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Shane Black in Predator

Things are coming full circle for Shane Black, the famed action screenwriter who made his on screen debut shortly after his first scripted movie (Lethal Weapon) opened in theaters. His first credited role was in Predator as Hawkins, the bespectacled, comic book-reading radio operator who was a member of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s special forces team. He was also the first man to die. Now he’s been resurrected within the franchise off screen, as The Hollywood Reporter tells us that he’s signed on to write a treatment for a new Predator reboot, which he’ll also direct. Black’s Monster Squad collaborator Fred Dekker is on board to handle the actual screenplay for the new installment. A few things come quickly to mind with this news. One is that 20th Century Fox and original producer John Davis have finally, after 28 years, got Black to pen some material for the franchise they’d attempted to have him work on in the form of a script polish in 1986. Another is that he should make this a sequel where he again appears, this time as Hawkins’s twin brother looking for revenge, and he again dies first. Finally, the most immediate association anyone should have with something Black is involved in: this Predator will have to be set during the Christmas season. The funny thing is, there was already an image of the Predator made up like Santa Claus existing on the web just waiting for this all to happen.


Sam Jones and Timothy Dalton in Flash Gordon

With Star Wars heading back to theaters, it’s only natural that Flash Gordon follow suit. Ironically, it was the 1930s Flash Gordon serial that was a big influence on George Lucas, whose Star Wars movies then seemed to have an influence on the release of the campy Flash Gordon feature in 1980. This time, though, another adaptation of Alex Raymond’s sci-fi comic strip will be more tied to the Star Trek franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, hot new screenwriters J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who worked on the next Trek installment, have been hired to script this other reboot. They’re working off a treatment by George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau), who’ll be producing with John Davis, of Predator, Waterworld and Norbit fame. That sounds like it’s in decent hands, though maybe hands that are too serious. And a Flash Gordon movie that’s taken seriously is going to be hard to accept unless it is outstanding in a totally new way. Many of us are just too fond of how the last version was done (with some of us also fans of the cheesy serials) to see the appeal in something that’s not at least a little tongue-in-cheek. Plus, Sam Jones’s recent cameo in Ted, with full-on Flash Gordon homage, was only another reminder of the property’s association with the most awesome kind of silliness. 



“You know, I don’t know if it really makes sense to call it Commando. Maybe it does or maybe doesn’t. It is the reboot of it and all of that stuff.” That’s producer John Davis, inspiring confidence that he knows what he’s talking about since 2011. The producer revealed to Collider that he’d been working on a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring action flick that let us all blow off a little steam. Harsh Times writer/director David Ayer has written the script and may direct the film himself, but it’s unclear (thanks to Davis) how closely it will follow the original. “Bad guy steals girl and is pursued by guy who won’t die” is a bit too high concept to speculate on when it comes to remake territory, so a ton of the work will fall on Ayer’s script. The bigger question is whether a faithful remake will make sense in a world of more realistic action films. That modifier should be taken with a grain of salt considering a movie came out last year where a tank was dropped out of a plane, but Commando featured a literal one-man army killing thousands without getting scratched. It also had more one-liners per cubic foot than any other action movie. Can Ayer top that record? Remember when they promised to remake Commando last?



The Los Angeles Times reports that John Davis the producer who brought us Alien vs Predator and I, Robot has picked up the film rights to Ray Bradbury’s classic “The Martian Chronicles”.



Admittedly, we have not been following The Sims Movie’s development, as we were not taking it very seriously until now.

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