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What is Movie News After Dark DRINKING? It’s the end result of a long work day, a half dozen mini doughnuts, a glass of cheap Canadian whisky, Robert Fure, and a keyboard. Suck on it, suckers! This week’s movie news after Drinking is brought to you by Revel Stoke spiced whisky (We should not get paid for this because I’m not drinking this again. Or no we should still get paid, but I’m not drinking this again). But basically the deal is I get kind of drunk and then try to type up a whole bunch of movie news before my arms stop working. If you’re wondering why I’m typing all this nonsense, it’s because we need a certain amount of buffer before we move into the news to put a proper text break in here. But totally keep reading because Will Smith NO JOKE SLAPS A RUSSIAN IN THE FACE IN THE FIRST STORY. (OH LOOK AT ME I’M FRILMCRIT HULK BECAUSE THIS IS ALL CAPITALS)


Youth of the Beast

According to Deadline Tokyo, John Woo will director his first non-Red Cliff movie since 2003’s Paycheck. Fortunately, he’s chosen something that will definitely facilitate the use of slow motion doves. He’ll be tackling the world of the Yakuza for a remake of the 1963 Seijun Suzuki film Youth of the Beast, which will aptly be titled Day of the Beast. Production will be handled by Lion Rock and Nikkatsu – Japan’s oldest major movie studio which celebrates a full century in business this year. According to the release, the movie “follows a western outsider with a grim past as he becomes embroiled in a global turf war between a vicious new breed of Yakuza and old school Cold War Russian mobsters. It’s an action-packed saga of loyalty, revenge and redemption which erupts in the heart of Tokyo.” Yes, yes, and yes. The original was a 60s-trippy, frantic crime story with a lot of ins and outs (and whathaveyous), so it’ll be fertile ground for Woo to get as weird as he wants to be.



Welcome back to Junkfood Cinema; your check is almost certainly in the mail. Yes my unfortunate dupes, you’ve stumbled upon the weekly bad movie column that seriously calls into question the acronym TGIF; unless you reassign the letters to mean Tell God I Forfeit. Every Friday, right before you shuffle off for the weekend, I slap you upside the face with a film that fell well short of greatness long ago and is now selling insurance and renting a double-wide in a little town called Schlocksburgh. My job is to walk the dirt roads of Schlocksburgh under cover of night and hurl rocks of mockery at said double-wide until somebody calls the internet police. But then, just as I’m about to be booked for a hate crime, I tear off my shirt and reveal a crudely drawn homemade tattoo across my chest professing my undying love for said film. I then offer a disgustingly tasty themed snack as an act of contrition, and in the hopes of avoiding a bothersome restraining order. This Week’s Target: Blackjack



As Neil pointed out in his blurb about this news in his Movie News After Dark (which is still rated AE – for Almost Everyone), there’s something incredibly hopeful about the prospect of seeing doves fly in slow motion in 3D. Think of it. A feeling of peace just washed over you, didn’t it? While it’s true that restarting his career in earnest would mean John Woo was remaking Tie Han Rou Ging, he’s focusing on a movie that people might actually want to see redone in English – The Killer. Woo had already established himself firmly in the Hong Kong scene by the 1989 release of his one-last-job assassin with a heart of gold movie. Starring Chow Yun Fat, the movie is a brutal masterpiece that rightfully garnered international acclaim for Woo. Now, the director will act as producer for a remake. Of course, this has been announced before. A remake was attempted way back in the early 1990s (written by Walter Hill of all people) that was initially supposed to be for Richard Gere and Denzel Washington. It was also announced in 2007 that John H. Lee would be directing with Woo producing. That news from four years ago seems to be repeating here. The story about an assassin trying to cure a woman he accidentally blinded is the same, but the location will be in Los Angeles. Plus, it’ll be in eye-popping 3D. Yes, there will probably be a guy whose eye gets popped out. And it […]



What is Movie News After Dark? This is a question that I am almost never asked, but I will answer it for you anyway. Movie News After Dark is FSR’s newest late-night secretion, a column dedicated to all of the news stories that slip past our daytime editorial staff and make it into my curiously chubby RSS ‘flagged’ box. It will (but is not guaranteed to) include relevant movie news, links to insightful commentary and other film-related shenanigans. I may also throw in a link to something TV-related here or there. It will also serve as my place of record for being both charming and sharp-witted, but most likely I will be neither of the two. I write this stuff late at night, what do you expect?



Whether you love him, hate him, love to hate him, or hate that you love him there’s no denying that Tom Cruise’s career decisions in terms of what directors he will work for have been second-to-none. Or, maybe they have been. You decide.



An offer is out to John Hillcoat to take on the project with locations in Hong Kong and Macao still left to be used from the Johnnie To days.



Foreign Objects travels the world of international cinema each week to look for films worth visiting. So renew your passport, get your shots, and brush up on the local age of legal consent, this week we’re heading to… China!



Magnet Releasing has provided us with a brand new clip from John Woo’s action epic Red Cliff, which has not yet been seen on the web. Get excited, because arrows are going to fly..


While the Cannes Film Festival officially ended yesterday, we should see a fair amount of coverage stretch on into the latter parts of this week, as there is still a ton of buzz and hot assets floating around.

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