Vision and bad guy Thanos topping the predictions. Diesel hints that the role would involve a “merging of brands,” but that could be interpreted a number of different ways. He could be starring in a reboot of Blade for all that means, so long as they bring the vampire hunter into the Avengers world. He could be Namor, which would be another fine jab at DC’s weakness in getting their big properties onto the big screen (because Namor is Marvel’s Aquaman). Rights to a Namor film are […]


review riddick

Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel) awakens on a dusty and deserted planet and immediately starts yammering on about how down on his luck he is, how nobody likes him, and how he may as well just die. But if there’s one consistent thing about Riddick (there are actually nothing but consistent things about Riddick) it’s that he is one difficult bastard to kill. Seems like just yesterday he was pouting on his throne as leader of the Necromongers, but after refusing to partake in a fivesome, he’s shipped off ostensibly to search for his home planet of Furya. Joke’s on him, though, as the bullies actually abandon him on the otherwise empty planet of Not Furya where he’s forced to avoid becoming dinner for creatures from land, sea, and air. He soon grows tired of performing his one-man show, a mash-up of The Lion King and The Naked Prey, for an ungrateful non-humanoid audience and triggers a beacon to lure in nearby mercenary ships for a lift. Two squads of competing mercs arrive, both intent on hunting him down (and at least one pretty dead-set on putting Dick B. Riddick’s head in a box), but soon members of a third party rear their ugly heads and the concept of sides goes right out the window. If you like your sci-fi/action movies filled with interesting characters, intriguing plot points, and exciting action sequences then stop reading and go re-watch Aliens. If however you prefer they feature plenty of laughs, cost-conscious visual effects, […]



If producer Adi Shankar really intends on making an action movie that brings together all of the toughest females in the industry, eventually he’s going to have to come up with a better title for it than Adi Shankar’s Female Expendables Project, but for now that seems to be all we have to work with, so we shall do our best. Anyway, what are the details of this project? So far Shankar is said to have a script from writer Dutch Southern, casting confirmations from MMA athlete-turned-actress Gina Carano and Battlestar Galactica vet Katee Sackhoff, and now another signed deal with an up and coming actress who turned quite a few heads in theaters just this weekend. According to a report from Collider, Australian actress and You’re Next star Sharni Vinson is the latest name to sign on to kick ass while having lady parts in this still-untitled ripoff of Sylvester Stallone’s high-concept old man porn.



What is Movie News After Dark? After a whirlwind of SXSW action, it doesn’t even know anymore. Something about movie news. Interesting links, maybe. There may also be some fart jokes, but we’re trying to keep it classy. Hi, Mom! Also, tonight’s edition will prove how much this column’s author has been watching Cougar Town lately. Like Community‘s Abed Nadir, he would like to live in Cougar Town. We begin tonight with a picture of Katee Sackhoff in Riddick 3 (ooh, la la — for the Battlestar Galactica babe, not another Riddick sequel). She will apparently play the baddie in the Vin Diesel-led film, some sort of alien bounty hunter who is more than meets the eye. Random thought: When are Katee Sackoff and Busy Philipps (Cougar Town reference #1) going to get together and do a sexy twins buddy cop movie? Strong female leads, people. Come on, Hollywood!



Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Galactica”) reportedly entered L.A.’s Golden Apple comic book store last week for some possible research material.



Here we are. Finally, the season finale for one of the best television shows on cable. Bill Adama is set to lead a team of volunteers on a suicide mission around the orbit of a black hole to rescue Hera, who has been kidnapped by Cylon Numero Uno.



Galactica is being dismantled, and the crew is preparing to move to the other ships in the fleet, including the Rebel Cylon Basestar. During this process, Adama plans a rescue mission for Hera while various members of the fleet flash back to their lives on Caprica before the fall.



The Cylons aboard Galactica confer with the Admiral on how to mount a rescue mission for Hera, while Boomer is well on her way to bringing the child to Number One. Meanwhile, Adama struggles with the decision to abandon the Battlestar.



With Boomer in the brig of Galactica, President Roslin has been asked to extradite her to the rebel Cylon Basestar to be tried for treason. Tyrol fears that she will be executed and arranges her escape, only to learn she has a secret plan.



Ellen, the final Cylon returns to Battlestar Galactica to be reunited with Saul, only to find that he has gotten Caprica Six pregnant



With the Galactica mutiny squelched, Adama is trying to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, we learn the fate of the final Cylon.



The military coup led by Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek spins into high gear. Meanwhile, Apollo and Starbuck are gathering support throughout Galactica with hopes of taking back the ship.



Felix Gaeta gets in bed with Tom Zarek, arranging a mutiny on Galactica and taking control of the Battlestar from the bridge. Plus, the two oldest dudes in the fleet show that they can still beat the holy crap out of a couple marines.



With the hopes of a home on Earth dashed, the fleet has fallen into emotional despair. Tom Zarek sees this as his opportunity to gain power over President Roslin, who has been in hiding since the discovery of Earth.



The loss of hope in the fleet, and particularly on Galactica, send the people into a massive depression. Admiral Adama struggles to bring sanity back to the fleet and offer a new hope.



If you are like me, then you are generally drawn into a 45 minute argument every time someone around you mentions the “final Cylon.” It is a cross that we, the indoctrinated of Battlestar Galactica, must bear.



Poor Katee Sackhoff. Her attempt at getting a defining role outside of Battlestar Galactica last year failed miserably, with Bionic Woman taking a dive after 8 episodes. But, like any sensible woman, Katee has branched out and gotten herself on an NBC-based cash cow.

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