John Rosengrant

Jurassic Park Raptor Suit Winston

How does a human fit inside a raptor? The standard way would probably be as bite-sized chunks, but if you’re Stan Winston and the effects team behind Jurassic Park, you’d want the human being to be in one piece. This amazing behind-the-scenes video takes the raptor from a “garbage bag” test in foam to the terrifying final product. The actor inside the suit, John Rosengrant narrates and explains the process (as well as the challenges). The video is part of a larger blog post from the Stan Winston School which features even more information and still photos, but the video itself is remarkable (if only to watch a raptor ripping up a towel in front of The Terminator). There’s no doubt that this movie had a profound impact on audiences, and that scene in the kitchen is one of the keystones that made raptors a household name more frightening than T-Rex. It’s priceless to be able to see the ingredients that went into it, partially because seeing how the trick was done only manages to make the magic more impressive. More like this, please.  



By now, most fans credit Steve Wang and Matt Rose for the creation of the Predator. However, in my conversations with Steve, in particular, he feels that an unfair amount of credit has been given to him; it was a team effort bringing the Predator to life, and he couldn’t be more correct. During Monster Squad, Matt and Steve, who had been responsible for the Gillman, had worked through the weekend, grabbing precious few hours of sleep, while they established and painted the final suit. On Monday morning, it stood in the middle of Stan Winston’s satellite shop in all of its amphibian beauty. Stan saw it and his jaw bounced onto his chest. He had NEVER seen anything like it. It impressed him so much, that he, literally, stopped the work in the studio, gathered all of his employees around it and heaped praise upon these two kids (Matt was roughly 21 and Steve 20…maybe?). He said it was the best thing he had seen in his career thus far. Probably not the best strategy in the world. Months earlier, he was in England with his crew working on the Queen Alien, and now he was recognizing these two studio newcomers as the best. Where most of us in the shop agreed with Stan, there was some dissension.

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published: 01.30.2015
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